Emma lives in California, she moved out there from Canada to pursue her modeling career, she just turned 18 three months ago, She has just suffer abuse from her recent boyfriend. Her mom, sister, and her move back to Canada, just to get away and pursue her career more there. Will Emma find a bump in the road with an old friend back in Canada...?! (Justin Bieber Fanfiction)


5. Tree house...

Justin's POV: She looked amazing! I still can't believe it's her! 

E: Justin how much longer?! 

J: actually where about here... *Justin searches through his back seat and chucks a jacket at you* 

E: ouch!

J: oh sorry I forgot about the spikes... cover you eyes!


J: just do it please. 

E: you know I hate surprises!  

J: please    *he looked at my and did his little puppy dog putty face that he pulls on anyone* 

E: fine, but only this one Bieber. I snarl at him and put the jacket over my head. 

Emma's POV: I felt the car stop and I heard his door open and shut... Now maybe I can take the thing off now... I heard my door open and it really caught me off guard when Justin scoops me up bridal style and is carrying me. 

E: ahh Justin?

J: yeah?

E: you know I have legs right? I know how to use them!

J: I know but your blindfolded  

E: well then how about unfolding me...

* he put me down all the sudden and takes off the jacket*

I was kinda shocked at first and then realized where we were. 

E: OMG JUSTIN?! It's our old tree house!! OMG!! 

J: Surprise *he was smiling ear to ear*

E: I thought you guys cut it down. When you moved?! 

J: no! The new people left it up...

E: OMG I still can't believe this. 

J: let's go up!


*we climbed up, and sat on the edge Justin and I started talking about everything that happened in our lives while we were apart of course I left up the jessie part...it started getting late, Justin stood up and helped me up, it was silent for a second and we just were standing there looking in to each others eyes*

J: god I've missed you! 

E: I've missed...

I was cut off by the unexpected embrace he pulled me in. 

J: let's hang out tomorrow! 

E: tomorrow? I can't... The moving trucks coming tomorrow and I have to help...

J: well then ill come over and help! 

E: you don't have 

Justin cuts me off again

J: I want to!


Common lets get going. He gave me a smile and we climbed down the latter...   Once we got down we both toke one last look at the tree house... And by my surprise Justin grabbed my hand again and walked me to the car...


A/N IM SO SORRY I HAVENT UPDATED!! school starts for me on Tuesday...AHHH...I didn't expect for people to like the story!! (: I probably update one more chapter tonight!!! Hope you enjoyed !!

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