Adopted by... them!?!?!

Okay so people have been asking me to write a new movellas and it has to do with one direction so here gos.

Kendall is twelve years old and has been in the Lonely Kids Care Home all her life.
But what happens when 5 famous guys come to adopt a 12 year old girl?
Well... READ IT TO FIND OUT!!!!!!


64. Romeo does it right!

Kendall's P.O.V:

"Please Kendall stay still" Lou begged as she pinched me again with a pin. 

"Hey you're the one with the needle. I have every right to be able to move around" I said. 

"Okay. What two more minutes we are almost done. Then you can get dressed for the photo shoot. She added more pins down and wrote down measurements. "Okay. Go into the that room and your outfit should be hung up and ready for you" She said pointing towards a door. I walked in and it was a little room with a bench and a full length mirror. I looked at the outfit. There was a white button up shirt that people wear for school uniforms and a light cream fluffy jumper to put over the top. I slipped them on and then the dark blue shorts. I put the socks and the white high tops. I walked out and Lou gasped. 

"Oh. You look amazing" She said looking at me for a moment. She shook her head. "Sit" She said indicating towards the hair and make up chair. She straightened my hair and then brushed it out. She left it down but took the top layer and put it in a low ponytail. She added a little foundation and some mascara, then gave me an infinity necklace to wear over the jumper. I stood up and she took a quick picture posting it on twitter. I shook my head and turned to look in the mirror. I looked really good. 

"Miss. Styles" A man said opening the door. 

"That's me." I said and hugged Lou. "Thanks Lou. See you tomorrow" I said waving and following the man wearing black. In my head I started conjuring up cernireos that would never happen like him drugging me and shoving me in the back of a dark van taking me to North Korea. But thank fully we reached the photo shoot place. Jane, Dylan and Romeo were squashed up on the little sofa on their phones. I walked over to them and sat on the arm rest. 

"Hey" I said leaning back. 

"Hey. Wow" Dylan said looking up. 

"What?" I said sitting up. 

"You look amazing" He said. Jane and Romeo looked up. 

"Whoa" Jane said. Romeo nodded. 

"Stop it you guys" I joked. I leaned back again. 

"HAROLD EDWARD STYLES STAND STILL" The photographer said. 

"But I can't" He moaned. I chuckled. 


Romeo's P.O.V:

She chuckled and her shoulder scarped across my arm when her body shook. I smiled and pulled her onto the sofa. 

"What exactly are we doing here?" Jane asked putting away her phone. Kendall sat up again meaning she was just taller than me since she half on my knee half on the sofa. 

"We need the title screen and 'cause you guys are in the program you need to be in the title screen. 

"Do you know what let's get the kids in. Harold go sit down" The photographer sighed. We stood up and walked past Harry, 

"Jeez Dad you can't stand still can you?" Kendall joked. 

"I wouldn't" He said glaring at her but as a joke. 

"KIDS NOW!" The photographer yelled. We ran onto the white sheet thing. Jane and Dylan stood on it awkwardly. Oh yeah I completely forgot they have never been at a photo shoot before. 

"Come on. Now Romeo here next to Kendall. Jane right? Stand next to Romeo and then Dylan? next to Kendall. Good like that" He said as we took our places. "Good. Now Romeo arms over Kendall and Jane. Dylan arm over Kendall. Kendall. Yeah. Good. Jane you too" He said. We smiled and he took a picture. It appeared on the TV thing. 

"Amazing. Now we need a little video okay. So go pick stuff from that box to mess around with in front of the camera" The photographer said pointing to a massive box. We rushed over to it and there was water guns, cream, mini trampolines, hats, funny scarfs everything. We got the mini trampolines and water guns. We got cream and picked out some funny hats each. I looked at the others and started laughing at how ridiculous they look.

"How you don't exactly look like a model either"  Dylan said. 

"I am a model" I stopped laughing and looked at him as if to say 'duh'. 

"Oh yeah" He said furrowing his eyebrows. I shook my head and joined the girls who were already jumping around and messing around in front of the camera. I squirted my gun and Kendall making her throw cream at my face. and I mean my face. Right in the middle. I wiped my face and stared at her. I got a tub of cream and poured it all over her. I laughed and she just stared at me. Dylan and Jane started throwing stuff at us. We picked some stuff up and threw them back. Dylan got a massive bucket of water. I grabbed Kendall and hid behind her as he threw the water at us. Kendall shrieked as the water hit her. I chuckled and looked at her. She was standing there with her eyes and mouth wide open staring between Dylan and I. I waved and ran towards Jane and Dylan. She glared playfully at me then started laughing and throwing stuff at us again. 


***************************************************2 HOURS LATER***************************************

I sat on my phone scrolling through twitter. I was waiting for Kendall. Dylan and Jane had already gone home since they have a cousin's party to go to. Harry, Niall, Liam, Zayn and Louis had gone home too. Kendall and I were going to go to town and hang out. I looked up as a door closed and I saw Kendall walking out. She was wearing some shorts with a white vest top that said 'Channel' in black. She was also wearing a red and white checked top but that was tied around her waist. Her hair was in a ponytail and her phone in her hand. She bent down to tie up her shoelace on her Nike's. I stood up and waited for here. She stood up and looked over at me. She smiled showing her perfect white teeth. She jogged over throwing me into a hug. I smiled into her neck. 

