Adopted by... them!?!?!

Okay so people have been asking me to write a new movellas and it has to do with one direction so here gos.

Kendall is twelve years old and has been in the Lonely Kids Care Home all her life.
But what happens when 5 famous guys come to adopt a 12 year old girl?
Well... READ IT TO FIND OUT!!!!!!


13. Hey ho here she goes. Either little to high or a little to low. She thinks she's made of candy!!!!!!!!

Kendall's P.O.V:

I was up in my room getting ready for school. I had on some white high-waisted  skinny jeans, a blue and white NERD top and a leather jacket. I had on some black and white sneakers and a little mascara. I had my hair up in a ponytail. I grabbed my bag (A brown hand-bag) and put my phone in my pocket. I ran down the stairs and into the car. 

We drove off.

"Thanks Uncle Niall for taking me." I said.

"No probs." He said. 

We got there and we both climbed. Kids were still getting to class but stopped and stared at me and Niall. We both had sunglasses on and Niall's hand was on my back leading me to the office. 

"I have to say that we look pretty awesome" I said. Niall just laughed. 

"Hi I'm here about Kendall Styles." Niall said. The officer said stuff and handed me papers and shoved Niall out the door. She told me to follow her so I did. We walked down corridors until we got to my first lesson. By now everyone was in lessons and we got to Music. I opened the door and walked to the teacher. 

"And who might you be?" The teacher said.

"Kendall Styles." I stated. Murmurs went round the room and hands shot up. 

"Kendall Styles. AS in Harry Styles?" This one girl asked.

"Yeah." I said. "He adopted me." 

"Adopted. Huh? Well kids like you are not very talented. Let's see how good you are at singing. Put your bags next to Jake and come up here." The teacher said. 

I walked to the back of the class and spotted Jake. He high fived me and toke my bags. I walked to the front and stood in front of the mike.  

"Sing... Boomerang By Nichole." The teacher yelled. The music played and I started singing.

*A couple minutes later* 

The music stopped and people cheered. The teacher was shocked.

"Now correct me if I'm wrong but I think that was pretty cool." I said

The teacher just stared at me. I walked back to my seat and fist-pumped Jake. 

"Just like at the home." He chuckled.

"Nothings changed" I said. 

*4 hours later* 


"LUNCH!!!"I said. 

I had made a few friends. There's:

Ella: The 1D maniac.

Jake: My bud/ partner in crime.

Zack: The sporty one.

Lilly: The cheerleader. 

Lilly had said that she will try and get me on the cheer leading team. She hinted that Zack was on the football (soccer) team and that means spending more time with him. I just rolled my eyes. 

We all sat down when this girl came and pushed me off my chair. She started flirting with Zack. 

"Hey Zackie. So pick me up at 7?" She asked fanning herself with tickets. You see the school is having a winter dance on Saturday (2 days). 

"Jane I told you. I'm not going with you." He stated helping me up.

"Thanks" I said brushing myself off. 

"No probs." He said smiling. 

"Well well well. If it isn't miss lair." Jane said. Every one stopped what they doing and stared at us. 

"Bet you're lying about being Harry's daughter. Do you know what prove it." She said. 

I took my phone out my pocket and dialed Harry's number. It was on speaker so every one could hear it. 

"Hey Kendall. What's up?" Harry asked. I smirked at Jane and everyone was whispering.

"Oh nothing much. Made some friends." I said.

"K well I gotta go Simon needs to speak to us. Go to his after school and we'll be there."

"K bye."

"Bye love you."

"love ya to" I hung up and put the phone in my pocket.

"Look here. I'm not happy anymore so just move out my way." She said.

"Sorry you didn't say please." I stated. 

"I said I'm not in a good mode." 

"Why did you find out the person in the shiny thing was you?" I said. Zack was smiling.

It took her while to find out I insulted her. She raised her hand to slap me but I quickly gave her a hand five. 

"Thanks for the high five. Really turned my day around." I said and sat down. 

She went red with embarrassment while everyone laughed her. 

Zack's P.O.V:

I high fived her. 

"That was awesome." I said.

"Yeah..." she said. 

"So Kendall you going to the dance?" Lilly asked.

"No. The boys have a concert and I have to go. What about you guys?" 

"No nothing." We said.

"What's the point of these dances anyway?" She asked.

Ella's P.O.V:

"What's the point of these dances anyway?" Kendall asked. 

I spat out the water I was drinking and everyone stared at me. 

"What's the point of these dances anyway? Are you kidding me? They are the best. going dress shopping. Getting dates. Dancing. It's the greatest moment of the year." I said. 

"Okay. Well I have some extra tickets if you want them." She said. 

"What seats?" I asked. 

"First row. Center. Want them or not. Only 10 bucks." She said.

"As much as I love them I'm going to the dance.  Sorry." I replied. 

"Lilly?" She asked.

"Really?" She asked.

"Yeah and if I can you might get to spend the weekend after" She said. Unfair.

"OMG!! Thank you thank thank you!!" She screamed. Hugging her.

"No probs." She said.


Zack's P.O.V:


"Kendall let's go cheer leading auditions." Lilly said. They stood up and started walking. Lilly turned round.

"Zack come on. Soccer captain has to be there to." She yelled. I flicked my hair and ran towards them. This should be interesting. 

*Skip auditions.*

"Okay guys. give us five minutes and we will tell you who got in." Bella (the cheer captain) yelled. 

I jogged towards Lilly and Kendall.

"Hey you did great." I said hugging her. 

"Thanks" she said taking a drink from a bottle I handed her. 

"Okay guys over her." Bella yelled. Me and Lilly sat back down.  I felt a poke on my shoulder. I turned round. Josh, a defender on the soccer team, was smirking at me.

"What?" I asked.

"You like her." He stated. He was right.

"No I don't she's a friend." I said.

"Then you won't mind if I ask her out. I mean she's hot." He said. 

"Do what you want." I said turning round. 

"You know she'll hate him right?" Lilly asked. 

"Yep!" I said popping the p. 

"Okay guys. The people who are on the team are: Betty, Katy, Holly, Hope, Cece, Aaliyah, Jade, Tori and Kendall." Bella said. 

"What Kendall?" Kendall West said. She was a snob. She's tried getting onto the team but failed every 25 times.

"Kendall............. Styles." Bella said

"Well done guys. Go home and practice. Big game in 4 days." Lilly said.

Me and Lilly ran to Kendall and gave her big hugs. 

"Hey Kendall want to go out with me on Friday?" Josh said. Walking up to us. 

"Never in your wildest dreams." Kendall said. We turned and walked away. 


Kendall turned round fuming. Josh was laughing with a bunch of his friends. It was obvious that Josh had just smacked Kendall's bum.

"Hey Josh what was that?" Kendall asked.
"I know you liked it. Want more huh?" Josh asked.

"Do you know what I want?" Kendall asked stepping forward making Josh step back. Josh shock his head. "I want you to stop. And I know how. So before we begin. Run." She said. Josh ran but Kendall was hot on his heels. She side tackled him and gave him a black eye.

"Now you can say that you got a black eye from a girl." She smirked and walked towards us. 

We gave her more hugs and started walking. 
"Hey see ya tomorrow. " Lilly said. We said bye and left. 

We got to my Uncle Simon's house and walked inside. 

"What you doing?" Kendall asked.

"Seeing my uncle." I stated.

"Look's like we'll be seeing more of each other then" I said winking then walking to my room. 












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