Becky and Ashleigh were always best friends and they used to go to school with Harry Styles. What will happen when Becky meets her celeb crush, Harry Styles at a P.S. re-union. Read to find out... <3 x (1D fanfiction) this is dedicated to my friend Becky.


14. What are they up to?


I really love Ashleigh. She is so gorgeous and she is now a famous fashion designer. She supports me like my dad did. I miss him, he was the best. He always was there for me just like Ashleigh is. We now live together and I am thinking about proposing.


I see Tom staring at me, lost in thought. "What are you thinking about?" I ask. "You," he smiles. Awww, I love his smile. "Do you wanna go out tonight?" he asks. "Sure," I say. "Great I gotta go meet Harry, he wants to talk to me about something," he says. "okay see you later then," I say. "yeah I will pick you up at six," he replies. We kiss and he goes out the door. *beep beep*

                                         B- Becky   A- Ashleigh

                                         B- hey harry said he was meeting Tom to 'talk' any idea wat that about?

                                         A- nope but Tom said the same, wonder wat they up 2.

                                         B- who knows, anyway u wanna come round & hang out? :)

                                         A- sure c u in half an hour? :)

                                         B- yup l8trs ;p

Its been ages since its been just me and Becky hanging out cause all the other boys girlfriends are always with us, I'm not saying I don't like hanging out with the other girls cause I do.


"hey girl," I say as Ashleigh comes in. "hi chic," she replies. "so how is it going with you and Tom, any rows?" I ask. "not yet, you?" she asks. "only on who should hang up first," I laugh. "awww I would just get bored and hang up," she giggles. "yeah that's usually what happens," I say.


"hey hazz," Tom says. "hi, so are you ready to pick rings?" I ask. "I think so, lets go," he replies.





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