Adopted by... them!?!?!

Okay so people have been asking me to write a new movellas and it has to do with one direction so here gos.

Kendall is twelve years old and has been in the Lonely Kids Care Home all her life.
But what happens when 5 famous guys come to adopt a 12 year old girl?
Well... READ IT TO FIND OUT!!!!!!


27. The concert.

Kendall's P.O.V:

"KENDALL. GET YOUR YOUNG SKINNY BUTT UP NOW!!!" Louis yelled.  I groaned and sat up. I looked out the window and it was still dark. I yawned and rubbed my eyes before walking downstairs. Everyone else was up and sitting at the island in the kitchen. 

"Hey baby-girl" Harry said yawning. 

"Morning Dad" I said sitting next to him and grabbed a bit of toast and took a bit. 

"So Kendall!" Simon chirped. I jumped not knowing he was even here. "Sorry I scared you. But as you may well know the boys have a concert today. But since you are one of the opening acts, you need to practice. So I want you in a track suit or something comfortable. GO!!!" He said. 

I nodded and ran up the stairs. I picked out some white pineapple track suit bottoms and then my 'Rolling Stones' top. I stuffed on my superman high tops and then a red beanie. I had my hair down and then put a load of elastic charity bands. What he said comfortable. This is comfy. I got my phone and replied to any texts before jogging back down stairs. I threw myself on the couch and shut my eyes. 

"KENDALL!!!!!" Simon yelled. 

Again I jumped and looked at him. He smiled then ushered me towards a car. The boys waving at me before getting into Louis car. They drove towards us before putting the window. 

"Love your outfit."Louis said in a girl voice before shooting away. I chuckled and buckled up. 

"Hello there! I will be your personal driver. So any day you want to go somewhere, I will be on your speed dial 6. Oh yeah my name is John. But I prefer Johnny." He said smiling. 

"Hello  there Johnny." I said giggling. He chuckled to before carefully making his way through the fans and papz. He got a bit faster when we got to the road and then went to 70 mph when we hit the motorway. 

"Johnny? Where are we going? I know the stadium but what one is it?" I asked.

"You will be going to the wembly stadium." He said smiling at my reaction in the mirror. 

WEMBLY STADIUM!!!!!! I have always dreamed off playing there now i am!!!!

We pulled up and he said goodbye before I ran out the car. 

"Kendall!"I heard someone call. I span round to see Zac standing about 40 yards away. I smiled and ran up to him giving him a hug. "So I have your skateboard so lets get boarding he said giving me one and then throwing his to the ground. I did the same and we both kicked off. We got to the big double doors and we burst threw them. The stadium was freaking HUGE!!!! I climbed off the skate-board once we got to the stage and pulled myself up. I stood at the edge and walked about it. Suddenly a really fast beat song came on. I looked back-stage and saw a man fiddling with the keys and dials. He looked so familiar. He looked at me. Smiled. 

"Do me a favor. Dance. Any thing that pops into your head. Just let the music drift through you." He shouted over the music

So I did just that. I did what I always did and just danced. Spinning, flips anything that came into my head. And as if I had rehearsed, I finished the minute the music did. I smiled panting. I could get used to this. He nodded before coming onto the stage. Again he looks familiar. 

"You better not be stealing her Joe!" Simon chuckled. 

"Oh my god, you manage the Vamps." I squealed remembering who he is. 

"Fan?" He asked.

"Huge" I breathed.

"Okay well I must get back to work." He said before turning and walking away. "Oh and Kendall" He said turning back round. "Good luck tonight." He said smiling before departing. I smiled then turned to Simon. 

"Okay. Come down here!" He said motioning for me to sit at the edge of the stage, with my dad. I sat and he carried on "Since you're only opening up, you will be on the stage by yourself. You will be singing 'Express Yourself. You will do a few dance moves. Okay?" I nodded. "Good. Now I want you to do..." 

2 hours later. 

I was pacing in my dressing room. I was so nervous. 

"Kendall Styles?" Some man asked me. I nodded and I followed him. I followed him to the edge of the stage where an interviewer was standing. He looked up and smiled at me. 

"Hello Kendall. We have been told that this is your first time preforming in-front of an audience. Is that right?" He asked. 

"Yes. It is. But I have sang in-front of the boys and Simon, but other than that one. " I said breathing heavily. 

"I'm sure you will do fine. Oh wait a second. Brad, Over here!!" He said waving. I turned and saw THE Bradley Will Simpson. From THE VAMPS. The 'can we dance, wild heart, last night' THE VAMPS. It is official I am freaking out. 

Brad looked over and grinned before jogging over. Correction, NOW i am freaking out. 

"Kendall. Are you freaking out because one of four of your idols is standing right in-front of you?" The interviewer asked smiling. I glared at him. 

"Kendall right?" Brad smiled. All I could do was nod. He smiled before putting a his finger up asking for a quick second. Before walking away. 


Brad's P.O.V:

I asked for a quick second. Before I ran to get Connor and the rest of the boys. I found them and shut the dressing room door before smacking Connor on the arm. 

"You guys have no idea who I have just met." I shouted continuing to hit Con. 

"Who" Tristan said not looking up from his phone. 

"Kendall Styles." I said. The boys dropped everything looking at me. 

"Take me to her!" They all shouted. We all ran out and to Kendall again. The boys looked like they were about to have a panic attack. SO did I, So did Kendall. 

God this is weird. 

1 and a half hours later

I finished signing Kendall's tee shirt. We had all signed it. 

"So before you go on stage Kendall, we want to do a competition." The person with the microphone said. "We need 1 of the boys to stick his head round the curtain and then after you do it. Whoever gets the most screams wins." He said.  We all nodded.

"Okay James you go first." I said. He stuck his head round the corner and a few screams were heard. The same with Con, Tris, and I. 

"Kendall." She stuck her head round the corner. Let's just say she wins. She came back to us and pumped her fist.

"KENDALL!!!!" We heard someone shout.


Kendall's P.O.V:


"sh!t." I said. I ducked under the table and Zayn came round the corner with flour all over his head. I put flour in his hairdryer. I laughed. He stared and me and mouthed run. So I did. On stage. I stopped in the middle and turned at Zayn. HE wouldn't come in-front of his fans like that. He seemed to hesitate before glaring at me. I smiled and did a little happy dance on stage. 

"Oh that's it" He shouted and ran on stage. So he was chasing me on stage. He grabbed me and wiped flour all over my shorts. He then let go and copied my happy dance. I glared at him before strutting off the stage. I looked back before flipping my hair and walking away.  



















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