Adopted by... them!?!?!

Okay so people have been asking me to write a new movellas and it has to do with one direction so here gos.

Kendall is twelve years old and has been in the Lonely Kids Care Home all her life.
But what happens when 5 famous guys come to adopt a 12 year old girl?
Well... READ IT TO FIND OUT!!!!!!


46. Welcome home!

Kendall's P.O.V:

I walked through the school corridors. People greeted me and some just smiled and waved. I walked into the lunch hall and saw Lillie looking glum, Ella looking bored, Jake looking angry and Zac talking to a girl. Lillie looked up and saw me. She nudged Ella who nudged Jake and they all ran up to me. They engulfed me in a group hug which I gladly returned. We pulled away. 

"Who's Zac talking to?" I asked.

"Um, No one. How about we go look for some parrots in the playground?" Jake said clapping his hands together. 

"Jake. There is not going to be any parrots in the playground. Be sides I need to say hello to Zac." I said. 

"Fine" He mumbled. Zac looked up at me and smiled. 

"Hey" I said and he hugged me. I hugged back and pulled away after five seconds. 

"Kendall nice to see you again" I heard. I looked at the girl at the table and it was the wicked witch of the west. I mean Marie. 

"Marie? What are you doing here?" I asked. 

"I moved school. For some reason every one hates me at my old school so here I am." She said smiling. 

"Jake. Do you want to go look for those parrots then?" I asked. He nodded and Lillie, Ella and Jake stood up quickly. 

"What?" Zac asked. 

"Parrots. Very popular this year. Bye" Jake said grabbing my hand and led me away. The minute we got to the hallway I stormed to my locker. I opened it and flung my bag inside. 

"What the hell is she doing here?" I asked. 

"I don't know" He whispered. I slammed my back against the locker and slid down it. The others joined me. 

"I swear if she messes with any one I will do the honors of planning her funeral." I said through my teeth. 

"I'll help. I was thinking worms and spiders in the coffin with her?" Jake said. 

"Defiantly." I said smiling.

"OWWW" We heard. I looked over and saw a kid on the floor. His books were all over the floor and so were random pieces of papers. Josh was laughing with a whole bunch of his friends. Including Marie. I stood up and walked over to the kid. I started picking up the papers and books. Everyone stared at me like I was crazy. I helped the kid up and he thanked me before running off with a slight wimp. 

"Still helping worth less little people like yourself Kendall?" Marie asked pouting a bit. I turned to her. "Oh and don't get me started on Jaime. Mason went on and on about him so I just had to tell him he killed himself. To get away from you." 

"That's it" I shouted and i grabbed her by her collar. Jake pulled me back while Zac grabbed Marie holding her close. "Your mum is in prison for beating you up and almost stabbing you when you were five and your dad left you in the middle of the park when you were six. Jaime didn't kill himself so please shut your mouth or you can look at me six feet under" I warned. 

Marie looked gob smacked. I got out of Jake's grip and wiped away a tear. 

"You okay Kendall?" Josh asked. I nodded and smiled weakly at him. He wrapped his arms around my neck for five seconds. I walked away picking my bag up. I walked to English and waited for the bell to ring. Jake Lillie and Ella were with me. 

When English started Marie sat in the back smirking at me. 

"Okay. All cheerleaders can you go and get ready for the game. Footballers you are to get dressed after school. Leave your bags. You should be coming back" Miss J said. 

All cheerleaders got up. I got up with Lillie and Marie scoffed. I glared at her. Lillie and I got dressed fairly quickly. We got our 'tattoos' done and slowly walked back. The uniform was just shorter than the practice uniform. We got back into class. Marie looked at me when I walked in. Lillie and I had to stand in the corner while we did our hair for the game. It was up but we had to do a ribbon so we helped each other. As I was helping Lillie with her bow Miss J came over. 

"girls are you okay?" She asked. 

"Yes. Thank you" Lillie replied. 

"Oh Kendall how was Holly wood and Miami?" She asked. 

"Really good. Hot though" I said finishing with Lillie.

"We all watched the prank you did with Louis. It was so funny" Josh called out. Most of the class clapped and cheered. I did a little curtsy. 

"Stop stop you're too kind" I joked waving my hand. They laughed. 

"Can we watch it Miss?" Some one asked. 

"I don't see why not?" The Miss J said typing the title into you tube. I walked over and helped her pick the right one. It started playing and someone turned the lights off. 

"Hey guys" Louis said. I looked at the board where it was playing "So we are in hot Miami! And we decided Kendall and I decided to play a prank on the prank. They should be here any minute so bye!" I saw Louis and I run out the room and then ten seconds later Harry and the rest walk in. We watch them getting pelted with paint, feathers and then getting stuck on the floor. The clip sped up when we got to the cleaning part and you could see Liam telling Louis and I off. Then it slowed back down to when they sat on the sofa. 

