It all started as a competition... where the fan who wins gets to meet the most popular boy band ever One Direction. How will this competition create a new life for the winner?


9. In London

Lena's POV

I got to London earlier than I expected. I was craving for a caramel frappuccino and just my luck there was a Starbucks in the airport. It really made my day. I was waiting for my pick up and to keep myself active I used my iPhone to listen to music. I shut my eyes and started singing, when the song was over I opened my eyes and saw everyone clapping and asking for more. To admit that I was a little embarrassed but, I was glad everyone liked it. I closed my eyes again and started singing another song. My eyes opened to the sound of someone saying my name, which was weird because no one knows me here well not yet.

"Lena?" Louis said

Yes it me. OMG you guys are One Direction. You wasn't suppose to hear me sing yet. 

"Love we already heard you sing and your amazing no need to be shy. And yes we are but we need you to keep it down now we don't want to be chased out of the airport it will be crazy." Everyone said in response.

Nice to meet you guys I'm a big fan of you all.

"It's nice to meet you and you have a wonderful voice."

Thanks Louis

"Call me Lou and we have a very special day prepared for you.

Aww thanks sweet but you guys don't have to do anything for me.

"No we insist." Harry said


Louis' POV 

We walked into the airport with singing and people around us clapping. As we walked closer to the person singing we realized it was her. Lena, she was singing with her eyes closed a sign of someone who is shy. I call her name and she lets out an OMG your One Direction. We didn't want to be rude but we can't be running out the airport especial with our guest just arriving, so we told her to keep it down a bit that way we can stay in the shadows. On the car ride over we decided we would have a party just to welcome her, the singing would be saved until the party. We called most of our friends that were in town. Ed said he would stop by along with Justin and Josh. Perrie and Eleanor were visiting so they were stopping by. We're trying to keep it small so she won't get to overwhelmed and we just hopes she enjoys it.

We just got home and we show Lena around. We show her where her bedroom is which is across the hall from Harry's room. And she has her own bathroom, we're trying to make it feel like home for her. When she gets into the room she starts unpacking and gets settled down. She then hits the shower. 

"Hey guys!"

Yes Lena I answered.

"You guys said that there was something special for me and I need to know when and how I should dress."

She's yelling from the other side of the door as I tell her what's happening. Lena we're just having a welcome party for you. It's later on tonight so you have plenty of time. 

"Thanks Lou. Til then I'm dressing how I would at home."

That's fine this is your home now for the summer.

She walks out in a white tank top with black basketball shorts. By her outfit I can tell she's down to earth and we'll get along just fine.

Comfortable are we Lena.

"Yes very. This is me and I like wearing my shorts and tank top around the house so you guys get use to it."

No problem with me.

"Lou I'm going to take a nap I'm a little jet lagged. See You when I wake up."

Alright and I forgot to say CONGRATULATIONS!!!!


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