Adopted by... them!?!?!

Okay so people have been asking me to write a new movellas and it has to do with one direction so here gos.

Kendall is twelve years old and has been in the Lonely Kids Care Home all her life.
But what happens when 5 famous guys come to adopt a 12 year old girl?
Well... READ IT TO FIND OUT!!!!!!


59. Twit cams with Jane Dylan and Romeo.

Romeo's P.O.V:

"Hey" Jane and Kendall said into the camera together. 

"I'm Dylan" Kendall said. 

"I'm Romeo" Jane said. 

"I'm Kendall" Dylan said. 

"And I'm Jane" I said waving. 

"No. Romeo can't be me" Jane said. 

"Why not?" I asked. 

"Have you look in a mirror recently?" She replied. 

"Well then" I said sitting back. 

"Okay. Well awesome start to the twit cam." Dylan said. 

"Yeah. So shall we just ask them what they want us do then?" Kendall asked. 

"Sure" We said sitting up straight. Comments came up asking what we did today, where the guys were, prank calls and that kind of thing. 

"Prank calls?" I said pointing at it. 

"Yeah" They said. We got our phones out placed them on the table. 

"Okay, who is going to call and to who?" Dylan asked. 

"Kendall and... Chloe" Jane read. I laughed and walked over to Kendall. I sat on the arm rest and held my phone out so she could see the number. She punched it in and put it on speaker. 

"Hello?" Chloe said. 

"Hello, is this Chloe?"  She asked in a completely different voice than usual. 

"Yes. Who's this?" She asked. 

"I am Miss Donor. The wedding planner" She said into the speaker. We all covered our mouths with our hands knowing exactly where this was going. 

"Wedding planner?" Chloe asked. 

"Yes. We had a young lad called Brooklyn Beckham come in the other day asking about a venue for your wedding." She explained. 

"There must be a mistake." Chloe said. The door opened and the boys from 5 sos came in. We put our fingers to our lips. They didn't say anything and sat down. 

"No, no mistake. Well anyway. I just called to say we have the most beautiful church ready for February. Can you please meet us at the church with Brooklyn. He should have the address" She said into the phone moving it from her left to her right hand. 

"But. What?" Chloe said. 

"The wedding Darling. Has that young lad not told you about it? Well sorry but please make sure that you see the choice before cancelling the wedding" She said before handing up. We burst out laughing. We looked at the screen and people were putting stuff on there saying how great that was. 

"So what now?" I asked plonking myself next to Kendall. 

"Girls do boys makeup" Jane and Kendall said at the same time. 

"NO" Dylan and I said at the same time. 

"Spoil sports" Kendall said. 


Kendall's PO.V:

We carried on with the twit cam for ages before saying good bye and switching it off. Now we were in the back garden. Dylan and Romeo were playing with a football and Jane and I were on the two trampolines. 

"KENDALL SMITH FREAKING STYLES" I heard from the house. Romeo looked at me and mouthed 'hide'. I hid in at the side of the house. Chloe and Brooklyn walked into the back garden fuming. I held my hand over my mouth to stop my self from laughing. 

"Where is she?" Brooklyn asked. 

"I have no idea" They said. 

"Romeo James Beckham tell me before I trash your room" He said. 

"You wouldn't dare" Romeo said. 

"Okay. Chloe lets go" He said grabbing her hand and turning around. He saw me and dropped her hand. He looked at me to say 'well'. I stepped forward and looked him in the eye.  I couldn't help it and I burst out laughing. 

"Kendall you are dead" He shouted running at me. I ran round the garden with him hot on my heels. He picked me up. I squrimed around trying to get out of his grip. He started walking to the pool. 

"Brooklyn please don't!" I pleaded trying to get out his grip. The minute I see David I will tell him off for taking Brooklyn to the gym. 

"Say sorry" He said stopping at the edge. 

"I'm sorry Chloe and Brooklyn I will never do it again." I said looking at Chloe. By this time Luke, Micheal, Calum, Ashton, Harry, Louis, Niall, Zayn and Liam were leaning against the house laughing. 

"Okay" He said. I thought he was going to put my on the ground. But no. Instead he threw me in the deep end of the pool. I swam up to the surface and shook my head. 

"Brooklyn!" I screamed. 

