It all started as a competition... where the fan who wins gets to meet the most popular boy band ever One Direction. How will this competition create a new life for the winner?


25. The Search

Harry's POV

We left the house in a hurry. There's no way I was going to lose her again. The first time was a mistake I should've just listen, but I wasn't giving her the chance. I've waited two weeks until I could forgive her, and have the group discussion that made me realize I was wrong.  Lou told us everywhere they went and we all split up that way we can find her faster and we call to let each other know any news. We all went in disguise so the search happened easier. Although we love our fans, we can't have them in the way as we were looking for Lena. 

I drove to the carnival. Since she hard so much fun I figured if I went there I would probably find her. "This is all my fault." I whispered if only I realized that she was loyal and she wouldn't do that to me unlike my lads did to me. I hated myself for that.

As I was looking around I seen some fans approaching me. "Can we have your autograph please Harry." Although I wanted to say no, I had to give them what they wanted without them me and the boys wouldn't be here. After a few autographs I told them I have to leave to search for Lena. "We can help you Harry." Thanks guys but, that's ok I would like to find her on my own. And then left me to go on my search.

I walked around the whole carnival and no sign of her. So I left maybe the lads had a better chance to find her then I did.

Lena's POV

After I left the house I got a cab to take me to the Savory Hotel. I paid the cab driver and approached the lobby to get a room. "Hello miss, how can I help you?" I would like a room for one please. "Sure no problem. Can I have your name please?" I couldn't use my name just in case the boys came looking for me. I didn't want to be found, I wanted to be alone until I know what I was going to do. So I said, my name is Julia. " Okay Julia, your room will be on the 5th floor room 510." Thank you and have a nice day I said to her. "You to miss and here's your key."  

I walk into my new room and it was BEAUTIFUL. I couldn't believe it, I thought the boys' house was nice but this was amazing. After I settle in I made my way to the indoor pool. I just sat there and relaxed. I really needed it. As I make my way out the pool I hear someone say my name. No one knows me here, I thought to myself. Then I see him Lou. I told them in the note not to look for me.

Why did he have to come and find me. I tried to hide and duck to get to my room but he spotted me. "Lena, Lena wait I have to take you home." No Lou I don't want to go. I run away from him but he follows me to my room.

Louis' POV

I went to the Savory Hotel. I remembered Lena telling me how beautiful it was and how she could stay there all day if she could. I drive to the Savory Hotel and I walk up to the front desk and ask for Lena. The lady if she's here. "Hello, how can I help you sir."  Hi, I'm looking for a Lena Foster. "​One moment please, let me look for her on the computer." As she was searching I took a look around. I knew Lena had to be here somewhere. "​Sorry, sir but there's no record of a Lena Foster on our list." Oh thanks any ways miss. "Have a nice day sir." Thanks you too.

As I was leaving I saw her. Lena, Lena wait I have to take you home. I yelled at her. She started to run away and said "No LouI don't want to go." I ran after her then we finally made it to a room, I'm guessing her room.

Lena I need to talk to you please here me out. "Ok Lou, but if it's you taking me back to your house with the rest of the boys forget it." It's not just our house anymore it's your house to. Can we just go inside and talk. "Fine." We get inside her room which was beautiful, it even made me feel like I wanted to stay there. "Lou give me a minute, I have to shower and get dress."

She comes out and sits on the bed. So I begin. Lena you have to come back with me we all miss you and Harry wants you back. "No, Lou I'm sorry but I'm not going with you." Why not Lena. "As much as it pained me, I respected Harry's decision with the break. Now I'm the one who needs the break. I need him to respect my decision." Can't you just take a break at home. "No I can't, it will just be awkward and I don't need that right now." I understand but can you just talk to him. "I could but.." But nothing I'm going to let him know I found you. "No Lou I told you guys I didn't want to be found. Now please leave." I'm going Lena but I'm letting him know where you are I can't lie to him again. "That's fine then, now please leave." I'm gone I'll see you soon. Bye. "Bye Lou. And it was good seeing you."

I leave and can't help but think of the situation. She had a point if she needed the break Harry had to understand that like she had to. I make my way home and find all the lads there. "Did you find her mate." Yes Hazza I found her. "So why isn't she with you and where is she." She said she doesn't want to come to our house. She at the Savory Hotel and said she needs a break. "She does know this is her house to right?" Yes I told her mate. "I have to go there Lou now." No, give her time go tomorrow if anything Harry. " He begins to cry. "Lou I need her here with me. " I understand Harry we all miss her. But she respected your decision on the brake now you have to do the same for her. "Ok if that what's best." It is mate at least for now.

We all had a rough day so we call it a night.

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