Adopted by... them!?!?!

Okay so people have been asking me to write a new movellas and it has to do with one direction so here gos.

Kendall is twelve years old and has been in the Lonely Kids Care Home all her life.
But what happens when 5 famous guys come to adopt a 12 year old girl?
Well... READ IT TO FIND OUT!!!!!!


94. Offers

Kendall's P.O.V: 


"Hey" Cece said as she opened the door. Holly and I are hanging upside down from my bed as we attempt to play a game on my laptop. Don't judge we're weird. 

"You're supposed to go left not right!" Holly laughed as I made a wrong turn and we died. 

"Don't blame me!" I laughed as well. 

"What an earth is going on here?" Danny asked as I paused the game and Holly and I turned out heads to look at the boys. 

Josh was wearing white jeans and a black polo shirt, his hair in a usual quiff and his black high tops laid by the door. Danny was wearing blue jeans and a white football top with red high tops. His hair in a curly quiff like normal. Zac had his hair like he normally has (if you're wondering that's the Justin Bieber haircut of 2010, but less hair), black jeans and a white tee shirt with the Hollister logo on the side. He had blue high tops on and a black beanie. 

"We're playing a game" I said. 

"D'uh" Holly added before we turned back to the laptop and pressed play. We spent five minutes playing that game before we both started feeling sick and had to sit up normally. Josh and Danny and sat themselves on Holly's bed while Zac and sat next to me on the floor as he watched in amusement as we kept dying every 30 seconds. 

"The room is spinning" Holly said as I held my arms out to steady myself. 

"I need a drink" I muttered standing up and walking to the mini fridge. There were glass bottles in there with different color juices and everything. I got the blue bubblegum flavor and turned to the others. 

"Do you guys want one?" I asked. 

"Coke please" Josh said. 


"Blank current"



Zac stood up and helped me throw them at everyone before he got the red 'cherry' one and we sat back down. Well Zac laid on the edge of my bed as I sat down next to Holly again. We started talking about random things and somehow ended up on the topic of the 'High Trees' football team. 

"The captain is sooooo fit!" Holly said as I took a drink from my glass bottle. 

"I haven't seen him yet, what does he look like?" Lillie asked. 

"Here" Holly said holding out her phone. Lillie walked over and sat herself on my crossed legs and I looked at the phone. It was on an Instagram page and loads of group pictures came up. 

"That one there" Holly said pointing to a boy in the middle. He had brown hair and blue eyes, he was pretty tall and had the same fashion sense as Josh. He was pretty good looking but not by much. 

"Oh my god he's hot" Cece said from behind us. 

"Excuse me" Danny said from her bed. He was lying on his side as he was on his phone but he had shot his head up and his hands went to the side. 

"You're excused" Cece said before we continued scrolling down his Instagram. There was a knock on the door and Lillie jumped up before pushing me backwards off my bed and sitting back down. Since Zac was behind me he was dragged down off the bed as well as I groaned and sat up. 

"LILLIE!" We both shouted. 

"Get the dang door" She demanded and Zac and I both quietened down because she had a very scary voice. I got up and walked across the room while fixing my hair, I took it out of the ponytail and re-did it as I opened the door. Two boys stood there, both wearing jeans and hoodies. 

"Hey there" One grinned. 

"Uh, hi" I smiled. "Can I help you?"

"Yeah, we need the captain of the football team and the cheer leading captain quickly" The other said. 

"ZAC!" I shouted while turning round and putting my 'Eastwood' hoodie on since it's gotten cold. 

"What" He muttered from my bed. He was lying on his back and on Instagram as his feet pushed against the wall above the head board. 

"There's people at the door that want you. Holly do you know where Bella is?" I asked as Zac groaned and rolled off the bed and walked towards the door. 

"She should be at the football field across the field." Holly said. I nodded and walked back to the door where Zac was talking to the boys. 

"Um the cheer leading captain is at the football field" I said leaning against the edge of the door. 

"Crap we can't get there quick enough. Coach will murder us!" The taller one groaned. 

"I'll go get her" I said before slipping on my high tops and shutting the door afterwards. 

"You sure, Thomas can go. He's super fast" The tall boy said as Zac grinned. 

"I think I can handle it" I chuckled before jogging down the steps. The three followed as I went out the door. 

"We'll be over there in the study hall. Need anything just yell" They said. 

"Kay" I said before I started sprinting over to the football field. I had to run across a field to get to the Astro-turf that was at the end. Once I got there I could see Bella with a teacher that possibly worked here. They were watching cheer leaders that wore a red and yellow uniform. I could see 'Essex Tigers' written on the back so they must be the opposing team. I opened the gate and ran over to Bella. Once I got there I took a massive breath and rested my hands on my knees. 

"Alright there Kendall?" Bella laughed as I stood up straight, hands on my hips as I took another breath. 

"Y-yeah. The football team needs you" I said regaining strength. 

"Oh right, thanks. Kendall this is Mrs Patterson. She's in charge of new students" Bella said as I smiled at the lady in front of me. She looked like a normal young teenager. Jeans, colorful top and a blazer, heels on her feet and painted nails. Her hair in a ponytail and a couple folders in her hands. 

"Mrs Patterson this is Kendall Styles"

"Hello" I smiled as she shook my hand. 

"Kendall Styles. Yes my daughter is a big fan of your father and 'uncles' as you call them. I've seen videos of you singing, cheer leading, dancing the lot. You're a very talented woman Miss. Styles" She nodded. 

"Thank you" I blushed a little. What was I supposed to do. A teacher tells you you're talented and you blush, human nature. 

"Mrs Patterson is looking for eligible applicants." Bella smiled as Mrs Patterson looked at her folders and back up.

"Yes, in fact from what I've seen you could get a spot here at High Trees" She smiled and handed me a folder. I slowly took it as she continued talking. "Of course I would have to watch your performance on Sunday first to make sure that you are as good as the videos. However take that with you and just read through it. I would love to hear your views of the school. And hope to see you for an interview very soon"   

"Thank you very much" I said looking down at the folder. It had a picture of the college and 'High Trees Boarding School For Girls And Boys. Established 1918'. "But I'm very happy at Eastwood"

I held the folder out to her but she shook her head. 

"Well then keep it and think about college, or sixth form" She smiled as I nodded. "However we would be more than happy to have you here on Monday if we could. Now I must go. Goodbye and it was nice meeting the both of you"

With that she walked off quickly and disappeared into a building. Bella and I started walking as I flipped the folder over and read the back aloud.

"High Trees College offers many great opportunities for children aged 5-18. During World War 1 and 2 High Trees was used as a hospital for the wounded, an evacuee care home and a school. Many young students came out of High Trees with A*'s and jobs falling at their feet. Many students have gotten careers in TV and Theater, while others took jobs in accounting and as lawyers- This sounds so boring" I said turning to Bella. 

"Promise me you'll think about." Bella asked as we reached the study hall. 

I sighed and nodded. "I won't ever come here" 

"Well at least think about it" She said before walking in. I sighed and walked back up to my room. No body in the room saw the folder so I quickly hid it under the bed in my suitcase and sat next to Holly as we watched the remaining ten minutes of 'Step Brothers'. 

I'll read the folder when the girls are asleep.

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