Summer of '10

Kassia lives next store to Niall. She didn't really expect in high school she would date him, and hang out with him...a lot. Kassia and Niall are really close, until he goes onto X Factor.


9. Chapter 9

The concert was about to start, and the gymnasium was mainly filled with Sophomores, because we have a lot of mean, and rude people in our grade.

  “Good Afternoon Mullingar!” Liam yelled.

  “Whoo!” we all screamed, except the guys.

  “I know all of you, know our bandmate Niall Horan!” Louis said.

  Everyone screamed. Then they started singing my favorite song, by Usher. It was DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love.

  Whenever Niall sang, he would stare at me. Then after a few more songs, they stopped, and called some girls up.

  “We would like Lindsay Daniels,” Harry said.

  “Kassia Smith,” Niall said.

  “Eleanor Calder,” Louis said.

  “Danielle Peazer,” Liam zaid.

  “And Perrie Edwards,” Zayn finished.

  Considering we were all friends, and we all know the boys. Danielle, Perrie, and Eleanor are all from the UK, but just transferred a few months ago. Danielle walked over to us, and walked up to the stage. Lindsay and  I kind of stood there frozen. We didn't know what to do, all we did was stand on the stage, in front of everyone.

  “We would be honored if, you wanted to go on tour with us?” Liam asked.

  It looked like Danielle, and Liam were pretty close. So did Perrie, and Zayn. The only people that didn't feel comfortable on stage was, Eleanor, Lindsay, and me. Everyone gasped.

  “Why do you want them to go, and not me!?” One of the cheerleaders complained.

  “Guys! We are asking them, because we’ve known them the longest, and they are really nice to everyone,” Niall explained.

  “So...what do you say?” Zayn asked.

 We all looked at each other, and kind of went into a group.

  “What do you want to do?” Danielle asked.

  “We...” the rest of us responded.

  Then we all turned around, and shouted, “We would love too!” The crowd went wild, like literally. They started coming on stage, and attacking us. The boys security guards came, and saved us all. We were shoved into their tour bus, and were told to just  sit there, until the boys climbed on.

   Danielle and I were talking about gymnastics, and what dancing school we might join,after high school.

  “I just want to go back home, to London, and start my dancing career,” Danielle was telling me.

  “Yeah. I was a dancer, but...I had to stop...” I responded.


  Then the boys ran up the stairs, and yelled at the driver to start the bus. Niall sat down across from me, and Liam sat down next to Danielle.

  “I’ll tell you later,” I whispered to Danielle.

  She nodded.

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