"And that's a wrap" My voice drifted through the air before the screen went black. Every one was laughing really hard. I flicked the lights on again and sat down at my desk next to Josh and Lillie. 

"That was the best prank I've ever seen" Josh said. He gave me a high five and we started laughing again. 

"Oh my god shut up" Marie yelled from the back. Josh and I stopped and looked at each other. Then burst out laughing again. 

"Sorry Marie but you can't boss any one around here" Josh said. "You're not the most popular girl here" He added. She stood up and walked over to him. 

"Then who is" She sneered. 

"Kendall" He stated. She looked at me and I gave her a little wave. She scoffed and sat back at her desk. I laughed again and Jake joined me. 


The door opened and in walked the head teacher. 

"Hey. I have a message from the coach. Can all cheerleaders please wear their jackets to the game thank you. Oh and Kendall Coach has your new one. Since Louis ruined yours" He said. 

"Thank you sir" I said. He nodded then walked out the room. 

"What did Louis do?" Zac asked. Marie glared at him.

"Let's just say it took three showers for my hair to stop smelling like mustard" I said. Every one laughed but Marie. 


"Okay that's the bell. Good luck to the football team" Miss J said. As I was packing up my phone rang. I looked at the ID Romeo xxx I smile and pressed answer. 

"Heyo." I said trying to pack my stuff up with my phone between my head and shoulder. 

"Hey Kendall. Where are you?" He asks. 

"Packing my stuff up why?" I asked moving my phone to my hand and putting my head up. 

"Waiting for you out side the lunch hall." He said simply. 

"What are you doing here?" I asked slinging my bag on my shoulder. 

"Duh, watching the football game. And you. But mainly you" He said and I could hear him smiling. I chuckled and smiled too. 

"Okay. I'll meet you there in three okay?" I said. 

"Okay" He said

"We're still qouteing films I see" I said chuckling. 

He laughed. "See you in a bit Kendall" He said. 

"Be there in three" I said and hung up. I turned to Lillie. "I need to meet Romeo at the lunch hall. You coming?" I asked. 

"Um, I can't. I'm walking with Jake. He needs to meet his little sister at the pitch. I'll meet you there though." She said. I nodded. 

"Okay. Be there in a bit okay?" I said. She nodded and we de-parted. I started running to the lunch hall. 

"No running miss Styles" Mr Clark said. 

"Sorry sir" I said. I walked round the corner and legged it again. I reached the lunch hall and saw Romeo sitting at one of the picnic tables. 

"BECKHAM" I shouted through my hands. He turned round and grinned at me. He ran towards  me and pulled me in a hug. I instantly wrapped my arms around his neck. 

"I missed you Styles" He mumbled. 

"Missed you too Beckham" I said. I pulled away and ran towards the football pitch. 

"Oy." He shouted. I laughed and kept on running. He caught up and we ran together. We reached the pitch and he gave me a quick hug before joining three people in glasses and beanies. I laughed and waved. They waved back excitingly. I laughed again and joined Bella. She gave me a hug then pulled out a marker. She took my arms and started writing 'Eastwood' on it. She then got out Bobby pins and started pinning loose hairs in the right place. She finished and took a step back. A man with a camera came over. 

"Hey. Can I get a quick picture with you lot please?" He asked. We nodded and stood in a line. We smiled and he took the picture. Then we pulled silly faces and he took another one. He thanked us and walked away. 

"Okay guys hands in the middle" Bella called. We all put our hands in the middle. "Remember all of you stay calm and don't screw up" Bella said and we all laughed. 

"Let's do this" I shouted and we put our hands in the air. We all piled into the center of the pitch and people clapped. Romeo pulled his glasses down and winked at me. I smiled at him and winked too. He chuckled and pulled his glasses back up. 

"1, 2, 3, 4" Bella said.

"Ready? Okay!" We all chant. We start with the routine. Lillie and  Cece held my thighs as my foot was in the middle of their legs. I looked at all the others. They were in the same position. We were about to be lifted in the air. We were all panting. We had only practiced this once and one person sprained her wrist. Lillie and Cece lifted me in the air. At the same time as the others I lifted one leg up and was turned to the side by Lillie and Cece. With the others I put my foot between my shoulder blades. We stayed in that pose for five seconds. We went back to the standing still. One by one we got thrown in the air then we landed safely in the arms of the ones on the ground. We went to the middle and did a little clapping thing then fell on one knee, hands clasped together behind our backs and our heads bent. People cheered and clapped. We got up and waved to the crowd. We all smiled and hugged each other. I could get used to this. 

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