Adopted by... them!?!?!

Okay so people have been asking me to write a new movellas and it has to do with one direction so here gos.

Kendall is twelve years old and has been in the Lonely Kids Care Home all her life.
But what happens when 5 famous guys come to adopt a 12 year old girl?
Well... READ IT TO FIND OUT!!!!!!


82. Worries and Airports.

Harry's P.O.V:

I sighed. Louis lent forward a tad bit more. 

"I can tell that Kendall still has a feeling that I'm going to send her back to the home" I muttered stepping on the brake at a red light.

"Well you're not going to. So what's the problem?" He questioned yet again. 

"I think it's because of all the other homes. She's been to over 11 and they've all sent her back. She might think the same thing will happen here" I said as the light turned green. I made the car start moving. 

"Can't you try and show here that she isn't going back?" Lou asked leaning back into the seat. 

"I keep trying to tell her that she isn't. But because of the amount of homes she's been in, it's like the idea of her back in the care home is hot wired into her brain" I said taking a hand of the wheel and running it through my hair. 

"Okay, what if we just don't bring it up again." Louis said. 

"What?" I asked this time. I looked at him in the rear view mirror with my eye brows scrunched together. 

"If we stop bringing it up, she will sooner or later forget about the idea." Louis said with a shrug of his shoulders. How did he come up with that?

"Where did that come from?" I asked laughing a little, turning into the airport car park. Johnny said that since he lives like five minutes from here he will get his wife to drop him here and then he will drive my car back home for me. 

"I don't know actually" He laughed. I parked the car and took the keys out. I got out and shut the door then ran to the other side. I opened Kendall's door and stepped closer. 

"Kendall" I said gently shaking her a little. "Come on Baby Girl, we're here" I said. She groaned and rolled over so she was facing me. She opened one eye and looked at me. 

"Where are we?" She asked. 

"The airport" I laughed. She opened both eyes and sat up. 

"How long have I been asleep?" She asked rubbing her elbows. 

"Well, you fell asleep after we left the beach. It takes two hours to get to London from Camber Sands, then half an hour to get here, plus we needed to pack. So about three hours" I chuckled. 

"My neck hurts" She said rolling her head around. 

"It will do. You were asleep in the car and on the sofa" I said. She groaned and unbuckled the seat belt. 

"Wait how did I get in the car?" She asked quickly. 

"I carried you" I laughed. 

"Oh, thanks" She laughed. I stepped out the way and she climbed out. She shivered a little. Not surprising as we are in Britain. It started to drizzled a little. I took of my hoodie and handed it to her. She shook her head. I rolled my eyes and threw it at her. It hit her stomach and she caught it as it peeled away. She quickly put it on and I laughed as it went down to her knees. The sleeves nearly went to her feet. 

"You really are small" I laughed ruffling her hair. She sarcastically laughed and shoved my hand away playfully. 

"Where's Lou?" She asked putting the hood up and huffing as the top went half way down her face. I chuckled and sat on my knees moving the hood up her face. 

"I think he went to go get a trolley" I said standing up again. She looked up at me and nodded. The hood went back down her face and she huffed yet again. I laughed as she moved her hands up. The sleeves flopped down as she tried to move the hood. 

"I'll be blind then" She huffed. I laughed and moved the hood. 

"Thanks" She giggled. I helped her roll the sleeves up so it fit her properly. 

"Hello young ones." Louis said pushing a trolley towards us. "Did you miss me?" He asked. 

"Not really" Kendall and I said. He gasped and put his hand over his heart in a playful manor. 

"Rude!" He shouted. I laughed and opened  the boot. We all put the bags on the trolley and then I shut the boot again. I opened the driver door and put the keys in the pocket in the door. 

"Kendall will you text Johnny and tell him that the keys are in the driver pocket?" I asked shutting the door. She nodded and felt her pockets. 

"I don't have my phone" She said pursing her lips together and looking up at me. 

"Wait where did I put it?" I asked myself trying to remember. 

"You both are useless" Louis shook his head. He dug in my back pack and held up Kendall's phone. 

"Oh yeah. I put it in my bag" I nodded. Louis rolled his eyes and chucked it at Kendall. She caught it and unlocked it. She got the messaging app up and clicked on Johnny's folder. She texted him where it was and then locked her phone. 

"Let's go. Liam texted me saying they are waiting for us in Duty free." Louis said. We nodded and started walking into the airport. There were paps by the door and even some fans. What the hell are the fans doing here it's like 11.30 pm. Louis was pushing the trolley and Kendall and I were walking behind him. We pushed through the paps and fans waving at a few. Once we got into the airport there was pretty much no one there so it was really easy to get through to Duty Free. Some men in the airport uniform took our bags and led us straight through security. We saw Niall and Liam messing around and we headed over there. There were a group of girls looking and pointing at us as Louis, Kendall and I reached them. 

"Hey" Kendall said throwing herself into one of the seats. Louis went and sat on El's lap. El glared at him and tried to push him off.

We all started messing around. Louis managed to get Liam into a headlock with Niall on his back. Zayn was counting up to ten next to them slapping the ground as he reached ten. Louis cheered and threw his hands in the air. Liam hit the ground. Niall let a scream and landed on Liam. Zayn started laughing but then stopped when Louis threw him on top of Niall. Louis and I shrugged and jumped on top of them. Liam and Niall groaned from under neath all of us. 

"BOYS" Paul's voice boomed. We all shot up and looked at him. He had his arms crossed and his head was shaking. 

"What have I told you? You have to be mature!" He said. He started ranting but the boys and I were more focused on Kendall and Perrie. They had snuck behind Paul and they were copying his pose. They were mouthing everything they were saying. I pursed my lips together to stop my self from laughing. 

"Harry what's so funny?" Paul asked. I looked at him. 

"N-n-nothing" I stuttered. He glared at me but carried on giving us a speech. Kendall and Perrie started doing weird dance moves and then El joined in. 

"Kendall, Perrie and El I can see your reflection in the window" Paul said closing his eyes and sighing. They froze and bit their lips. 

"Yeah jeez!" Louis shouted. Paul's eyes shot open glaring at Louis. 

"Just get on the dang plane" He muttered pinching the bridge of his nose. The girls laughed and ran outside. Since we are taking the private jet we could mess around outside if we wanted to for a few minutes while the pilots sort everything out. The boys and I walked out to see El and Kendall on one of the wings of the plane. They were doing that weird hug thing that girls do and smiling at Perrie who was taking a picture. 

"You want to get up there too?" Zayn asked. 

"I have no idea how you get up" She laughed. 

"You jump and then pull your self up" Kendall said sitting down by the edge and swinging her legs back and forth. 

"Easy for you to say, you're a cheer leader plus you do gymnastics." Perrie exclaimed. 

"Here we'll pull you up" El said. Kendall nodded and stood up. Perrie sighed and gave Zayn her phone. Kendall and El laid down on their stomachs and grabbed Perrie's hands. They pulled her up with the help of Niall. They stood up and smiled at the camera. Zayn nodded and Perrie and El sat down. They looked like they were trying to figure out how to get down. 

"How do we get down?" El asked. Kendall laughed and jumped down. She bent down when she landed and then stood up properly. 

"Like that!" She smiled. 

El and Perrie both jumped and ended up groaning on the ground. 

"You need to bend your legs when you jump" Kendall said. 

"GET ON THE PLANE!" We heard. We all sprinted on and then Louis locked the door. We collapsed into seats and put on our seat belts. 


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