Adopted by... them!?!?!

Okay so people have been asking me to write a new movellas and it has to do with one direction so here gos.

Kendall is twelve years old and has been in the Lonely Kids Care Home all her life.
But what happens when 5 famous guys come to adopt a 12 year old girl?
Well... READ IT TO FIND OUT!!!!!!


44. MIAMI!!!!!

Kendall's P.O.V: 

We just got to our hotel in Miami. Miami is boiling hot and I am glad I wore shorts and a vest top. I adjusted my white snap back while Liam got the keys. 

"Okay. Louis and Kendall are sharing a room. Harry and Zayn and then Niall and I. Got it?" He asked. We nodded and we got handed our keys. Louis and I high fived and raced to the elevator. The others missed it by a second. The doors opened on the fifth floor and we raced down the hallway. We got to 27B and opened the door. It looked just like the hotel room in Holly wood but two bedrooms. We un packed and then Louis walked into my room. 

"I was thinking." He said sitting next to me on the bed. 

"Well that won't end well" I said putting down my phone. I was texting Romeo. 

"I want to prank the boys" He blurted out. 

"Brilliant!" I shouted and got out a note book. It had my best pranks in there. I flipped past the first few pages and got to the pranks I planned for today. Louis' face lit up and we got to work. The others had said they were going out so we had four hours to set everything up. 

"Damn it's locked" Louis said tucking at the door handle. 

"Here hold this" I said. He got the bucket of blue paint out of my hands and I got a bobby pin out of my pocket. I place my self on my knees in front of the handle. I inserted the pin into the lock and it clicked. I tugged at the handle and it opened. I smiled and Louis and I stepped in. 

We got to work. I put a piece of rope on the handle of a door and secured it to a hook on the ceiling. Then I tied the other end to the bucket of paint. When the front door opens it should pour paint on the first one in. Louis put feathers in the fan and then helped me put see through glue on the couch. I then froze the screen on a scary picture and switched the tv off but not the box. Then we put wash able blood on the walls saying 'we will get you' . I then put fly paper on the carpet so they would get stuck on it. I put a video camera on the mantel piece and pressed play. Louis and I stood in position. 

"Hey! So we are in hot Miami and we decided to play a prank on the boys. They should be here any minute so we are going to hide. See you later" Louis said and we left leaving the camera on. We hid round the corner and saw the boys coming. Thankfully they all went into one room. Less work. We stayed where we were and held our mouths so we wouldn't laugh. They went inside and we heard screams and moans and it was so funny. When we heard the last splat we got up and made our way into the room. 

Liam had blue paint in his hair, Niall and Harry had feathers stuck onto them and Zayn was stuck in the fly paper and they were all staring at the blood. Louis and I burst out laughing. They glared at us. 

"You better help clear this up" Liam said. We nodded and helped clean up. Thank fully no one sat on the sofa. When we had finished they sat in the sofa. Not knowing they were stuck. Niall switched the t-v on and they all screamed. They tried to re move their selves. I pressed stop on the camera. 

"and that's a wrap" I said. Louis and I laughed. 

"You guys had that on record?" Zayn said. We nodded and skipped out the room. We sat down at Louis' laptop and plugged the camera in. We sped up the footage of us cleaning up. Then we uploaded to twitter and sent to every one we know. We laughed evilly. The boys walked in and they were fuming. Oh oh. 


I was out with Ella today. We had planned to get Ice cream and go to the cinema to watch the Fault in Our Stars. 

"So. Star bucks?" Ella asked. 

"You know me too well." I said grinning and we both ran to star bucks. I ordered a chocolate Ice Frappe and Ella ordered a Vanilla Ice Frappe. We took a selfie and we both uploaded it to Instagram. 

"So how's your holiday been?" I asked sipping through the straw. 

"Oh my god it's been great. My mum and I went shopping and then my dad took me to the beach and we went to the fair. We watched your interview. You were a natural in-front of the camera" She added. 

"Thanks. I saw the pictures you put on Instagram along with the interviews. It looked like you were having a great time" I said. She nodded. 

"But we have to go home tomorrow. What about you?" She asked. 

"two days" I said. 

"I saw the prank you pulled on the boys. That was so funny. I re played it like a hundred times" Ella said laughing. 

"Yeah. But the boys got us back. Louis' hair is green for the next twenty four hours and my laptop has been glued to the TV screen. So yeah" I chuckled and she burst out laughing. 

"Hey, We'll be late if we don't go now" She said. We stood up and threw our empty cups out and headed towards the cinema. We got there and showed our tickets. Then we ordered two small pop corns. I got a strawberry slushy and gummy bears and Ella got a blue berry slushy with malteasers. We got into the theater and sat in the middle. The movie started and let's just say that a lot of tears were shed and laughs were laughed. 

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