Adopted by... them!?!?!

Okay so people have been asking me to write a new movellas and it has to do with one direction so here gos.

Kendall is twelve years old and has been in the Lonely Kids Care Home all her life.
But what happens when 5 famous guys come to adopt a 12 year old girl?
Well... READ IT TO FIND OUT!!!!!!


58. Rehearsal

Kendall's P.O.V:

'See it's not what you look like, when you doing what you doing
Express yourself, whoa do it
See it's not what you look like, when you doing what you doing
Express yourself, come on now, yeah, come on, now, 
Come on now, yeah, come on, now, 
Come on now, yeah, come on, now, 
Come on now, yeah, come on, now'

I sang the end of the song and then the music in the head phones stopped. 

"Good job Kendall. Now we need the dance moves in. Jim!" Simon called. I walked over to the side of the stage and got my water bottle out of my bag. 

"Hey" Romeo said leaning against the stage. 

"Hey" I said swallowing the water. 

"That was amazing" He said. 

"You haven't seen anything yet Romeo. Where the hell is he Jim" Simon yelled. 

"Coming. Are you on your man period or something?" Jim said walking onto the stage.

"That's what I asked!" I said. 

"Ha ha. Kendall do you want to go back to the gym instead?" Simon threatend. 

"So Jim. What you thinking?" I said changing the subject. 

"I was thinking pretty much the same thing as last time but a few extra things. Can we get the others on stage and the music please?" He shouted. Some teens walked onstage and then the music started. The dance rutine was simple so it wasn't a lot of dancing for me. "Simple. But when you aren't dancing you need to be walking around on stage" He said. 

"Got it" I said. 

"Good. Let's try one" Simon said. Romeo walked back to his seat and I walked to the middle of the stage. The music started. I started off in sync with the dancers and then when I got to singing I had to stop. I followed Jim by walking around the stage. Then started off with the dance moves again. 

"Come on, yeah, come on now" I said and it finished. Jim and Simon clapped and the dancers walked back stage. I panted and rested my hands on my knees. 

"Boys. SHUT UP" We heard from outside the doors. The door swung open to reveal my idiot uncles and my idiot father. In followed the other Kendall. 

"You been working hard?" Dad asked jumping onto the stage. 

"I'm dying" I said looking up at him. 

"So over dramatic." He said chuckling.  I started fake coughing. It sounded like I was having a fit. I then fell to the floor. 

"Save me" I said before playing dead.  The boys laughed and I opened one eye. I giggled and opened both properly. I laughed and struggled to stand up. 

"Boys. Practice. NOW" Simon said not looking up from his phone. 

"Yeah. Boys. Jeez" I said jumping off the stage. I got my phone from my dance bag and took a picture of the stadium seats. I put it on instagram:

Who's coming on Friday?

I smiled as I got loads of comments. 

"Hi" Romeo said pulling himself onto the edge of the stage. 

"Hey" I said smiling at him. 

"What you doing?" He asked. 

"Nosy" I said poking his nose like he did to me. 

"Hey that's my nose" He said covering his nose like I did. I laughed and sat on the edge of the stage too. 

"What are we doing tonight?" He asked. 

"I have no idea. We could go swimming? Movie? Pizza? Anything really." I said shrugging. 

"We need to do a twit cam" He said. I was about to agree when the doors opened and in walked Zack with Marie close behind. Why is she here?

"Hey Kendall. Haven't seen you in ages" Marie said. 

"I wonder why" I said under my breath. 

"Who's your friend?" She asked. Zack tensed up at that. Why?

"This is Romeo. Romeo this is Marie" I said her name through my teeth. 

"KENDALL. JOE WANTS YOU" Louis shouted popping his head round the curtain thing. Praise the lord. 

"COMING" I shouted back. "Well nice seeing you again Marie. Romeo lets go" I said grabbing my bag and his arm before walking back stage. 

"Why the hell is she here? Of all people he had to bring her. God why?" I said as we reached back stage. 

"I CAN HEAR YOU" Marie shouted. 

"GOOD. I SAID IT LOUD ENOUGH" I shouted back. 

"Kendall. What's wrong?" Dad asked coming out from a room. 

"Look at the stage" I said pointing towards the stage where Marie was texting. 

"What's she doing here?" He asked gritting his teeth. 

"Ask Zack" I said pointing at him. 

"Kendall. Ah there you are. I need to ask a favor" Joe (The Vamps manager) said. I looked at him. 

"Sure what is it?" I asked. 

"Would you record a song with The Vamps. Just a cover. Nothing big. Please?" He asked sweetly. 

"Really?" I asked smiling like crazy. 

"Of course." He said. 

"Yes. Please" I said. 

"YES" I heard and suddenly Connor, Brad, James and Tristan ran from a room and hugged me backing us back out onto the stage.  

"Let's start now" Connor said picking his gatuir up. Thank fully Marie had moved to the seats but she was glaring at me. 

"Guy's not now. Let her rest" Joe said. 

"No it's fine" I said. He smiled. 

"Okay. How about Part of me by Katy Perry?" He said. 

"Yes. That's easy" Brad said. I nodded. 

"Okay. Here" He said. He picked out some lyric sheets from his bag and handed them to Brad and I. He gave us two high lighters.  "pick out what parts you will be singing" He said. Brad and I laid on our stomach and started discussing the parts. 

"Why do they want to sing with her? She's rubbish" I heard. Marie. I bit my lip to stop from crying and saying something back. Don't let it get to you. 

"You okay?" brad asked. I nodded not removing my teeth from my lip. 

"Come on. Look at the little cry baby" Marie said. I bit my lip harder. I'm surprised it isn't bleeding. 

"You sure" He said. 

"I swear if she says one more thing I will hit her" I said looking at him. 

"Do it hard" He said. I chuckled and shook my head. 

"I'm surprised she hasn't had any hate yet I mean look at her." I could tell she was speaking loud just so I could hear her. 

"I swear to god Marie" I said standing up. "One more sound that comes out of your mouth and I'll tell the care home what you did last year at the Christmas party" I said. 

"You wouldn't dare" She said shocked. 

"Try me" I said. I didn't break eye contact with her. She was sure to break some time. 

"Y-you promised" She stuttered. 

"You broke your promise" I said. She broke eye contact and tugged at Zack's arm saying to leave. I waved goodbye and sat back down. 

"What just happened?" Connor asked. 

"That was Marie Berry. The most snobbiest, idiotic and irritating girl at the care home and my school" I explained. 

"What did she do at the Christmas party?" Tristan asked. 

"I have no idea. I know something happened and she thinks I know what it was. So every time she upsets me I just say I'll tell everyone. Of course I wouldn't even if I did know." I said. 

"I like this one" James said. I laughed. 

"Okay. Guy's have you figured it out yet?" Joe asked. 

"Um, yeah. I think?" Brad said. I looked at our sheets. 

"yeah that's good" I said. 

"Good. Now we can start." Some people brought out stools for everyone to sit on and then two mics for Brad and I. 

"You ready" Joe asked over the music. We nodded and we started.

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