Becky and Ashleigh were always best friends and they used to go to school with Harry Styles. What will happen when Becky meets her celeb crush, Harry Styles at a P.S. re-union. Read to find out... <3 x (1D fanfiction) this is dedicated to my friend Becky.


10. run


Becky and Louis have been gone a while, maybe I should go check up on them. "Hey," Becky says walking into the kitchen. "Hi," I say sitting her down. "so what did Lou want?" I ask casually. "oh, em, we were just talking about the tour and what type of clothes you would wear," she says. that doesn't sound like Louis, something's going on but I won't push it.


Harry asked what me and Louis were talking about so I just made up some thing about the tour. I honestly don't think he believed a word. "so anyway what would you like for breakfast?" he asked. "um I don't mind, what is there?" she asked. "well we have pretty much everything," he laughs.


Oh I wish I was Harry. He has the perfect girl with a perfect relationship and they are laughing together right now. "Louis Lou, earth to Louis," Niall says, waving his hand in front of my face. "huh, oh sorry I zoned out." I reply. "Well it's breakfast time so it's time to EAT!" Niall exclaims.


Louis is staring at Becky again. I have to stop this. "Hey Lou can I talk to you in private?" I ask him. "um, yeah sure," he says worriedly. We go to his room. "Stop staring at my girl, I know you like her, who wouldn't but it makes both her and me uncomfortable," I say. "I can't help how I feel," he replies. "well I can..." I say punching him. "OW!" he yells. I walk out shutting the door behind me but when I turn around I see Becky looking really worried, "WHAT DID YOU DO TO HIM?" she yells and runs away from me outside into the cold. I run after her shouting her name.


I heard everything. Them talking. Harry hurting him. I just run. I don't know where I am but I don't hear Harry anymore so I stop for breath but end up crying against the tree. I feel a hand on my shoulder. It's not Harry's...

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