Adopted by... them!?!?!

Okay so people have been asking me to write a new movellas and it has to do with one direction so here gos.

Kendall is twelve years old and has been in the Lonely Kids Care Home all her life.
But what happens when 5 famous guys come to adopt a 12 year old girl?
Well... READ IT TO FIND OUT!!!!!!


60. What does Bella want???

Romeo's P.O.V:

Dylan and I made our way over to Kendall's again. We had just gotten dressed. Dylan was wearing a baseball shirt saying 'Nicks' on the front. He was wearing Cheeno's and some silver high tops with a blue snap back. I was wearing some black jeans which were tight on the thighs, baggy by the knee caps and then tight again. I was also wearing a plain orange tee shirt and over that a black leather jacket with a black beanie on. 

I knocked on Kendall's room door. 

"It's open" She shouted. Dylan and I entered to see Jane and Kendall doing their hair. Kendall was straightening hers while Jane was curling the ends. 

"Hey. Where are we going and why?" Dylan asked. 

"We are going to my school" Kendall stated. 

"Why?" I asked. 

"The cheer leader captain wants all cheer leaders there for some reason" She said switching the straighteners off.  She brushed her hair quickly then pulled on some socks. She looked stunning as always. She was wearing light blue faded skinny jeans, a black vest top with a white long sleeved top over that. She then had some red 'all stars' on. 


"Hello?" She said into the phone. "Yeah Bella came round. No I'm leaving now. Romeo, Jane and Dylan have to come too. Yeah. Red beanie? Okay. Yeah okay *laughs* Yeah okay see you in a bit. Bye Lillie" She said and hung up. 

"Where the hell is my red beanie?" She shouted walking into her closet. 

"Uh, Kendall?" I said. She walked back out and sighed as I held it in the air. "It was on your bed dumbo" I said. 

"Thanks" She said putting it on her head and adjusting it looking in the mirror. "Let's go" She said grabbing her phone and leading us down stairs. She skipped down the stairs and her shirt flowed behind her. She looked like one of those girls who pose for tumblr fashion. Jane was wearing some high wasted shorts with a long sleeved cream jumper thing with a hood. She had some sneakers on and her hair was in a ponytail with curls at the bottom.  Kendall looked in the kitchen and said something.  She walked back over to us, since we were walking out the door. 

"Come on" Dylan shouted and him and Jane ran off. 

"They don't even know where to go do they?" Kendall asked.

"Nope" I said popping the 'p'. 

"So you know Simon came and talked to me about something?" She asked. 

"Yeah" I said. 

"Well. Your dad said that we are close we should do more things together. So Simon booked a photo shoot and interview for us!" She said smiling. 

"Oh my god. That's great" I said. 

"I know" She said. I chuckled and wrapped my arm around her shoulder. 

"Come on. Here we are" She said grabbing my hand running towards the reception (I'm guessing) where Dylan and Jane were waiting. We walked in and the receptionist looked up. 

"Kendall. You're five minutes early! Oh well Bella is waiting in C 1 for you." She said. 

"Thanks Mrs Dove." Kendall said smiling and dragging me through some class doors. We walked into a long corridor. 

"You go to a public school?" Dylan asked looking at the posters on the wall. 

"Yeah" She said shrugging before running towards a locker. She got a key out of her bag that was slung on her shoulder and unlocked it. The door flew open and there were loads of books in the shelf thing. "Where is it? Bam bam bam, Ahh here" She said pulling a piece of paper out from a jacket.  She skimmed her finger over the top then shoved it back in her locker. She shut and locked the door before turning to us again. "That way" She said and led us away. We reached another corridor full of lockers. We walked into the lunch hall where tables and chairs were stacked neatly at the edges. Our shoes squeaked against the newly polished floor. Kendall led us out to the place I met her at the football game and towards a new looking building. Once you walked in there was two ways to go. One way leading in front and another leading to the left. We went left and then into a classroom. A girl was in there looking at papers. 

"Kendall. Thank god. Who are they?" She asked looking at us. 

