Summer of '10

Kassia lives next store to Niall. She didn't really expect in high school she would date him, and hang out with him...a lot. Kassia and Niall are really close, until he goes onto X Factor.


12. Chapter 11


  It was everywhere. Magazine’s, newspaper’s, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. All five of us girls, felt really uncomfortable leaving the bus to go into the airport. We didn’t even know if we had any clothes or not.

  “Hey! Niall!” I yelled throughout the house.

  “Yeah babe?” He responded.

  “Do we have any clothes or phone or iPod chargers?”

  “Yeah! The boys and I called your mum, and she called everyone else’s mum’s. So we stopped at your house, and picked up your guy’s suitcases.”

  “Okay. Thanks!”

  The girls and I finally got enough courage to get off the bus, they took. We ran inside, and got bombarded by fan girls. Paul came and rescued us, along with the rest of One Direction’s bodyguards.

  “Let’s go! We are about to miss your flight to Wolverhampton!” Paul yelled.

  All of us ran to our boarding walk, and sat down in random seats. Niall and I were laughing in our seats, Perrie, and Zayn were giggling in theirs. The rest were laughing on the ground! Niall had years coming out of his eyes. The flight intendent came, and calmed everyone down.

  "So...Niall..." Harry started saying.

  "Yeah mate?" Niall responded.

  "Never mind."


  Niall turned to me, and rubbed his thumb on my hand. We both looked out the window, into the airport lot. Their was Mullingar Airlines, Midwest (from the states), Southwest (also from the states), and many more. More passengers arrived, and asked for One Directions autographs, but most of them where fully grown adults. Some of them where in business outfits.

  Perrie turned and handed me a note. It was creased very well, and it looked like she wrote it. It was in put girl language, that we made so then boys can't read it. I opened it up, once Niall was distracted by the other lads. It read:


  Are you & Niall dating again? Cuz I heard he was dating someone else from Mullingar Hogh School. Her name is Kendall or something like that. But I'm not sure.

  I reached down, and grabbed the duffle bag, that was laying there. Niall packed some paper and pens. I grabbed a sheet, and ripped it in half.


  That girl, Kendall got in trouble in the beginning of this school year. She flipped me over, and I broke my leg, and arm. I thought she got expelled, but considering her dad's the principal...he gave her a suspension.

  I tapped Perrie's shoulder, and handed her the note. I noticed mainly everyone else fell asleep, except for Perrie, Niall, and me. Niall leaned over, and whispered in my ear.

  "Who where you writing to earlier?" He whispered.

  "Just to Perrie. She was asking about the girl Kendall. Are you guys seriously dating?" I whispered back.

  "No! She's making those rumours!"

  "Okay...Perrie was just wondering, and so was I. I'm going to catch some sleep."


  I later my head down, on Niall's shoulder. I felt his arm was moving a lot. I figured he was texting family or friends. I opened my eye's and noticed he was texting Kendall. He moved, and I reclosed my eyes.


  We landed in Wolverhampton. Paul instructed us, to stay together, and not get separated by fans. Niall was holding my hand, and I saw a girl, that looked like Kendall. I blinked again, and the girl was gone.

  Paul led us to a black truck, SUV type of car. Everyone filed in, and it took off. He took us to a hotel, that was a few blocks from the high school Liam attended.

  "Guys! Watch out! Their are many fans!" Paul yelled from the front.

  We all stuck together like glue. Niall was holding my hand, I was holding Taylor's, she was holding Perrie's, and it just went down the line. We made it into the hotel without, any straggling fans.

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