Adopted by... them!?!?!

Okay so people have been asking me to write a new movellas and it has to do with one direction so here gos.

Kendall is twelve years old and has been in the Lonely Kids Care Home all her life.
But what happens when 5 famous guys come to adopt a 12 year old girl?
Well... READ IT TO FIND OUT!!!!!!


76. London concert!

Kendall's P.O.V:

"Righto young and the not so young ones!" Liam said into the mic. 

"TWITTER QUESTIONS!" Niall shouted. He jumped onto the sofa next to Dad and Zayn. Louis joined them and then Liam sat on the arm rest. 

"Aren't you missing something?" I asked from my seat by Paul. 

"No?" Dad said. You could tell he was unsure though. I slapped my forehead and rolled my eyes. 

"They are so dumb" I muttered to Paul. 

"Thank you, someone else see's it" He said. I giggled and stood up running backstage. I got Dad's laptop from the table and ran back out with it. 

"OH YEAH" Louis shouted as I handed it to Zayn. 

"Right number uno" Zayn said opening twitter. Dad pulled me onto his left knee. 

"Liam can you do a back flip?" Zayn read looking at Liam after. 

"Most likely not" Liam said shaking his head. 

"Aw, go on Li" Niall said. 

"Liam, Liam, Liam!" The crowd chanted. 

"Kendall help me!" Liam whined. 

"It's easy Li" I said. 

"Go show 'em" Dad said pushing me up. 

"But it's his question!" I whined. 

"Kendall, Kendall, Kendall!" The crowd chanted. I groaned and walked towards Liam. 

"It's simple" I said. I stood still and then flipped backwards. I landed on my feet going down a bit then standing up fully. 


"Stop it" I joked waving my hand to the crowd. 

"Okay I believe we have another question" Liam said hoping to avoid it. 

"Right Liam you can do a handstand right?" I asked. 

"Yeah why?" He asked. 

"Just do a handstand" I said. He got up and did one. I then flipped him over when he was in the air. He screamed and fell to the floor on his back. 

"KENDALL" He shouted. I tried to hold in my laugh but I couldn't. 

"You might need to run" A fan shouted. I nodded and bolted it to the other side of the stage. Liam got up and started chasing me. We ran around until I stood on one side of the sofa while he stood on the other. 

"You're dead" He muttered. 

"No, I'm Kendall" I said. He scrunched his eyebrows together and I took that chance to bolt it towards the fans. There were barriers by the stairs so I managed to run up those. 

"KENDALL!" Liam shouted from the stage. I know he isn't here. I smiled and did a little happy dance. "Paul" I heard Liam whine. 

"My name's Kendall" I shouted at him. He glared at me. I smiled cheekily. 

"Be my guest Liam" Paul said. Liam grinned and started running up the steps. The fans were going crazy. 

"Crap" I muttered. I managed to run around him back onto the stage. 

"Thanks Paul, that really helped" I said. 

"No problem kid" He said. I was suddenly thrown into the air and then caught again. Then thrown into the air again. 

"DAD" I shouted hoping he would help me. 

"KENDALL" He shouted back. I glared at him then screamed as I was thrown higher. 

"LIAM PLEASE STOP IT!" I screamed. 

"What do you say?" He said. 

"I'm sorry?" I asked. He shook his head and then put me in a cradle position. He walked to the edge of the stage and started swinging me towards the fans. 

"OKAY OKAY. I WON'T DO IT AGAIN. I AM SO SO SO SO SO SORRY!" I shouted gripping onto his jacket. 

"And?" He said. 

"I love you?" I guessed. 

"Good enough" He said and he put me down. I glared at him and walked back to the sofa. 

"I hate Liam" I muttered as I reached it. 

"What was that?" Liam asked from behind me. 

"Nothing" I said a little too quickly. 

"Liar" He said. Suddenly something hit the back of my head. I turned to him and he was holding a freaking Nerf gun. 

"OW" I shouted. He smiled and sat back down by the sofa. He put the gun on the floor next to him. I smirked and sat down on the floor next to my dad. 

"What you doing down there?" He asked leaning against the rest. 

"You'll see" I smiled up at him. He shook his head and then ruffled my hair. He sat back and I went onto my stomach. I started pulling myself behind the sofa and then did that weird army crawl. I got to the other side and gripped the gun in my hand. I quietly stood up and then shot Liam in the back of his head five times. He shot up and looked at me. I smiled. He glared at me again and then somehow the gun was in his hands. I dove behind Dad and Liam started shooting me. 

"Stop it" I laughed squirming around. "Dad tell him" I said tapping his back. 

"No this is pretty funny" Dad said turning his head to look at me. Liam carried on shooting me as I screamed and started moving around. 

