Adopted by... them!?!?!

Okay so people have been asking me to write a new movellas and it has to do with one direction so here gos.

Kendall is twelve years old and has been in the Lonely Kids Care Home all her life.
But what happens when 5 famous guys come to adopt a 12 year old girl?
Well... READ IT TO FIND OUT!!!!!!


78. The Premier

Kendall's P.O.V:

"Come on Kendall" Dad said putting his head round the door. 

"Coming" I said. At the moment I was in a track suit. In about four hours we were going to a the premier of the first episode of 'This is where we are'. (the documentary of us all). Simon being Simon made it about an hour and a half away. We had to spend two and a half hours in the car and then another hour and a half getting ready. I got my phone, headphones, a blanket and a pillow and jogged down the stairs. The boys were already by the car so I met them there. 

"Okay, Niall, Harry, Kendall and Louis in one car. Liam and Zayn in the other with Simon" Niall said. 

"Why do we get Simon?" Liam whined. 

"Because I said so. Right let's go" Niall ordered. Dad and Niall got into the front while Louis and I got into the back. Louis sat behind Dad and I sat behind Niall. I took of my shoes and cuddled into my blanket. 

"Right. Let's go get some food" Niall said. 

"NO" Louis and Dad shouted.

"YES" I shouted springing up. 

"We are not getting any food" Dad said pulling into the motor way. 

"We should have taken our own car" I whispered to Niall. 

"Next time" He whispered back. I laughed and lent back in my seat. 


"I need to pee" Louis whined for the fifth time.

"Can't you hold it?" Dad asked. 

"No" He whined. 

"I actually need to go too" I said. He sighed and took a turning. After about ten minutes we pulled up at one of those motel things with shops and everything. Louis and I ran out the car and into the toilets. After I was finished washing and drying my hands I met Louis out side and we met Dad and Niall in Starbucks. They had gotten lots of muffins and drinks. 

"Okay. Now we need to go. We should be there in about an hour." Niall said. We nodded and climbed into the car. Niall was driving now. 

"Can I go to sleep?" I asked yawning. 

"Sure. We have a long night" Dad said turning round. I nodded and took off my shoes and put my pillow by the window. I lent against it and then pulled the cover over me. Soon enough I was fast asleep. 


"Okay Kendall. You get ready here. Wait for Lou and Ellie to come and then they will tell you what to do." Simon said. 

"Okay" I said. Ellie was Lou's friend that was amazing at make up. I walked into the dressing room and collapsed into a chair. I was still in my track suit bottoms but I had taken the hoodie off and I was now wearing a tee shirt that said 'Shut Up, No one Likes You'. The door opened and Lou walked in with Lux on her hip and Ellie hot on her heel. 

"Hello Kendall." They said.

"Hey Lou, Lux and Ellie" I smiled. 

"Okay first of all we are getting your hair and makeup done." Ellie said as Lou placed Lux on the sofa and turned the tele on for her. I nodded and we got started. I was sat in a chair by the mirror while Lou did my hair and Ellie started on my make up. I had washed my hair this morning on Lou's orders so she could just do what she wanted right now. She straightened it and then brushed through it. She got a thin lump of hair from either side of my hair and tied it behind my head. Ellie finished off my make up. She had done gold eye shadow, some blusher, and mascara. She had also winged my eye with an eye pencil. 

"Okay done. Now go get dressed. Your dress is in the room over there" Lou said pointing to a door. I nodded and walked in there. Hanging up was a gold dress that went to the middle of my thigh. It had long sleeves and at the bottom of the dress there were folds. I slipped it on and it fit perfectly. I put on the black slip on's that were there as well and walked out. Lou and Ellie smiled and nodded. 

"Oh look at you." Lou gasped. I smiled and looked in the mirror. My mouth fell open a bit. 

"You guys are good" I smiled looking at them again. 

"Kendall are you rea- wow" Victoria said coming in. "Oh my you look stunning" She gasped. 

"Thanks to Lou and Ellie" I laughed. "Do we need to go?" I asked. 

"Pardon? Oh right yes. We need to meet everyone at reception" She answered. I nodded and quickly hugged Ellie, Lou and Lux. I thanked them and then I left with Victoria. 

"You look amazing by the way!" I smiled at her. She was wearing a dress in three colors. The bottom was red, then there was stripe of black were the color changed to cream. She then had some black heels on and her makeup was just some smokey eye. 

"Thank you. But my goodness, I help Lou pick that dress but I didn't think you would look that good in it" She gushed. All I could do was smile and thank her. We reached the reception where all the boys were sat. They were all wearing tux's or shirts with a tie. 

(A/N: What they were wearing:

Harry: Black tux without blazer but with vest. Tie.

Niall: Black tux, tie, no vest with blazer. 

Liam: Same as Niall. 

Louis: Same as Harry

Zayn: Same as Harry.

David: Full tux

Romeo: Baggy Jeans, shirt, tie and vest. 

