Adopted by... them!?!?!

Okay so people have been asking me to write a new movellas and it has to do with one direction so here gos.

Kendall is twelve years old and has been in the Lonely Kids Care Home all her life.
But what happens when 5 famous guys come to adopt a 12 year old girl?
Well... READ IT TO FIND OUT!!!!!!


38. SleepOver

Kendall's P.O.V:

Romeo was messing around in the pool with Cruz and Brooklyn. Chloe and I were in the kitchen talking. I was sitting on the counter and Chloe was sitting on the island. We both had a bowl of grapes which we were snacking on. 

"So, you and Romeo huh?" She asked.

"What we're friends." I said. I was glad the camera crew had stopped filming and was now developing for the first episode. 

"Yeah. Friends. Got it" She said winking. I shook my head. 

The Beckham brothers walked in dripping wet. Romeo joined me and stool my bowl of grapes. 

"Excuse me" I said. "I was trying to be healthy." 

"Yeah well I need them more" He stated popping a grape in his mouth. 

"Fine" I said walking over to the cupboard in the corner and pulled out a packet of crisps. "Be like that" I said running into the hallway. 

"Come back here with them." I heard and Romeo charged into the hallway. 

"Yeah well I need them more" I said mocking him. 

I ran into the kitchen again. I stuffed the crisps into my mouth. He came back in and I smiled at him not showing my teeth. 

"They're all gone" I said. He glared at me. We walked into the living room and the Brooklyn and Chloe were talking to the laptop and Cruz was playing with the pillows on the floor making a little fort.  Romeo jumped on the sofa and waved at the laptop and as I walked closer I saw they were on a twit-cam. 

"And this is Romeo's little friend. Kendall." Brooklyn said. I smiled and waved then sat on the sofa. Romeo sat behind me so I was in-between his legs. I stole his snap-back again but put it on normally. 

"What is it with you and my snap-backs?" He said. 

"Your's are cooler than mine." I stated back. 

"No need for you steal them." He said. 

"While you quit it." Brooklyn shouted. 

"Sorry" Romeo and I mumbled at the same time. 

"okay. Questions." Chloe said. Instantly questions flooded in. Loads were about Romeo and I but thankfully Brooklyn avoided them. 

"Kendall. @Harry's___Lover asks where are the boys?" Romeo read. 

"At an interview. They will be back tomorrow night." I said. 

"You still coming tomorrow?" Brooklyn asked. I nodded. 

They carried on with the twit-cam but Romeo and I got bored. He got his phone out and put in on my lap. I picked it up and started playing on temple run 2. 

"YES! Beat your high score. But seriously 278 meters. That's rubbish." I said. 

"Not rubbish. Satisfactory. " He mumbled. 

"Okay. Well we now have to go. Bye guys!" Brooklyn said We all shouted goodbye and then made a fort. We climbed in and ate all the snacks we made and watched cartoons till Cruz fell asleep. Then we watched 21 jump street. 

The movie ended and we just laid down talking. 

"Peanut butter is so much better than Nutella. " Chloe defended. 

"How is peanut butter better?" Brooklyn shot back. 

"Seriously?" Romeo said. 

I shook my head. "You guys have the weirdest conversations." I muttered. 

"But you STILL love us" Brooklyn said. 

"Me the most of course." Romeo said. 

"Nah ah." Brooklyn argued.  

"Yep" Romeo said. 

They carried on like this till we told them to shut it and sleep. In ten minutes we were all out like a light.

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