Summer of '10

Kassia lives next store to Niall. She didn't really expect in high school she would date him, and hang out with him...a lot. Kassia and Niall are really close, until he goes onto X Factor.


10. Chapter 10

I put in my headphones, and put my head down, on the pillow Niall had given me.

  "Said her name was Georgia Rose. (Ow) And her daddy was a dentist," Liam sang.

  "Said I had a dirty mouth (I have a dirty mouth) But she kissed me like she meant it," Harry sang.

  "I said can I take you home with me. She said never in your wildest dreams," Niall sang.

  I felt myself smile in my sleep. All I know is, that I’m starting to have feelings for Niall, again.


  “Kassia...wake up...we’re at the airport,” a male’s voice said into my ear.

  I lifted my head a little, and saw Niall’s face, close to my face. I rubbed my eyes, and unlocked my iPod. It said, One Direction runs off with five unknown girls? read below.

  Superstars, One Direction ran out of Mullingar’s high school, a few minutes after five other girls ran onto their tour bus, yesterday. They ran onto the bus in a hurry, and all of the girl students ran out after the boys. They ran for miles, until the bus hit the highway. One of the girls was Niall Horan old girlfriend, her name is Kassia Smith, 17. She attend’s the school One Direction sang at. Kassia and Niall dated for two years, until Niall left to audition for X Factor back in September. Niall has been seen walking up to Kassia’s house, a few days after X Factor ended. He also was seen talking to her friend, Lindsay Daniels. Kassia, and Lindsay were also seen talking with One Direction, in Kassia’s driveway, earlier yesterday morning.      

- Jesica Pierce

  I set down my iPod, and saw everyone was still fast asleep.

  “Niall, why did you wake me up?” I asked him.

  “Because I wanted to talk to you...” He responded.

  “Okay...about what?”


  “Okay...what do you want to talk about?”

  “Since you’re on tour with us, now will you go out with me?”

  “I don’t know...we’ve been through alot the last few hours.”

  “Okay...I understand.”

  Niall got up, and walked into the bathroom. I noticed their was five different suitcases, sitting on the ground. I rubbed my eyes, and looked through the pictures on my phone. There was a lot of Niall and me, hanging out. The rest were of all of my friends, Danielle, Perrie, Eleanor, and Lindsay. I felt myself shead a tear, just as the bathroom door swing open.

  “No! I don’t care! I don’t even know who you are, and I don’t want to go out with YOU!” Niall exclaimed into his phone, and hung up.

  He sat down next to me, and put his head in the hands. I swiped to my favorite pictures of Niall and me. I popped my phone in front of his face. He lifted up his head, and stared at the photo.

  “I’m guessing you’re saying yes?”


  He leaned over and kissed me. I wrapped my arms around his neck, and I felt his hands on my waist. I lifted up my left arm, and took a picture of us. My bright flash popped up, and I had my memory.

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