It all started as a competition... where the fan who wins gets to meet the most popular boy band ever One Direction. How will this competition create a new life for the winner?


14. Party

Louis' POV

People start to pile in. El was one of the first to come, then Little Mix. The couples were reunited. About Lena I think she's really fitting in with us. She's cute and really hitting it off with our little Harry. She makes him happy and we all see it. I introduced El to Lena and there talking to each other getting to know one another girl stuff. I can see Lena sense of humor and it's kind of like mine, sometimes bitchy I can see it in her but she hasn't let it out yet but I see it. Hopefully will see it at the party when I say something, test her if you will. 

I walk over to where the girls are sitting and I hear then talking about Harry. When El came over Lena and Harry we're kissing and their outfits matched which was pretty weird. I have to say for Harry and Lena even though they just meet it seems like they known each other for years it quiet cute. "Lena whats's going on with you and Harry?" El asks. "We're hanging out. I just met the guy but it different with him it feels like we known each other for a long time. He was always my 1D crush when I was watching the famous One Direction." "Aww Lena that's so cute, Harry is a great guy and I haven't seem him this chessy in a while your really something special." "Thanks El I appreciate that since you know Harry and the charmer that he is." Excuse me Lena can I steal El for a sec. "Sure no problem Lou. El catch up with you later."

Lena's POV

I really enjoy being around the guys, they are really cool. El is awesome and gave me inside scoop about each of the boys. I see the girls from Little Mix walk in and I saw Perrie. I remembered how much I didn't like her because she had Zayn and there was a time I was really into him. But when I saw her i had a smirk on my face. The whole time I thought I had it lucky getting to meet all of them and knowing that the one I really want is Harry and I'm happy about that. I'm excited about the party and getting to know the people around me.




Author's Note

Next chapter would be better. And more intense. 

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