Emma lives in California, she moved out there from Canada to pursue her modeling career, she just turned 18 three months ago, She has just suffer abuse from her recent boyfriend. Her mom, sister, and her move back to Canada, just to get away and pursue her career more there. Will Emma find a bump in the road with an old friend back in Canada...?! (Justin Bieber Fanfiction)


9. Beach

Emmas Pov: I woke up...Justin wasn't there anymore, but there was a note 

Note: Go check your phone

I got out of bed and ran over to my phone "One new message"

Message: go to your closet

I went to my closet and opened it there was my wet suit with a note

Note: Go downstairs in front door

I ran down the stair case and to the front door and there was my Surf board? what

Note: Go get dressed in the wet suit and bring your surf board and meet me by car - Justin

What?! I looked at the window and sure enough he was there...I ran up stairs and grabbed a bikini and put my wet suit over top...then I quickly tied my hair into a pony tail. Then I ran back downstairs, I bumped in to my mom on the way down...

M: Sweetie I just wan-

E: I know mom, Im sorry to, and you were completely right!

I smiled and gave her a quick hug!

E: Gotta go!

M: Ah okay...bye honey!

I grabbed my surf board and walked out my door...and he was still there waiting in his wet suit and he saw me and smiled and walked to the end of the drive way to meet me.

J: I see you read my notes!

E: Yes..Ah Justin, where are we going exactly?!

J: To the beach silly where else would we go in wet suits and with surf boards?

E: Well dont look at me lets go!



Emmas Pov: We arrived to the beach, we both jumped out the car excited and got the surf boards out...once we got into the sand we just looked at the waves

J: Ready to lose?!

E: As If!!

We went running into the waves...Justin went to early and dived right into the sand, I burst into laughter

E: Whos ready to lose now?

J: Whatever!


~1 hour later~

Emmas pov: Justin and I had been surfing off and on for most of the day...and he claims he won...ha! Hes still out there "Trying" to surf and im tanning...

Justins Pov: Hmm lets see Emmas tanning so perf time to get someone a little wet! I ran in from the water and dropped my surf board she was on her back with a towel over her face so I ran up and started tickling her.


I went and scooped her up and ran her by the water


J: Say I won

E: no I won

I let go a little bit and she started screaming again.


J: Say I won!


I put her down and then she gave me this little smirk

E: Score Loser

She started running and I went running after her...I was getting closer and closer, she looked back and tripped causing me to trip on top of her...I looked her in the eyes...and they seemed calm I bent down a little and kissed her....She kissed back...We broke out for air

J: We should get going...If were going to that restaurant...

E: Restaurant?

J: Yeah! Ill take you home and you go change....Something fancy, Ill come get you at 8

E: Well we wont be going anywhere with you on top of me now are we? *She give me another smirk*


~Emmas house~

Emmas Pov: When I got home I went in my room and went into the shower...I smelled like salt water and sea weed....once I got out I went to my closet and pulled about a midnightish blue dress it was about knee height...I slipt it on and went in my bathroom and curled my hair and did my make up...I grabbed my black heels and purse...it was 7:56 Justin be here any minute....Surely he arrived right at 8. 




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