Becky and Ashleigh were always best friends and they used to go to school with Harry Styles. What will happen when Becky meets her celeb crush, Harry Styles at a P.S. re-union. Read to find out... <3 x (1D fanfiction) this is dedicated to my friend Becky.


23. how could she?


hey guys I would be super happy if you read my new movella its called 1Directionater I think it's better than this one but I will be working on  both ;) here is a little chapter, hope you like <3 x

ps. still looking for a co-author.



I open my eyes to see Becky looking really worried and she has bags under her eyes but she still looks gorgeous. "Joshua?" she says. "w-where am I?" I ask stuttering. "in hospital, you were unconscious," she says. Then I see Harry come in, argh I could of had a chance with Becky if he hadn't of came in. "hi, how are you feeling?" he asks. What does he care? "fine," I mumble. "that's good I will get the doctor to tell her you're awake," he says setting down coffee and going to the door. Yes at least I get a few minutes with Becky. "so how have you been?" I ask Becky. "worried, it's all my fault and-" "Becky it's not your fault," I say holding her entwining my fingers with hers. Harry comes in with the doctor and stops when he sees our hands entwined. "um this is Doctor McDowell," Harry says a little angry. "so how are you doing?" the Doctor asks. "um okay I guess," I say feeling the huge bump on my head. "the bump on your head should heal up soon so you are free to go tomorrow after we take a few more tests," she says walking out. I realise that I my hand is still entwined with Becky. Harry is still looking at our hands with a bit of anger and sadness. Becky looks at him then pulls her hand out of my clasp and goes over beside him. He smiles and kisses her. Argh why doesn't he just go away. I lean back at hit my head. "OW" I yelp holding my head. "hey, take it easy there," Becky says pulling away from Harry and coming over.


We haven't seen Becky or Harry for a few days and we are worried sick. Megan has been more distant lately and is always going out with 'mates' I wonder if she is seeing someone else. No she isn't like that, I think. "hey Lou I'm going out for a bit see you later," Megan says pecking my lips. "bye babe," I say walking her out. She goes out and I grab my keys and jacket, this time I want to know what she is up to, oh my word that sounds so stalkerish. I wait until I hear her car go out then I run out to my car and get in, I drive a few cars behind her, I don't want her to know I'm following her.

I stop and wait until Megan gets out of her car, she walks into a Starbucks and I walk over and sit at the back table but I can still see her. A few minutes later a tall guy with la black coat goes over to her, they hug and sit down. I struggle to see his face but the coat is hiding it.

I am getting really bored waiting and I have ordered like six cups of coffee. All they are doing is talking and a date. No Louis they are probably just friends. They both stand up and they kiss, no not a peck on the cheek, a full on snog on the lips. I start to feel my eyes tear up and I can't help but want to run out, so I do. I leave the money on the table and run out. How could she?

 I loved her...I love her.


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