"So where we going?" She asked pulling away. 

"Park, town, cinema or mine" I said. 

"Park, then somewhere else." She said thinking. 

"Kay. Let's go" I said. I got hold of her hand and we walked out.

"What is it with you and parks?" I asked looking at her. 

"No one is ever to old for parks" She said shrugging looking at me too. I laughed and bent my head down shaking it. "Don't laugh at me. I am still 12. Might as well live while I'm young" She argued. 

"Did you just quote one of your dad's songs?" I asked looking at her smirking. 

"No. Their song is 'live while WE'RE young'. Duh" She said rolling her eyes but smiling at the same time. 

"Come on" I said and started turning a corner to get to the park. We got there and saw some paps there already. I gripped her hand tighter. She did the same thing. We walked a little faster and got through the paps. I let go of her hand and ran to the monkey bars like a kid. She laughed and ran after me. I went to the middle one and jumped up gripping it. I pulled myself up and hung upside down. She laughed and gave me a kiss on the cheek. She sat on the bar next to me. I jumped down. I then jumped again and just hung there. 

"You're like a little monkey" She said out of the blue. I moved my hands around the pole so I was facing her. 

"What?" I laughed. 

"You know you're just hanging there like a monkey." She shrugged. 

"I do worry about you sometimes" I said and swung my feet up. I pulled myself up so I was sitting on the bar opposite her.

"So what do you want to do?" I asked putting my hands in my lap.

"I don't know" She said. 

"Great that helps" I sarcastically said.  

"Hey" She said hitting my arm. "Don't be mean" She said pointing a finger at me. I laughed and grabbed her finger. 

"Hey that's mine" She said trying to pull it away. 

"It's mine now. I like this one" I said keeping a grip on it. 

"Stop it" She laughed. I chuckled and loosened my grip. 

"Town?" She asked. 

"Town" I confirmed. We jumped down and started walking. I grabbed Kendall's hand as we got to the crowd of paps. She came closer to me so I was in front and she was behind. We managed to get to town and she started walking next to me. I started swinging our arms around. She laughed and did the same. We got to the fountain thing and a few girls were there that were about our age. We were about six meters away from them. 

"There're staring at you" Kendall said looking at me. 

"No there're not" I said not even looking at them but at her. 

"Yeah they are" She laughed. 

"Why are you laughing. Can girls not check me out?" I asked. 

"no no they can't. You're mine" She said. I smiled and hugged her wrapping my arms around her neck. Her arms went around my waist. 

'No, no they can't you're mine'

Those words kept echoing in my head. I smiled larger and hugged her tighter. I am so glad she said that. 

"Sweets" I said dragging her towards the shop. We had to pass the girls who (sure enough) were looking at me. One looked like she was about to walk up so I put my arm around Kendall pulling her closer. The girl stopped and looked at us. I didn't look at her and Kendall and I got our sweets. When we walked out the girls were still there. We sat on the bench that we sat on the first time we came here. We sat cross legged facing each other. 

"i swear every time we get sweets from this place they get better and better she said putting a strawberry chew in her mouth. 

"Well of course." I said laughing at her.  My phone buzzed. It was placed next to Kendall's on the bench. I didn't pick it up but I looked at the message that popped up. It was a text from Shannon.  She is so annoying. At school she keeps following me and creeping me out. Dylan says that she likes me but I hate her. I ignored it and locked the screen. 

"What are we doing after this?" I asked. 

"I don't know. What ever you want to do" Kendall said looking up at me. 

"We need to g-" I started but both of our phones went off. It was a twitter notification. They both read:

@Polly_Not_Pocket: Tagged you in a picture and comment. 

We both looked at it. It was another collage. There was about ten pictures. All of them, Kendall and I. It was either us hugging, holding hands, smiling and laughing at each other or just hanging out.  It was captioned. 

@KendallStylesOfficail, how does he do it. @RomeoBeckham can do it right! 

Kendall burst out laughing. 

"Hey don't laugh. I can do it right" I said standing up. 

"Course you can" She said through her laughter. 

"Oi. Shut up" I said shoving her shoulder. She stood up and shoved my shoulder. I laughed and she hugged me. 

"My arm hurts I hope you know" She mumbled. 

"Aww. Poor baby" I joked. I looked down at her and she was blushing. 

"You're blushing" I said pulling away. 

"No I'm not" She blushed harder. 

"Aw. You're embarrassed." I joked. 

"No I'm not" She repeated. 

"Yes you are" I said. 

"Shut up" She moaned sitting down and burying her head in her hands. I laughed and grabbed her hands pulling her up.

"No. Leave me alone on the bench to rot away" She moaned sitting back down. 

