It all started as a competition... where the fan who wins gets to meet the most popular boy band ever One Direction. How will this competition create a new life for the winner?


19. True Feelings

Zayn's POV

When I saw how lovely dovey Lena and Harry was it made me so mad. I didn't know how bad I really liked her until I saw how he was taking care of her and kissing her and taking her up to her room. Why couldn't she be mine.

Perrie left a little while ago but I'm going to call her so I can get Lena out of my mind. Yes I know its wrong because that's my best mate girlfriend and I have my own girlfriend. But there's just something about Lena that drives me crazy about her. She's pretty, funny, smart, and just down to earth. She likes us for who we are not the boys from one direction the number one boy band across the country. 


From Zayn: Hey babe what you up to? Miss you

From Perrie: Aww I miss you too. I'm actually getting ready for bed. Why you still up?

From Zayn: We just finished watching a movie and I couldn't stop thinking about you. 

From Perrie: Your just the sweetest. Why don't you come over.

From Zayn: On my way. 

                                               ~~~~~~texts is over~~~~~~

I let the boys know I'm going over Perrie's house so they don't worry when I don't go to breakfast in the morning. I make my way to my car and I'm off to Perrie's house. I arrive at Perrie's house within 10 minutes and I knock on the door. She greets me with a kiss and I make my way inside. We go into her room and we lay down in her bed watching the telly. We started to kiss again and I slowly trailing kisses on her body. We remove our clothes for the next step. I reach over for a condom and just let our love take over.

Lena's POV   

I have the urge to use the bathroom so I wake up. It's 7:30 so after I wash up I make my way over to the kitchen. I take a look around to see what they have inside the house to see what I can make. I make breakfast for everyone in the house but they're still sleeping. I decided to make pancakes since it's been a while since I had them. I add just a sprinkle of cinnamon to give it a little more taste. I didn't want to limit them to the option so i had blueberry, chocolate chips, and plain pancakes. On the side I made eggs and a side of toast. I pour orange juice in a jar and place it on top of the table after I finished setting up the table. 

I was soon joined by Harry. "Need help with anything love?" You can help me place the food on top of the table. "Sure thing love, if you need anything else just ask." Thanks. Do you guys have any syrup. "Yeah I'll get it for you. Love you know you didn't have to make breakfast right?" "She didn't have to, but I'm glad she did." I hear Niall call out from the stairs. Harry I know I didn't but I wanted too.  He placed a gently kiss on my lips and I felt myself smiling and then he smiled. 

"Dude your girlfriend is awesome this food is delicious." Aww thanks Niall. Lou and Liam make their way down and say their good morning. they sit down and we eat. Where's Zayn. "He went over Perrie's last night so he might not be back anytime soon." Liam answered.

We finish breakfast and as I'm cleaning up the boys tell me how good breakfast was. "I'll wash the dishes love." Are you sure Harry? "Yes babe you've done so much already let me do this." As Harry washes the dishes I clean up the table and I sweep the kitchen to keep it clean. After we're done we make our way to the living room to watch t.v. 

"Lads we have a concert today so we have to get to the studio." Liam calls out. At this time Zayn just got home. "Where are we performing?" Zayn asks. "At the O2 arena" Lou calls out. Then the boys take their show and I decided to stay home and clean up the rest off the house. "You sure you don't to come babe." Yes I'm sure have fun guys. Harry gives me a kiss and their off.

Harry's POV

After rehearsal we arrive at home. We walk in with music playing loudly and someone singing. No one other than Lena. Man she has a beautiful voice. The house is spotless as well. We follow the sound of her singing upstairs to her bedroom. We open the door just enough for us to peek in. 

She's dancing and singing like crazy. She then jumps on top of the bed and bounces around like a little kid. She's acting like if she was really performing and it just breath taking. We then walk in clapping and smiling. She turns a bright red clearly embarrassed. "How long have you guys been standing their?"  "Long enough." Lou and Zayn says.  Don't worry you were doing just fine. And we all started laughing and joining her in singing the next song that was playing which was A Team by Ed Sheeran. I can just picture her singing when we have to perform to night. I make my way over to her and kiss her. "Get a room you too." Niall calls out. So leave then I shout this is her room anyways. "Don't have to tell us twice." Liam says. And they make their way out.

You really were awesome doing your thing. "Thanks babe." Only telling you the truth. Now get ready we'll be leaving soon. "Okay thanks." And with that said I leave her to do her thing and I walk out to get ready as well. 


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