Summer of '10

Kassia lives next store to Niall. She didn't really expect in high school she would date him, and hang out with him...a lot. Kassia and Niall are really close, until he goes onto X Factor.


7. Chapter 7

Everyone crowded around me, as I was putting my binders in my locker. I was just trying to have a normal day, and none of this commotion. 

   "What were they like?" One girl asked.     "Was Liam cute?" Another asked.     "How buff are Harry's muscle's?" A cheerleader asked.    "Guys! I only just met them! I don't know! Now please can I leave?" I responded.    They instantly stopped talking to me, and went on to do there normal daily routine. I started climbing the stairs to my first hour, when a bunch of girls started screaming. I stopped walking, and Lindsay stood next to me.     "Ohmygosh!" I whispered.    "What?" Lindsay responded.    "They're coming into our school. I bet Niall is going to every singlet class that he had, and that means..."    "Fourth hour chemistry. Oh!"    "Yeah."    I started up the stairs again, and I could tell Niall was staring at me. Lindsay waved to someone, and she smiled. I just tried to ignore the staring, but I just looked down at Niall. He smiled, and waved a little. I looked away, and walked all the way to room one, which is AP English.                               ~              *skips to fourth hour*     Lindsay and I were paying attention, to the movie we were watching. Ms. Anders put in a movie for those students, that finished. The ones that didn't, had to work on it, which was more than half the class. We had to watch it at her computer, because everyone was on the others.     "Knock knock," someone knocked.    I turned and saw six heads. I payed my attention towards the movie. Lindsay stopped it moments later.    "Class!" Ms. Anders exclaimed.    Everyone was still talking.     "Class!!! Quite down!" Ms. Anders tried again.    They still kept talking. She pulled a drawer out of her desk, and grabbed her whistle. One Direction, there escort from last hour, Lindsay, and I all covered our ears.     The whistle made a ear piercing noise, that you could hear with covered ears. The whole class shut up, and covered there ears.    "Thank you, everybody. One Direction is here! Thank you Jeremy. You can go back to class."    He nodded and left.     "Do you have a presentation for us? That you need the computer for?"     "We have a short presentation, and then a video," Niall said.    "Ok. Kassia?" Ms. Anders said.    "Yes?" I responded.    "Can you get the PowerPoint, and video up, with the...boys...flash drive?"    She turned and looked at the boys. Niall handed her the flash drive. She turned back around, and handed it to me. I minimized the movie, and plugged the flash drive in.    It took a few minutes for it to load, and I clicked on the file's icon. I looked over at them, and Niall walked over.    "It's the file that says school concert trip," he whispered.    "Ok. Thanks," I responded.

   He nodded and walked away. I clicked on what he said, and clicked the video first. Hit stop. Then I clicked the presentation.

It started going, and a picture popped of his whole family. It was the day, that I first met his whole entire family. His dad ans step mom, then his mom, and step dad. Greg, and Denise where there, and I love his whole family. Then popped up a description. Niall started talking, and I had some tears in my eyes. I noticed that others where crying even though, they had just started. I wasn't paying attention, when someone asked a question, and Niall asked me to answer it. I kind of heard what the question.    "Why is Kassia in the picture?" Nick asked.    "Ummm...I don't remember. Kassia do you remember?" Niall said.    I snapped out of my day dream.

   " was Christmas time, my family, and his family were spending Christmas together. It was the first time I met his whole family," I explained. 

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