Summer of '10

Kassia lives next store to Niall. She didn't really expect in high school she would date him, and hang out with him...a lot. Kassia and Niall are really close, until he goes onto X Factor.


3. Chapter 3

One in a half months later...
   I was off my crutches, and my leg and wrist are all healed up. While I was on crutches, apparently Niall decided to go into X Factor. He made it through, and into boot camp. I saw his audition on TV. I had no idea that he could sing, and all a sudden he's through. 
   "Why didn't he tell me?" I thought. 
   Then he went through boot camp, and our of now where, he's in a band. His new band mates Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, and Harry Styles. I hopped onto my laptop, and searched for there auditions. Only three of them auditioned in Manchester. Liam was the other lone wolf, but he auditioned in Birmingham.  
   It was a few days later, I was walking home from school with Lindsay. She was now my new partner for the project. Her old partner, Nick Weber, who's a smart kid. Nick wanted to do the project by himself, and Niall has a tutor now.
   "I can't believe Niall would just audition without telling you!" Lindsay said.
   "I know right!" I responded, and out of the corner of my eye, I saw a blonde kid walk down his front walk. "Speaking of the devil."
   *Jk guys!!! It's just what my character says because she's upset. Back to the story! Lauryn801*
   He walked right into front of us and stopped.
   "What do you want Niall?" Lindsay asked. 
   "I just want to speak with Kassia," Niall responded.
   "I don't want to talk to you," I replied.
   I brushed past him, and headed up my walkway. Lindsay rushed to my side, and handed me a note. I shoved it in my pocket, and unlocked the front door. 
   "So...what do you want to work on first?" I asked Lindsay.
   "The essay," she responded.
   I went and got my laptop, and Lindsay opened the book. I already started the intro, and first paragraph. All we need to do was the rest, then turn it into a story. 
   "Why did Niall hand you a note?"
   "I don't know. Here I'll write more of the essay, you read the note."
   "Ok. Thanks Lin, your awesome!"
   She nodded. I walked out of the room, and into my bedroom. I unfolded the creased note. It said:
   I'm very sorry...I didn't tell you sooner...I was too nervous...I guess I'll see you around...once I get back...
    Your [ex?] boyfriend,
   P.S. did we break...up...?
   I recreased the note, and stuck it in my nightstand drawer. I walked back out, and noticed that Lindsay wasn't there anymore.
   "Lin?" I said.
   It echoed through the entire house, like a haunted house, that you just moved into. 
   "In here!" She yelled back.
   I let my breathe back out, and walked into the kitchen.
   "Lindsay, why are you in the kitch-" 
   I saw Niall standing in the doorway. 
   "Why is he here?" 
   "I really need to talk to you," Niall said.
   I turned, and walked back to my room. I sat down on my bed. Niall came in seconds later, and sat down on the edge of my bed, by headboard. 
   "I...meant to tell you...Kassia. You...were just so busy...catching up...on work. So...I was come over...the day before, were working...on the project...with Lindsay."
   "Ok. Is there anything else?"
   "Yeah. I'm going to be gone for ten weeks." 
   "Oh. Ok." 
   "Yeah. So...I better get going. I'm going to London first thing, tomorrow morning."
   He got up kissed my cheek, and left. I sat there for a few more minutes, until I got up. 

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