Emma lives in California, she moved out there from Canada to pursue her modeling career, she just turned 18 three months ago, She has just suffer abuse from her recent boyfriend. Her mom, sister, and her move back to Canada, just to get away and pursue her career more there. Will Emma find a bump in the road with an old friend back in Canada...?! (Justin Bieber Fanfiction)


6. Unloading day



E: Urgh...Shut up

I got up and checked my phone "No new messages" I went and slipt on some shorts and a shirt from my suit case and put my hair in a messy bun...I ran downstairs and behold the moving truck in the driveway.

M: Oh good sweetie, I was about to come wake you up. Were just about to start unloading...

*A figure comes around the truck*

J: im here to help!

CRAP! I forgot he was helping out and I look like Crap!!!

M: Well thats great Justin, I was telling Emma were about to start unloading so ill call you two when were ready.

J: Great!

Justin and I both walk up to each other.

E: Hey! You know you really didnt have to help...

J: Like I said I wanted to... I get to help you and hang with you

E: Justin You rea- 

M: Alright kids...Lets unload!


~4 hours later~

Emmas Pov: We have basically finished unloading and my rooms pretty much done! Justins been a blast today...With helping and he exactly made it pretty fun!!

J: I remember most of this stuff!

E: Yeah, ive still have it...Look one more box yay!!

*We both reached down to grabbed it and our hands touch*

E: Ah, ill be back...

J: oh..ah okay

Justins Pov: We both touched hands...I felt something..and it looks as if she did to...? 

I picked up the last box and opened it....There was pictures...some of us when we were little and im guessing her with her other friends...

*Emma walks in and leans on the door frame

E: Oh. You dont have to go through those...there just pictures....I'll put them up later *Faint smile*

J: Emma?

E: Yeah

J: Did you really miss me....?

silence....Justin walked closer

J: Emma?


Justin smashes his lips into mine


A/N Awww emma missed Justin!! They kissed! what will happen next?! oh...and School starts for me TOMORROW AHHH! Im going to be a freshman and in a new school...with non of my previous friends...Im so scared...lol Summers over! Boo ill be posting 1-2 more chapters tonight! (:

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