It all started as a competition... where the fan who wins gets to meet the most popular boy band ever One Direction. How will this competition create a new life for the winner?


12. In the Pool and After

Harry's POV

The lads all got out the pool. I was alone with Lena, for a while I watched her. Then she questioned me "why are you looking at me like that?" I can't help it your so beautiful and there's one thing I forgot to tell you earlier. "What is it, you can tell me anything." I fancy you too. I have since I saw your video, but who you are and your personality makes me fancy you even more. "Aww that's so sweet. I like you just as much and I always will."

We started playing around in the pool. First she splashed me with the water than I did it to her. Then I picked her up and twirled her. We started laughing then I put her back down. We continued the splashing until I walked up to her, and put my hands around her waist. I pulled her closer to me when she wrapped her hand around my neck. I leaned in for a kiss and felt her soft lips on mine. I licked the bottom of her lip asking for access and she allows it. We're just enjoying ourselves. She told me there was always one thing she wanted to try and that was kissing underwater and I told her I always wanted to do as well so we did. And again back on the surface when Lou walks in and says "get a room you two, and it's time to get ready for the party." Thanks Lou and I turn to look at Lena and I see her check turn red from Lou's comment.

We walk out the pool hand in hand and head inside to take a shower to get ready for the party.

Zayn's POV

For some reason I feel jealous of Harry. Although I have Perrie when I saw Harry and Lena kiss it made me mad. She's really hot. Perrie and the girls from Little Mix are coming over for the party we're having for Lena but we know how to party. Other friends are coming by like Ed, Josh, Justin.

From the first time I seen Lena I felt like I could see myself with her. When she said the first time she seen us in WMYB she fancied me. I felt happy but I didn't show it off. I had to keep it to myself. Then she said that she was into Harry. His face lit up and I felt crushed, a broken heart by a girl I just meet and having Perrie by my side. What is wrong with me. I can't have feelings for her knowing that Harry likes her and me with my own girl.

I'm getting ready for the party. Since Perrie and I haven't seen each other in a while I'm hoping she's staying the night so we can have some fun. I have on cargo pants with black converse and a red t-shirt and the hat the Perrie bought me. 

I make my way down stairs to check on the lads. Everyone was ready expect for Lena and Harry. I could only imagine what those two are doing together and it's making madder and madder. Hey lads where's Harry and Lena? "I don't know mate probably showering together or getting dressed." Niall say. I think I'm going to go check on Harry. "Ok Zayn make sure you knock you don't want to interrupt whatever it is their doing." Yes Niall I know. I first walk to Harry's room and to my surprise he wasn't there. So I went to Lena's room that's cross his and there they were.I knocked on Lena's door. "Come in" she said and I did and there they were. Lucky they were dressed. She looked beautiful she had on a black dress that hugged her curve and red heels. She and Harry were matching and when I walked in they were in the middle of tickling each other. I wish I can have that especial with her. Why does she have to be so beautiful and cuddling up with Harry she should be mine.

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