"I'm out" Liam said throwing the gun down. 

"Thank god" I muttered. I sat up. 

"Thanks for the help" I said sarcastically to Dad as he sat me on his knee. 

"No problem baby girl" He said kissing my cheek. 

"Right. That's it for the twitter questions." Louis said. 

"But we've only done one" I said. 

"No we did loads while you and Liam were in a war" Louis said in a matter of factly tone. 

"Sorry" Li and I mumbled. 

"Well enough of that" Niall said. We all stood up and some people took the sofa away. 

The music to 'Strong' started playing. I picked up a water bottle with my name on it and took a drink. I put it down and sat down on the steps. Dad sat next to me and Niall sat next to him. Zayn, Liam and Louis sat behind us. 

Liam started off singing:

My hands, your hands
Tight up like two ships drifting
Weightless, waves try to break it
I do anything to save it
Why is it so hard to save it?
My heart, your heart
Sit tight like bookends
Pages between us
Written with no end
So many words we're not saying
Don't wanna wait till it's gone
You make me strong...................

*******************************Near the end of concert********************************

"Right. So this is actually the last song of the concert" Louis said. 

"Booo" The crowd shouted. 

"But" Zayn said that made everyone shut up. "It's also the last song before the beginning of our tour!" That made everyone scream. 

"So we want everyone on their feet" Niall shouted. 

"We also want all the girlfriends out here too" Dad said. We all turned towards El, Perrie, Dani and Kendall. They shook their heads. The boys sighed and went over to them. Zayn, Liam and Lou managed to convince El, Perrie and Dani into coming out but Kendall wasn't having it. Dad looked over at me and nodded. I ran over to her and grabbed one hand while Dad grabbed the other. We started dragging her onto the stage. We managed to get her in the middle. 

"Now stay!" I warned. I started walking backwards. 

"Where you going?" Dad asked. 

"I'm staying with Niall" I said pointing at him. Dad nodded and I joined Niall. He handed me a mic that goes from my ear to my mouth so I could still play the guitar. I put it on and then picked up my guitar and rested it on my lap. 

"1,2,3" Niall counted down. We started strumming the tune to 'Little Things'. 

I sang along with the chorus but that was it. As everyone was singing I could see all of them messing around. I shook my head and Niall and I finished the last note at the same time. 

The music finished and Niall and I packed up our guitars. 

"Before we go we have a little announcement." Dad said. "Baby girl come here quick" He said. I walked over to him. 

"What you doing?" I asked. 

"As you know, Harry's birthday is in five days" Zayn said. The crowd cheered. 

"Well, Kendall's is in six. So we made a little something for her." Louis said. 

"If it's a stink bomb I will kill every single one of you" I said. 

"It's not a stink bomb." Dad laughed. 

"Can everyone please turn their attention to the big screen that freaks out Perrie" Louis said. Perrie hit him round the head after he said that. 

I turned around and looked at the big screen. Dad crouched down next to me and sat on his knee's. 

"What's this?" I asked as the screen turned to blue color. 

"You'll see" He smiled. Writing appeared on the screen saying:

Kendall Smith Styles
3rd February 2001.

The screen changed once again to a collage of pictures. I looked closer and saw they were all me. I smiled. It zoomed in on one when I was a baby. Then when I was a bit older. Then it showed a video of when I started to walk. The screen just kept changing to loads of pictures of me. Then it got to the previous ones. One of me and all the boys. Then Dad and I. Then showed a video of Dad and I doing a really weird dance in the middle of the airport. 

Then the screen changed once again. This one changed to when Dad and I were in the hospital. I was leaning against him and crying. He was kissing my head and you could see his red eyes. Then it changed to me in the x ray room. It changed pretty fast until we got to us running out the hospital to the car. 

It changed once again to more happy times. The fair ground, when Niall and I were playing x-box. Then me and Kendall. Then Niall and I, Zayn and I, Louis and I, Liam and I, and then Dad and I again. It showed pictures of me with Cruz, Brooklyn and Romeo. With David and Victoria. Of me in Miami, Hollywood. Pictures from the photo shoot. Then the screen slowly zoomed into one of Dad and I. We were both doing a cheeky grin at the camera. I was in my cheer kit. The screen stayed on that picture but words started going at the bottom. 

Happy Birthday you two!!!

The screen went black. I smiled and engulfed Dad into a hug. 

"Thank you" I mumbled. 

"My pleasure Baby girl" He mumbled back. I smiled and then all the others joined our group hug. 

"Can we go now?" Niall said. "I'm starving" He added. 

"NANDO'S" I shouted. 

So we ended up spending two hours at Nando's. 


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