Becky and Ashleigh were always best friends and they used to go to school with Harry Styles. What will happen when Becky meets her celeb crush, Harry Styles at a P.S. re-union. Read to find out... <3 x (1D fanfiction) this is dedicated to my friend Becky.


6. visit


"Was I stupid to put a kiss at the end?" I asked the boys. "well she put a kiss at the end of her text," Liam says. "I suppose," I say "besides why wouldn't she like you every girl loves you." says Zayn. "but she's different, she was the one who came over to me most girls just fangirl but I like that she is so confident and-"*DING DONG* "I'll get it" Niall says. "NO...I mean I will get it," I say "I can't wait to meet this girl she sounds like the best thing in the world the way you talk about her," Louis says, "to me she is," I say as I open the door. "hey" Becky and Ashleigh say. "hi, Tom isn't here yet but he will be here soon" I say seeing Ashleigh looking around for him. "okay I think I can wait for a few minutes," Ashleigh says as we all laugh at her. "well come on in we are just deciding what to eat" I say, "but we were talking about B- OW" Niall says before I stand on his foot. "er are you okay?" Becky asks Niall. "mhm, I'm fine" he says glaring at me. "well I don't know about you but I'm hungry," Ashleigh says as she goes over to stroke Molly my cat. "YES, me too" Niall shouts. "haha lets go out somewhere, I will text Tom to tell him to meet us at Square One," I say pulling out my phone.             H- Harry    T- Tom

                    H- hey can u meet us in Square One?

                    T- yh sure I hope Ash is as nice as u say.

                    H- she is & u will defo like her

                    T- k whatever u say :)

                    H- c u l8tr :)


"right lets gooooo!" Niall whines.



hey guys don't worry this will get better and this is my first so it might not be that good so anyway thanks for reading, LOVE YOU <3 x



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