Summer of '10

Kassia lives next store to Niall. She didn't really expect in high school she would date him, and hang out with him...a lot. Kassia and Niall are really close, until he goes onto X Factor.


1. Chapter 1

"Niall!!!! Put me down!!" I screamed.
   "Never!!" He responded.
   We were swimming in my pool. He had lifted me onto his shoulders, and a few of our friends were in the pool too. 
   "Come on Kassia! Jump off!!" My friend, Lindsay yelled.
   I tried, by Niall was holding onto my legs. All of a sudden, I wasn't on Niall anymore. I was under water. I pushed my self up, and noticed Niall was laughing his head off. 
   I went back under, lifted up the 130 pound Niall, and threw him up in the air. He crashed into the water, and made a huge splash, that got everyone wet, and made giant waves. 
   "Oh my gosh Niall!" Lindsay screamed.
   "That's what happened when your trying to tan!" He responded.
   I swam over to him, and he was shaking the water off of his blonde hair. It was a Justin Bieber style hair cut, even though I hate Justin, it looked cute on Niall. 
   "Hey cutie," I said.
   "Hey sweetie," he responded.
   We kind of just kept ourselves up, in a small circle. I kissed his lips lightly, and my mum came outside. 
   "Ok guys. I think you need some chocolate chip cookies!" She said,
   "Yes!" All of our friends responded.
   "Kassia? Niall? Would you like some?" 
   "Yeah. Mum we'll be inside, in a second," I responded. 
   She walked back inside. Niall and I stood their, drying ourselves off.
   "So...are you ready for school to start?" Niall asked.
   "No. It means lots of homework, and less time seeing you," I responded. 
   He kissed me on the cheek, and headed inside. I stood their for a few moments, until I walked inside. Everyone was laughing and eating up all the cookies. There was one left. I went ahead and grabbed it.
   "Awwwww! Kassia!" Niall's friend, Brett complained.
   "What?" I responded.
   "You ate all the cookies!"
   "Ummm...technically you and everyone else did, and this is my first cookie."
   I walked out of the room, and went to my bedroom. I grabbed my locket, that my dad had given me. It had a picture of him, my mom, and me in it. He had given it to me...before he died.
   "I miss you dad. I wish you could be here right now. I love yo-" I thought as someone knocked at the door. 
   I turned and saw Niall. 
   "Was I interrupting a thought?" He asked.
   "No. No. Why?" I responded.
   "Because I knocked three times."
   "Oh. I was just looking at my locket. You know, the one my dad gave me."
   "Kassia!! Everyone's going to head home!" My mum yelled.
   "I'll be right there!" I yelled back to my mum. "I'll be right back."
   I walked out, and said goodbye to all of my friends. Niall's friends already left. I felt bad that, I left Niall alone in my room for ten minutes.
   "Niall? Are you still here?" I asked, as I was about to walk in.
   No response.
   I walked in, and saw he was staring at a picture in a frame. I say down next to him, and saw it was the picture of our family trip, to London. Then the second one, was our first date, when we had our first kiss. 
   "Niall. Are you ok?" 
   "What!? Yeah, yeah. Sorry. I was remembering the best vacation we took together, with your dad..."
   "Yeah. That was fun times..."
   Niall stood up, and put out his hand. I took it, and he led me somewhere. All I knew is that we went through my yard into his.
   "Ok. Now close your eyes," he whispered.
   He led me, to what I thought was just flowers. 
   "Open up your eyes."
   I opened them, and saw a beautiful garden. I was so shocked, that I just stood there.
   "So...what do you think?" 
   "Good. I worked hard on this, for you."
   "I love it!"
   I kissed him, and his mum came, and found us. 
   "Hi," she said.
   "Hi," I responded.
   "Hi mum," Niall said.
   "Are you showing her the garden?"
   "Yes mum."
   "Ok. I'll be back later."
   We stood in the center of the garden, for a while. I was admiring the flowers, and trees. I heard a branch on one of the flowers be broken off, I turned and saw that Niall was holding a rose. I took the flower, and saw he started crying.
   "It's ok. Don't cry. Did a thorn prick you?" I said.
   "Yes, but more like jabbed my thumb," he responded. 
   "It'll be ok. Lets go ice it."
   I saw his thumb, and it was bright red. We walked inside his house, and I grabbed an ice pack from the freezer, and handed it to him.
   "I've got to get going. I'll see you later?" I said.
   "Yeah. Bye."
   We quick kissed, and I walked out his back door. 

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