Becky and Ashleigh were always best friends and they used to go to school with Harry Styles. What will happen when Becky meets her celeb crush, Harry Styles at a P.S. re-union. Read to find out... <3 x (1D fanfiction) this is dedicated to my friend Becky.


18. Wedding!

                                                                6 MONTHS LATER                                                                        


It's Becky's wedding today and her dress is stunning. Tom and I's wedding is in a week. We didn't want our weddings to clash. "Ash it's time, I can't believe I'm getting married," she squeals. "I know I can't believe it either, last year we wouldn't have even thought we would be getting married to our celeb crushes," I say. "right you guys ready?" Megan says. I am the maid of honour, Megan, Susan, Andy and Danielle are brides maids. "yup I think so," Becky says.

3rd person

Becky walks down the aisle dressed in a white fishtail wedding dress with a white see-through veil hanging from her diamond tiara, with her hair in a bun and Harry is wearing an expensive tux and a huge grin. Becky smiles as she walks up the aisle and when she reaches Harry they hold hands and Harry whispers to her saying she looks beautiful and Becky whispers back saying that he doesn't look too bad himself. He chuckles and they get on with the ceremony.


"Rebecca Elizabeth Elliott, do you take Harry Edward Styles to be your lawfully wedded husband?" the minister asks me. "I do," I say smiling. "and do you take Rebecca Elizabeth Elliott to be your lawfully wedded wife?" he asks Harry. "I do," he says grinning, showing those dimples. 


I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss the bride," I hold Becky by the waist and kiss her on the lips and it feels like our first kiss, well it is as a married couple.


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