Summer of '10

Kassia lives next store to Niall. She didn't really expect in high school she would date him, and hang out with him...a lot. Kassia and Niall are really close, until he goes onto X Factor.


13. Chapter 12

Niall and I were cuddling on the couch, in the hotel room. We were watching the Wolverhampton news.   There was a news piece on a missing child.

  “Seven year old, Amanda Sanders went missing this afternoon. She was walking home from her bus stop. Her neighbor, Mrs. Anders, told us that she saw Amanda walking across the street, to her home. Mrs. Anders watched Amanda walk into her house, before Mrs. Anders went into her’s. Amanda’s family is worried that Amanda might be dead, or locked away somewhere. If you see Amanda, please contact the Wolverhampton officers immediately,” the news reporter said, as Amanda’s picture popped up.

  "OH MY GOD! Isn't that Kendall's cousin?" I said.

  "Yeah," Niall responded. “I’m going to go take a quick shower.”


   He kissed my forehead, and got up to go take his shower. Once he was fully in the shower, I grabbed his phone. I unlocked it, and went into his messages. I saw Kendall’s name.

  K: Hey Babe!

  N:  Hi back…

  K: When are you going to tell that other girl, that you’re with me?

  N: After the tour

  K: Okay ☺

  N: Gtg, Kassia’s waking up

  K: Okay ☺

  I set down his phone, and heard him coming out of the bathroom. I paid attention to the show that was on. I grabbed my phone, and texted Lindsay. I said:

  Niall’ cheating…;(

  She responded seconds later.

  No! With who?

  K: Kendall

  L: No!

  K: Yes!

  L: What are you going to do?

  K: Idk yet. I’ll keep checking his phone, but if it keeps going on. I’m going back home to Mullingar.   

  L: I’ll come with you

  K: stay with Harry, but I’ll tell you when I’m going to leave, and I’ll say goodbye to you, and everyone else, except Niall in private.  

  L: Okay

  I set down my phone, and crawled under the covers. Niall opened the bathroom door, and the light shined onto my face. He came over and kissed my cheek. His phone started ringing, and he walked over to it, to answer it.

  “Hello?” He said. “Right now isn’t a good time is sleeping right now, in the same room as…I do love to you later...bye.”

  Niall hung up, and I fell asleep.


  I woke up at six, and saw that Niall was still asleep. I grabbed his phone. I started going through the new messages that he and Kendall were having, while I was sleeping.

  K: I seriously love you, Niall

  N: I do too…

  K: Y did you dot, dot, dot?

  N: Cuz I’m not sure if I fully love you yet

  K: Is it because of Kassia? U know...I can have her taken care of

  N: No! Don’t harm Kassia!

  K: Then meet me in my hotel room, in five minutes

  N: Okay, I’ll be as quiet as possible

  Then the conversation ended. I quietly set down his phone, and picked up mine. I pulled up Lindsay contact. I texted her:

   Lin...I’m leaving.

   L: Okay...I’ll get everyone in the lobby, grab ur suitcase, and Paul will drive you to the airport. I booked an emergency flight for you, for any day.

  K: Thx Lin

  L: Np

  I grabbed my suitcase, and headed down to the lobby.

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