It all started as a competition... where the fan who wins gets to meet the most popular boy band ever One Direction. How will this competition create a new life for the winner?


17. Movie time

Harry's POV

Lena suggested we watch a movie, and of course Liam picks Toy Story. She argued with Liam and said that Toy Story was one of her favorite movie along with others. The boys and I were surprise not at Liam's choice but, the fact that she was looking forward into watching it not like everyone else.

We walk over to the couch and I plopped down next to her. Liam pops in the dvd and then walks back to the kitchen to make popcorn. I start talking to Lena. We have together to know each other better. All I know is that I really like this girl and I asked her to be my girlfriend. Without hesitation she said yes. She knows some things about me, but I have to clear up some things that the media says about me that aren't true.

Lena, I want to talk to you about something.

"Sure why not, do you want to go somewhere that's just us two?"

That would be nice, let's go outside. This girl so gets me I can feel it. We make our way outside and it was getting cold. I noticed she had on a tank top and shorts so I gave her my jacket. 

"Awww thanks Harry for your jacket. Your really sweet."

Thanks I try to be. Actually that's what I wanted to talk to you about. I know that you probably heard that I'm a player and a flirt but that's not true. I'm committed and loyal to the person I'm with.

"Harry you don't have to explain yourself to me. I don't read into those things its all gossip. Plus I want to know the Harry I'm with now not the one they talk about in the media."

We have all day and summer to get to know each other. I kissed her and we made her way back to the room to watch the movie.

Niall's POV

I see Lena and Harry walk back inside. They were giggling I can tell Harry was really into this girl and she was into him. He's so lucky to have Lena. She a kind, sweet, down to earth, and so much more. Although they just met in their eyes it seems like they been waiting for each other for a long time and they finally met. 

They sit on the couch and start watching the movie. He had his arm around her and she had her head on his shoulders. They were such a cute couple and we have to prep her for the paps that will get a hold of her and Harry's relationship soon. 

I think all of us has a strong protective feelings towards her. Yeah, Harry's a nice guy in all but sometimes he doesn't notice a good thing he has right in front of him. She's like a sister to all of us and she just changed our lives as soon as we picked her up from the airport.

She giggled at a part of the movie and we all looked at her. "I love this scene it gets me every time." I wasn't sure what she was talking about but, Liam did he ended up having a conversation with her about that scene. The lads and I all looked at each other with confusion. What did they understand that we missed. 

I was hungry so I went to go make some more popcorn. When I came back the movie was almost over. Liam was getting ready to put the second Toy Story. We all looked up at Lena and noticed she was sleeping. So we decided to call it a night. Harry brought her to her room and kissed her on her forehead goodnight. We all exchanged saying good night and then we made our way to bed.

What a night. Fun, Crazy, and Awesome. I love our new addition.


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