"This is Romeo, Dylan and Jane. Sorry but everyone is at the studio and they are meant to be staying the night" Kendall said giving her a hug. 

"Don't worry. But the girls might see them and know who they are. Can they wear sunglasses and sit at the back?" The girl said. 

"Yeah we can. No problem" I said. We all sat down at the back and put our sunglasses on. We played around on our phones playing flappy bird. I know its off the app store but I like to live on the edge. I looked up at Kendall who was looking at the same papers as the girl biting at her thumb nail. Some girls started piling in and eyed us. Lillie walked in and saw me. She smiled and chuckled rolling her eyes. I laughed and did a little wave to her. Some girls started whispering to her. 

"Okay Girl's settle down" The girl said. A chorus of 'Yes Bella' went round. So she was Bella. "Now you all know that the football team won a few days ago. So that puts us in the finals. We were going to go to Corn Well but they dropped out of the competition. Which means we need to play the other team who came first. I know. They live in Essex. So we are meeting them half way in Birmingham. That's about six hours away and we need to take a coach. We will be leaving on the 24th of March so in about a month. Take these and give them back by FRIDAY. If they are not handed in by then you won't be coming. We will be having another meeting with parents on Saturday. That's it" Bella said. They each stood up and got a letter before running off. I got up and walked over to Kendall. She was talking to Bella. 

"You're Romeo right?" Bella asked. 

"Yes. Bella?" I said. 

"Yes. Well I have to go. But I'll see on Monday Kendall. Nice meeting you Romeo!" She said before walking out the room. 

"Hey" I said and smiled a cheesy smile at Kendall. 

"Hi" She copied my smile. 

"So. Park?" Dylan asked. 

"Park!" Kendall cheered. We laughed and walked out the room. 

"Kendall!" She turned round and we saw Lillie running towards us. 


Kendall's P.O.V:

"Lillie. What's wrong?" I asked as I saw her face. 

"God I can't run" She said panting. I chuckled. 

"I'll meet you guys at the park. It's like two minutes away" I said turning to the other three. 

"You sure?" Romeo asked. 

"I'm sure. Go." I said and they ran away. 

"Zack wants me to give you this" Lillie said and handed me a note. 

"What's this?" I asked taking it. 

"I don't know. But  have to go" She said. We said goodbye and she ran off again. I walked and started reading it. 


Jake told me why you hate Marie. Marie however told me a different story. I can't believe I'm saying this but I can't hang out with you. I believe Marie. What you did to her was horrible. I'm sorry. Well you should be sorry. Bye. 


I stopped reading and scrunched the paper up. I threw it in the paper and sighed. I looked at where I was and I was at the park gates. I saw Dylan and Jane and Romeo on the swings. I ran over and joined them. I sat on the floor in front of them. 

"What did Lillie want?" Romeo asked. 

"Just giving me my new time table. I left it in my locker because she said she emailed it to me too." I lied. 

"Oh." He said. 

We stayed at the park for ages just talking and chasing each other around. Now we are just laying on the grass looking at the stars and saying what they look like. My phone buzzed and I got it out. The light blinded me and I had to wait  few minuted before reading the text. 

From: Hazza,

Hey. We  are back at the house. The boys and I are going to go to sleep. There is pizza coming in about half an hour for you and Netflix is set up in the living room. You can put blankets and pillows down and sleep there if you want. Tomorrow I am taking you lot out. Don't worry about being queit. We will be asleep before you get back. Have fun Baby Girl. 

I smiled and told the others what he wrote. They shot up and raced to the gate. I laughed and texted him saying good night and thank you. 

"Come on" I heard. I looked up and saw Romeo leaning over me. I sighed. He held his hands out and pulled me up wrapping me in a hug before I was even up right. I chuckled and we raced to the gate as well. We ran down the streets (well more like flew) and then burst into the house. We went into the living room and saw that the boys put like a million blankets on the sofa. the net flix menu was already on the screen. The door bell rang. I opened it and took the pizza before paying. I took the pizza and drink into the living room. There was three duffel bags in the hall. I'm guessing they belonged to Romeo, Dylan and Jane. 

This is going to be a fun night. 

















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