Emma lives in California, she moved out there from Canada to pursue her modeling career, she just turned 18 three months ago, She has just suffer abuse from her recent boyfriend. Her mom, sister, and her move back to Canada, just to get away and pursue her career more there. Will Emma find a bump in the road with an old friend back in Canada...?! (Justin Bieber Fanfiction)


3. Bye California

~Next Morning~

Emmas Pov: I jumped out of bed and slipped into my slippers, I ran downstairs screaming to the kitchen


Olivia(My sister): *walking to kitchen* Will you just shut up! Its to early!!

Emma: Go back to bed BRAT!

O: Lets see, I cant! Were moving retard!

M: You two stop gosh! Grab some food and go finish packing trucks here in 1 hour!

E: Fine whatever! *I grabbed a banana and went up stairs*

I looked at my phone "No new Messages"..I put it down and trash my banana peel. I had to take down all my posters and pack them away, before the truck came and we left!



I got to my seat and pulled my iphone out...It was dark outside..I put my headphones in a listened to Justins song All Around The World, I knew Justin as kids, Well practically by birth, but he left and became famous so we dont talk any more, but I love his music and you could say Im A HUGE BELIEBER. I fell asleep and woke up to my mother in my face

M: Emma lets go!

E: Okay, okay

I stuffed my iphone and my headphones in my bag and looked out the window again it day time here, but it was raining a lot! I hurried off the plane and went to find my mom, it was packed! I finally found my mom her and we got into a rental car and drove to the given address.


~45 mins later~

Mom: Where here!


A/N There finally in Canada!! what will happen? Why is Olivia so mean? Emma knew Justin?


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