"Kendall!" He screamed back. "I'm kidding here!" He said holding his hand out. I clutched it and got out. When I was up I pushed him into the pool. 

"Kendall. This is new" He said looking at his shirt. 

"No it isn't" I said. 

"Fine, but what about my phone" He said. 

"I have it" Romeo said holding it up. "It fell out your pocket" He said smug. 

"I hate you both" He said. Then turned to Chloe and nodded. She smiled and pushed both Romeo and I in. She grabbed our phones off the floor plus Brooklyn's and put them in her bag. 

"CHLOE" We both shouted. We nodded and each other and swam under the water. We reached her and tugged at her legs making her fall in. We swam up to the surface. We were still in the deep end so our heads were just above the water. We high fived each other and laughed. Dylan and Jane shrugged and jumped in. We started splashing around until the adults joined us in the pool. We were laughing and splashing around when Simon walked through the door with Zack and the wicked witch of the west. When I saw her I tensed up. Romeo noticed and squeezed my hand under the water. I relaxed but still clutched onto his hand. 

"What is going on here. I can hear the screams and shouts from Australia" He said glaring at us all. 

"Sorry Simon. Jane, Dylan Romeo and I pranked Chloe and Brooklyn. Then we all ended up in the pool" I said. 

"Fine. Kendall. Can I speak to you for a second?" He said. I nodded and let go of Romeo's hand. I swam to the surface and pulled myself out of the pool. Simon handed me a towel. 

"Thanks" I said wrapping it around my shoulders. We walked into the kitchen where Zack sat with Marie at the island. 

"Now. I have seen that you and Romeo have been hanging out a lot lately" He said. 

"Yeah. Why?" I said. "It's not getting in the way of work, school or interviews or anything" 

"No. I didn't mean it like that. I mean that David talked to me and said that you two were close. So we want you two to do a photo shoot together." He said. 

"Really?" I asked smiling. 

"Yes. We think since you both get on so well, you two could do a photo shoot together. We also have an interview for both of you as well. How does that sound?" He asked. 

"Awesome" I said beaming. 

"Alright. Go and fun now. I need to get Marie back to the care home" He said. 

"But I'm staying at yours tonight" She said. 

"No. You're not. Bye Kendall" He said as I walked back to the pool. I dropped the towel and jumped in again. I swam to the middle where the kids were on the inflatables. 

"What was that about?" Romeo whispered in my ear. I leaned towards his ear. 

"Tell you later" I whispered back. He nodded and we climbed up to Dylan and Jane who were on the top of the inflatables, doing the muscle man pose. We climbed behind them and pushed them off. We copied their pose when they got to the surface. Everyone laughed and I smiled before pushing Romeo off. I smiled and jumped down into the water. 

I floated back up and laughed at the look on Romeo's face. 

"I feel so hurt" He said putting a hand on his heart in a joking way. 

"Aww." I said.  He turned away trying to act upset. 

"Aw I'm sorry" I said punching his back lightly. 

"Ow" He said trying to rub his back. I laughed and pushed his shoulder down so he was under the water. He swam back up and did the same to me. I swam back up and we ended up hitting each other with the swimming noodles. 

"Kendall!" I heard. It was coming from the front. 

"Wait a second" I said getting out the pool again and wrapping the towel around my body. I walked to the back gate wiping my face so it was dry. I stepped into the front garden to see Bella. 

"Bella what are you doing here?" I asked. 

"Oh Kendall thank god you are here. I need you at school in an hour. Please be there. You don't need your kit or anything. Just you." She said. 

"Sure" I said. 

"Thanks. See you in an hour" She said. 

"See you in an hour" I said and she ran out the gates. I walked back into the back garden. I just noticed we were all still fully clothed. Well the girls were. The boys took their shirts off. 

"Dad" I said. He swam over and I bent down. "I need to go to the school quick for a cheer leading thing. I won't be long. Is it okay if Jane, Dylan and Romeo stay. Or do you want them to come with me?" I asked. 

"We were all going to the studio. Is it okay if they go with you?" He asked. 

"It's fine. Can you tell Dylan and Romeo that they need to go home and change. Jane can wear something of mine" I said. He nodded and told them. I waited at the door for Jane. When we got to my room I let her pick anything out. 

What does Bella want?

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