It all started as a competition... where the fan who wins gets to meet the most popular boy band ever One Direction. How will this competition create a new life for the winner?


10. First date

Harry's POV

I walked into Lena's room, I thought she must be hungry so I went to ask. When I walked in I saw she was sleeping. She is so beautiful even when she sleeps. As I'm turning away to let her sleep she turns around and calls my name. "Harry, come in I'm wake." I just wanted to check up on you and see if you wanted anything to eat. "Sure I'm starving, what did you have in mind." Well the food for the party won't be ready until 8 and it 4:30. Would you like to come grab food with me. "Sure it's a date. Let me get dressed."

I decided that we would go to Nando's. The food is really good and we would have fun their. I watched her walk down the stairs and my mouth just dropped. She had on a beautiful red dress, black flats, and a blue belt going around her stomach. "You never told me where we were going. So I hope this is okay." We're going to Nando's and you look stunning. "Thank you. And you dont look so bad yourself. I never been to Nando's." Well we're going to have a lot of fun, a night you won't forget.

"Nando's did I hear you say your going to Nando's." Niall asked.

Yes Niall we're going to Nando's. I'll bring you back Peri-Peri chicken.

"Thanks man I appreciate it."

Yeah, yeah. We'll see you mates later.

Lena's POV

Harry drove us to Nando's in his black Audi R8. I was happy and nervous. Happy because I actually like this guy. He was cute, funny, and caring. Don't get me wrong the other guys are awesome as well. But theres something that attracts me to him. I was nervous because I don't want this date to be ruined and miss out on what could be. The host gave us a private seating area where we wouldn't be bothered. I was thinking about how lucky I was in winning this competition and being on a date with someone I really like. "Hi! my name is Brian and I'll be your waiter for the evening. Can I take your order or anything you would want to start with." I hear the waiter say as he pulls me away from my thoughts. Yeah can I start with a a cocktail a shirley temple would do. "Sure miss and sir what would you like." "Umm I'll have a Pepsi. Harry said."

The waiter comes back within 3 minutes with our drinks. Thank you we both said. "Are you guys ready to order." I answer with can I have Peri-Peri chicken please. "Make that two please." "Sure thing Mr.Styles and if you guys need anything else feel free to call me over." Thanks Brian we say in unison.  When the waiter returns with our food we say our thank your and we dig in. This is really good I can see why Niall loves it so much. I must say this is the first time I've had Nando's. "Seriously you NEVER had Nando's. We have it a lot because of Niall." Sorry to say but, no where I come from I've never seen a Nando's nevertheless been inside of a Nando's. "As they say it a first for everything." It sure is.

"So Lena how long have you been singing." Well growing up all the schools I went to I had a chorus class. And I was always put in that class but I didn't mind because I love music. To answer your question since I was young about 8 I guess. But I was always pretty shy to sing in front of people. "What made you put yourself out their to audition. Other than meeting us." (a laugh comes out from both of them.) Well I do sing a lot but I try to keep it quiet but it doesn't always work. People constantly told me how much they love my voice and how I can sing. So I went on youtube and say the competition and decided to put myself out there. Me and my sister Lexi would do covers of different songs we liked but she wasn't ready to compete unlike me. "I've seen your audition it was amazing. From the first time I saw you in video I knew that we would get along and that I liked you." Aww Harry that's so sweet. I like you too, and I mean really like you. (they both blush.)

We've finished dinner and made our way back to the house with Niall's order in our hands. I was happy to know that Harry likes me just as much as I like him. We pulled up to the house and he opens the door for me. Before we make our way down the walkway to the door, he's staring into my eyes. I'm looking into his beautiful green eyes. Then he cups my cheek and says "you forgot something" as he pulls in for a kiss. He's a really good kisser and I wouldn't mind doing it again. "I always kiss on the first date but with you its different and I like it." I whisper that only I can hear this is the best day ever. But I see Harry with a smirk on his face which tells me he heard what I said.


Author's Note

Whatever I say about Nando's isn't true I've never been there and don't know what they sell other than Peri-Peri chicken. I'm making up what they sever because I'm not sure.

Please comment I want to hear feedback!!!!!!!

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