Summer of '10

Kassia lives next store to Niall. She didn't really expect in high school she would date him, and hang out with him...a lot. Kassia and Niall are really close, until he goes onto X Factor.


8. Chapter 8

After class, Ms. Anders thought, it was a good idea for me to be there escort. Lindsay was at my side, but closer to Harry. I was as far away from Niall as possible.

  "Thank you Liam!" I thought.   I only mastered Niall's, Liam's and Louis's name. The other two, I'm still working on.

  Even though it was lunch time, Lindsay and I still had to sit with them.

  “So...Kassia. How long have you known Niall?” Louis asked.

  “Probably since I moved in next door, when I was ten,” I responded.


  “Yeah. So...what time does the concert start?”

  “One thirty,” Liam told me.

  I turned and looked at the clock. It read twelve forty-five. I noticed that  a lot of girls, were staring over at the table. I turned back around, and focused on lunch. Considering I make my own lunch, I started to eat my peanut butter sandwich.

  “We’ve actually heard a lot about you, Kassia,” Zayn said, I think.

  “Oh, really?” I turned and looked at Niall, he just blushed.

  “Yeah. At night, Niall would always pull out a picture, and tell us about you,” Harry said.


  We kept on talking until lunch was over, and we never realized that the boys had to leave at one. Lindsay and I had to leave, and go to study hall.  Study hall is always held next door to the gymnasium, but today it was held in the gymnasium. Miss. Pallara, the math teacher, is very strict, but today she’s very happy.  

  “Today, study hall. We are going to help set up the stage, for One Direction. Girls, you can hang the decorations, on stage, and around the gym. Boy’s, you can help set up the stage. The drama department already have the lights setup,” she told us.

  Everyone grabbed their backpacks, and headed next store. Once Lindsay and I walked in, we saw One Direction helping setup. Niall was holding one corner of the stage, Liam was on the other side, the Harry, and Louis. Zayn was on top of another one, making sure it went in the correct way.

  “So...Kassia. Since you're single, do you want to go on a date?” The jock, Derek asked.

  “No thanks, Derek. Besides, wouldn’t Veronica be mad at you/” I responded.


  “Goodbye Derek.”

  I walked away, and set down my backpack. Lindsay was getting some decorations out of the box that was sitting their. There decorations were some One Direction symbols, and STOP Bullying.


Niall’s POV: I was carrying a part of the stage, when I heard the school bully, started talking to Kassia.

  “So...Kassia. Since you’re single, do you want to go on a date with me?” Derek asked Kassia.

  “No thanks, Derek,” She responded.

  I let out my breath.

  “Niall!” Harry yelled.

  “Sorry, sorry!” I responded.

  We set down the last piece, and my old schoolmates, started to put the rest up. I walked over to Kassia, and Lindsay.


Kassia’s POV: Lindsay and I were talking as we took decorations, out of the box. I started to hang a stop bullying poster, on the ladder that we are suppose to use. Lindsay was holding the ladder, when all of a sudden...I fell off.

  “Ahhh!” I screamed.

  The next thing, I knew I was in Niall’s arms. We stared at each other for a few seconds, then he set me down. Lindsay rushed over, and handed me a glass of water. Miss. Pallara, closed up the ladder, and walked over.

  “ did this happen?” Miss. Pallara asked.

  “I don’t know...I was just hanging up the poster, when all of a sudden I was falling to the ground,” I responded.

  “I did see something come by, and made the ladder wobble,” Lindsay spoke up.

  “What was it?” Miss. Pallara asked.

  “It was a...Derek.”

  “What? Derek made me fall?” I exclaimed.

  “DEREK!!!!!” Miss. Pallara yelled.

  Derek ran over, and stopped right next to me. He flashed me a smile, and out an arm around me. I brushed his arm off, and went by Lindsay and Niall.

  “Derek...did you make the ladder shake, while Kassia was on it?” Miss. Pallara asked.

  “Ummm...” He responded.

  “Derek! Did you or did you not make the ladder wobble?”

  “Yes. I did, ma'am...”

  “Derek, go to the principal’s office, right now!”

  Derek lowered his head, and left the gymnasium. Niall grabbed my hand and led me to the opposite side of the gym. We stopped in a corner.

  “Kassia...I love you, will still be my girlfriend?” He said.

  “I don't know...after what happened with you going on X Factor, and me being here...I’m not sure its going to work,” I responded.

  “Do you still love me?”

  “Yes, I love you with all my heart...but I'm not sure...we can work out a long distance relationship.”


  I kissed his cheek, and walked back to Lindsay. I had tears in my eyes, and I just didn't know what to do with myself. I sat down on a bleacher, and pulled out some tissues. Lindsay walked over, and sat next to me. She rubbed my back, and we got back to work.

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