New School (phanfic)

I don't know if someone has written something like this before on either here, DeviantArt, Wattpad or Tumblr, but this is an idea I got for a phanfic. Simple, innocent 'fluff', nothing bad or incriminating.
Phil is starting afresh at a new school. He never did well at his old school. He was bullied and rejected. All because he was gay. He hoped to start over here.
One day he meets two boys, also gay, called PJ and Chris (kickthestickz) who introduce him to Dan. Maybe one day, they will be more than just friends.


1. New School

Phil stood outside the school gates as his mum drove away. The sign on the steel fence read 'MARIGOLD PARK HIGH SCHOOL'. Sounded nice enough. Taking a deep breath, he rang the intercom.

"Hello?" A fuzzy voice came from the speaker.

"Yes, hi, hello, um," Phil stuttered back, holding his mouth a little too close to the microphone.

"Can I help you?"

"I'm, um, Philip Azure. New kid. You, um, said I could um, start today."

"Ah, Philip! Yes, yes, come in." The gate slowly swung open and after a quick ruffle of his hair, Phil stepped inside. Soon after a young woman in a pencil skirt and pointy glasses hopped outside and toddled over to him. "Come with me. I'll show you to your form room." Phil followed her through winding corridors and up stairs, turning corners and going through several doors.

How will I ever be able to find my way around, Phil thought.

"You'll find your way around soon enough," the woman said encouragingly, almost as if she read his mind. She came to an abrupt stop outside a room labelled '47, Miss Rose', causing Phil to bump into her. "You are in here," she said quietly. She knocked on the door. A woman from inside called, "come in?"

The woman opened the door and she ushered Phil inside. "Goodbye, and good luck!"

Phil stopped dead inside the classroom and looked around. He felt his face turning whiter than it already was. He waved shyly like a five year old.



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