"Fine. I said getting my phone and walking away. I couldn't help but smile as I heard her footsteps running up behind me. She hugged my back. I laughed and turned round and hugged her back. 

"I thought you wanted to sit on that bench and rot away?" I asked into the hug. 

"Not anymore" She mumbled into my neck clutching my neck just a little tighter. I smiled. 

"Good. Now let's go" I said pulling away and dragging her. 

"Where?" She asked. 

"Somewhere" I said smiling. 

"But I can't walk any more" She moaned. I chuckled and threw her on my back. 

"No. Put me down" She moaned. 

"Why?" I asked holding her on my back with my hands on her legs which were wrapped around my waist. 

"I'm heavy" She mumbled. 

"We have already have this conversation" I said shaking my head. 

She huffed in defeat and started playing with my snap back. I laughed and carried on walking. I walked until we got to Victoria Park garden playground. It was just baby swings and a small slide and a bench. I put her carefully on the ground. She ran over to the baby swings and stood on one hugging the top bar for support. I laughed as she made a funny face at me and took a picture. She giggled and I stood in front of her looking up at her while she looked down at me. 

"What?" She asked smiling. 

"Nothing" I said. 

"There is something." She said bending down but clutching the chains. 

"Nothing. Trust me" I said. She nodded and I hugged her. She hugged back and laughed as I pulled her off the swing. I span round with her a few times. I put her on the ground properly. She laughed as I ran to the slide. I stood up at the top and ran down. She took a picture of me half way down. Or at least she had her phone pointed at me. 


We had stayed at the park for ages. It is now 11 at night. I'm laying in bed on my stomach on instagram. My phone in my hands, thumb swiping the screen while my laptop is sitting next to me, twitter opened and begging to be used. I locked my phone screen and started going through twitter. 

1 new tweet.  Appeared at the top of the screen. I clicked on it and saw Kendall and Harry just tweeted. 

@Harry_Styles: 1 girl coming home late and a massive smile on her face. Sitting on her phone with us in the living room. What went on today?

@KendallStylesOfficail: Thanks for the great day. Need to do it again. 

I smiled and re-tweeted it. I laughed as she did another tweet a second letter. 

@KendallStylesOfficail: Stop re'tweeting my tweets stalker!

I re-tweeted that just for the fun of it. My phone buzzed with a text. I picked it up. 




Not stalking if it's on social media! xxx


You're still a stalker. 


Not a stalker. 


Haha so funny. Going to bed now. Goodnight Romeo. 


Night Kendall. 

I shut everything down and put mu phone on charge. I put some shorts on since it's boiling right now. I put a black tee shirt on. I walked down stairs and saw my dad and mum in the living room. Brooklyn is at Chloe's for the night, Cruz is in bed and Harper is sitting on the sofa with one of my beanies on her lap. I sat with her and put her on my lap. 

"Hey Kiddo. What did you do today?" Dad said looking at me. 

"Kendall and I just hung out in town for a few hours." I said shrugging. 

"Okay. Can't sleep?" Mum asked. 

"No. Do you want a coffee?" I asked. 

"Please, Romeo. David?" 

"Please bud" He said. I nodded and walked into the kitchen with Harper on my hip. I placed her in her high chair and she giggled at the bear on the chair. I shook my head and grabbed three mugs. I put hot chocolate mix in one and then two sugars and one coffee in the other two. I boiled some water and mixed some milk with my hot chocolate mix. I put it in the micro wave for two minutes. The kettle stopped boiling and I poured water and milk into both mugs stirring it. I quickly gave them to mum and dad before returning to the kitchen where Harper was playing with my beanie again. I took a little video of her and sent it to Kendall via text messaging. I got my hot chocolate and sipped on it. I sat with Harper and watched her play with my hat. I lent back in my seat resting my back against the seat. 

"You okay?" I heard. I turned my head to see Dad walking into the kitchen with his mug in his hands. 

"Yeah" I said turning back to Harper. I smiled at the way she threw my hat in the air and catching it. 

"You sure? You seem a little down" Dad said sitting on the other side of Harper. 

"Just a little tired" I lied. 

"Go to sleep. You've had a long day. You have that photo shoot with Kendall tomorrow anyway." He said nodding his head to the stairs. 

"Okay" I said drinking the rest of the chocolate and putting the mug in the sink. I kissed Harper's head. I gave my dad a quick kiss on the cheek and then walked out the kitchen. 

"Good night mum" I said leaning down to give her a kiss. 

"Good night honey. You can lie in tomorrow, the photo shoot is at five so don't worry about waking up early. 

"Thanks" I said and walked up the stairs. I walked down the long corridor leading to the bed rooms. The pictures on the wall were from mum and dad started going out. To their wedding, to when Brooklyn was a baby, then me as a baby, then Cruz, then Harper. Then family pictures, photo shoot pictures anything that we were involved in. Medals had been hung up, certificates. Anything we have had that was good was up on the walls. I walked past everyone's bedroom until I came to mine. I closed  the door behind me and jumped into bed. I snuggled up in to the duvet. I closed my eyes and fell into a deep sleep. 

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