Brooklyn: Tight black jeans with shirt, bow tie and blazer. 

Cruz: Smaller version of David's tux. 

Harper: White dress. 

El: Black tight dress with red heels. 

Perrie: Strapless red dress with white heels. 

Dani: white dress with black heels)

"Wow" Brooklyn said as Victoria and I joined them. Everyone turned to us as we gave the girls hugs. 

"What?" I asked turning to look at them. 

"Nothing" They said. 

"Okay? Where's Kendall?" I asked turning to Dad. 

"Her mum insisted that Kourtney and her would meet us at the cinema" He said shrugging. 

"Kourtney's coming?" I asked. 

"Yeah. She's also bringing Scott and Mason" He said standing up. "Are we going?" He asked. We all nodded and the kids all ran to the cars. We all climbed in with Louis joining us. 

"Oh yeah. You all have spare clothes in here for the after party. It's right next to an arcade park thing so we thought you might want to be wearing jeans and all that" Louis said nodding to the boot of the car as he started the engine. 

"In other words you don't want us at the after party" Romeo said. We laughed while Louis rolled his eyes. 

"Of course we don't want you there. There's alcohol" He said. 

"I think we might stay then" I joked. 

"If you do I will tell Harry you broke his controller." He threatened. 

"That arcade thing sounds like fun" I said acting as if we hadn't just had that conversation. Brooklyn and Romeo started laughing. 

"Hey, I have plenty embarrassing things about you two that I can tell people" I said turning to look at them. They shut up and sat up straight. I smiled in victory and took off my seat belt since we were here. There were paps everywhere and even some fans. I think I remember Simon saying that some fans won tickets to see it. There would be the whole crew that worked on the film and some fans, plus people from magazines and newspapers. We all got out the car and the paps went crazy along with the fans. Cruz looked a bit scared when I looked at him. I lent down to his level. 

"You okay?" I asked. He shook his head at me. 

"Come here" I smiled at him. He threw himself into me and I carefully picked him up. 

"I want mummy" He said lifting his head. 

"She'll be here in a minute. How about we stay here for her yeah?" I asked. He nodded and we started playing 'thumb war'. Their car pulled up and David stepped out with Victoria. 

"Cruz doesn't like the paps of fans. He wanted to wait out here for you" I explained as Cruz clung to his mother. 

"Thank you Kendall. We'll calm him down. You go in and stay with Brooklyn and Romeo" Victoria said. I nodded and managed to get past the paps and fans. When I got into the building Brooklyn yelled me over. Him and Romeo were talking to some girls. I walked over and the girls went wide eyed. 

"Hey" I smiled. 

"Kendall, these are Romeo's friends." Brooklyn said. 

"Kelly" Romeo said pointing to one. "Brooke, Megan, Jenna and Kate" He pointed to each one as he said their names. 

"Hey nice to meet you" I smiled. 

"Nice to meet you too" I think it was Brooke said. 

"KENDALL!" Someone yelled. I turned round and Jane and Dylan were standing at the door. I smiled and ran to them. Jane and I engulfed each other in a hug. 

"Hey. You look amazing" I said pulling away and looking at Jane's outfit. She was wearing a black skater skirt and a white top with a cream leather jacket. 

"Thanks. But look at you." She smiled. 

"Stop" I joked as I hugged Dylan as well. "You look alright" I said looking at him. He was wearing black jeans and a white shirt and with a blazer. 

"Hey" He said. I smiled sweetly at him. 

"Kidding." I laughed. 

"Is that Brooke?" Jane asked looking behind me. 

"Yeah why?" I asked. 

"Did you invite her?" Dylan asked. 

"No. She must of been one of the fans that won tickets" I said. "Why?" I asked again. 

"She's Shannon's best friend. They both have a massive crush on Romeo. They throw themselves at him" Dylan explained. 

"Okay, what happens at your school because unless you guys forgot we are 12 or 13. Not 16" I said. 

"They act like they are 16. They think all rich kids dress like sluts. That's why Shannon got made when you didn't. She thought she might have another slutty friend. She was dying to be friends with Harry Style's daughter" Jane said. 

"Ew" I muttered. They nodded. Romeo was looking at us confused. I smiled at him and we started walking over to them. I looked at Brooke and she was staring adoringly at Romeo. When we reached them Romeo put his arm around my shoulder which resulted in Brooke glaring at me. 

"Where's Cruz?" Romeo asked me. 

"He didn't like the paps and the screams so we played a thumb war and then he went with David and Victoria." I explained. He nodded and squeezed my shoulder. 

"You um you know his parents?" Brooke asked. 

"Yeah. She spends a lot of time at mine or I spend time at hers" Romeo said. She faked a smile. 

"Hey Dad" Brooklyn said. I turned round to see David. 

"Hey kids. Kendall your dad's looking for you" He said. 

"Okay I'll go to him now" I said. 

"I'll help you" He said. I was about to ask what he meant when he picked me up and started running to the other side of the room. 

