It all started as a competition... where the fan who wins gets to meet the most popular boy band ever One Direction. How will this competition create a new life for the winner?


21. At the House

Harry's POV

We got home at 3am. After the show the plan was to come home but, we hung out with a few of our friends after the show. We went to the club and it was a good way for Lena to have a tour of the UK. She's only been here for a a few weeks and hasn't really seen much. I never felt this way about anyone before she really makes me happy. 

On the ride home we sat next to each other with Lou sitting on the right to her and Zayn across from us. As she feel asleep on my shoulder I saw Zayn looking at her and then me and then back at her. He seemed mad. It was hard for me not to say something because I didn't want any problems between us and I don't want the lads to get involved. But when we're at home were definitely having a talk.

He has Perrie any ways so why is he just staring at my girl.

Zayn's POV

I get so jealous when I see her with Harry. Why can't she see that the right guy for her is me. I want her so bad and it's getting harder for me to keep it a secret and keeping it from the lads. It won't be long till Lou knows. Lena and Lou have been pretty close since she's been here.  She would be the one to tell him. 

If there was only a way for me to get her out my mind. She's just a girl why is this hard for me. As I was checking her out as she was sleeping on Harry's shoulder, Harry caught me and I had to look away. 

As I was looking away I saw Lou give me a deadly stare. I could tell he knew and I had to talk to him. Although I don't want to get in between Harry and Lena it's hard for me to let her go. As of now Perrie really isn't helping.  If I could just get her to go out with me and then if she still picks Harry over me which, I doubt then I'll leave her alone. 

Louis' POV

I could feel the tension between Harry and Zayn. But I could understand why Harry is mad. I would be too if someone was looking at my girlfriend like that. But there is only thing that Harry doesn't know and that's Zayn kissed her.

I feel bad for her she's stuck in the middle of a friendship and is lost and confused about what to do. I shoot Zayn a stare that tells him to back off and he knows I know. Lena is like my sister and I don't want her to get hurt I will protect her. Zayn is just going to have to back off. It's just not right and I can see more than one person is going to get hurt by this and it might tear us apart.

We make it home and Harry takes Lena to her room. She woke up when we arrived but he just didn't want to let her go so she let him. I never saw people more into each other than they are. They are luck to be in each others lives but Zayn is trying to get in between them.

Has Harry brings Lena to her room he tells Zayn that they need to talk to you in the morning. I'm guessing he's going to tell him how he feels about him staring at Lena. Niall and Liam were in surprise but got over it. Liam went to his room and Niall went into the kitchen to get something to eat. We were all really beat and decided to call it a night.

But I went to bed I told Zayn I needed to talk to him. Zayn mate could I speak to you for a moment. "Sure mate vas happenin." I want to talk to you about Lena. "What about her mate." I need you to back off. She really likes Harry and your messing things up for her. "Bro I can help my feelings." 

Then you're going to have to control it because she wants Harry. "I know mate but I just need one date with her." No, she won't go for that. And I can't believe you kissed her. "I needed to. I left something with her in the kiss. Lou she's the one." I thought Perrie was the one and you weren't going to hurt her anymore. "I did and I meant it until I meet Lena,  now everything has changed." Bad Idea mate and she told me the kiss meant nothing to her and all she wanted was to be with Harry. So leave it at that. And I won't let you hurt her.

I walked away from Zayn and went to my room. I changed into my pjs. I laid in my bed but couldn't fall asleep. I heard Lena tell Harry to sleep with her and he said sure. After I awhile I got up and went to the living room to watch the telly. I couldn't help think about the conversation I had with Zayn. It repeated in my head over and over again. Now I wanted to let Harry know what's going but I didn't know how.

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