It all started as a competition... where the fan who wins gets to meet the most popular boy band ever One Direction. How will this competition create a new life for the winner?


2. The Winner


Announcer POV

    First and for most I would like to thank everyone who participated in the competition. There were so many awesome audition but in the end we could only chose one. AND the lucky WINNER is Lena Foster. Congratulation!!! Lena we will contact you to let you know the details of your trip to London to meet the one and only One Direction. Have a fun and safe trip and once again CONGRATULATIONS!!!! you deserved it, and you have a chance to record a song with them enjoy.

Lena's POV

  Yay!!! Mom,mom,mom where are you!!! I have amazing announcement. 

"What is it sweetie"

I just won the next generation competition where I can go to London to meet my favorite boy band One Direction. 

"I'm so proud of you, I knew your talent would pay off."

Thanks mom I'm so glad to know that you believe in me.

"Sweetie you mean the world to me and I would always be here for you whatever it maybe in life."

Aww mom I love you so much.

"I love you too sweetie."

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