"I thought you were meant to be an adult" I laughed. He chuckled and placed me on the ground as we reached Dad. 

"Kendall" I cheered and gave her a hug. 

"Peasant" I cheered hugging my dad. 

"Ha ha" He said sarcastically. 

"What do you not like your nick name?" I asked. I pretended to act hurt covering my face with my hands. He chuckled and started tickling my stomach. 

"Stop it" I laughed trying to get out his grip. He didn't so I ended up on the floor almost crying. 

"Kendall! Get up off the floor!" Simon said looking at us. 

"Yeah, Jeez" Harry joked. I glared at him as I stood up. 

"Kendall!" Someone shouted. I didn't recognize that voice. Both Kendall J and I turned round to see Scott and Mason. 

"Oh yeah, I forgot there's two now" He said. "Hey. I'm Lord Disick" He said. 

"Hey, Scott" I said. Kendall burst out laughing. 

"Great first impression" He joked. 

"I know I'm amazing!" I joked back. 

"I like her" He said turning to my dad. 

"You can have her if you want!" He joked. 

"Okay then" Both Scott and I said. 

"Daddy" Mason said. Scott looked down at him. 

"What's up Mas?" He asked. 

"I want to play." He whined. Scott groaned. 

"I can take him. He can play with Cruz and Lux. I'll keep an eye on him" I offered. 

"Really?" Scott asked. 

"Of course" I smiled. 

"Thank you" He said. He then turned back to Mason. 

"Mas be good okay?" he asked. Mason nodded and then took a hold of my hand. We started walking when he tripped a little. He didn't fall but he whimper a little. 

"Hey it's okay" I said. He held out his arms for me to pick him up. I laughed and picked him up throwing him in the air a little then catching him. He started laughing and clapping his hands. I took him over to Lou who was playing with Lux and Cruz. 

"Hey" I said. 

"Kendall!" Cruz and Lux cheered. I laughed. 

"Can Mason play with you please?" I asked. They nodded and Mason started playing with the blocks with them. 

"Is he?" Lou started to ask. 

"Mason Disick" I nodded. 

"As in?" Lou asked again losing her words. 

"Yes" I laughed. 

"But how?" She asked. 

"Well Lou, Kourtney and Scott loved each other very mu-" I started but Lou stopped me. 

"Okay okay. I get it. Why don't you go off with your friends. He'll be fine with me." She said. 

"You sure?" I asked. She nodded and I smiled up at her. I went back to Jane, Dylan, Romeo, Brooklyn and Romeo's friends. 

"Where'd you go?" Romeo asked again putting his arm around my shoulder. 

"Your dad was being a child, picked me up, took me to Dad and Kendall. Then I was shouted at by Simon for being on the floor once Dad finished tickling me, then Scott come over with Mason and I took Mason to Lou and here I am" I shrugged like it was no big deal. 

"Kendall? As in Jenner?" Jane asked. 

"Yeah" I said. 

"And Scott as in Disick?" She asked. 

"Yeah" I repeated. 

"And Mason-" She started. 

"Mason Disick yes" I laughed. 

"Why do you meet all the cool people?" She asked. 

"Cause I'm awesome" I said. 

"No you're not" Dylan laughed. 

"Yeah I am. Romeo tell him" I said looking at Romeo. 

"She is pretty awesome" Romeo shrugged. 

"Ha" I laughed at Dylan. His face had that smirk that meant he was going to tickle me. I ducked behind Romeo who ended up on the floor when Dylan lunged for me. Dylan and I looked at each other then burst out laughing. We also ended up on the floor. 

"Oh my god I'm about to cry" I laughed.

"Ha ha" Romeo muttered sitting up. That made Dylan and I laugh harder. 

"Kendall!" Simon barked making me wipe my eyes and look up at him. "What did I tell you about being on the floor?" He asked. 

"That I could?" I guessed. 

"Get up" He said rolling his eyes. I sighed and stood up. 

"Okay Romeo, Kendall, Jane and Dylan you need to go in now. Once the film is done you will be escorted out and then Johnny will take you anywhere you want to go" Simon said. 

"Who's Johnny?" Dylan asked. 

"Kendall's private driver" Niall muttered walking past us into the cinema room. 

"Would you stop calling him that" I yelled after him. He yelled back a sorry. 

"Would you two stop yelling" Simon yelled. 

"Simon please. Stop yelling" I joked. He looked like he was about to say something so I quickly ran into the cinema. Not long after Romeo, Dylan and Jane joined me. We started talking about what to do as everyone piled in. It went the boys (including Simon and Kendall J), me, Romeo, Jane then Dylan. Then the next line was David, Victoria, Brooklyn Cruz, Harper, Lou, Lux and Mason. Then it went Kourtney, Scott and some of their friends. Then the camera crew, producers, directors and all of the people involved. Then the fans that won tickets. The program started and everyone stopped talking turning their attention to the screen. 

This should be good. 

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