Adopted by... them!?!?!

Okay so people have been asking me to write a new movellas and it has to do with one direction so here gos.

Kendall is twelve years old and has been in the Lonely Kids Care Home all her life.
But what happens when 5 famous guys come to adopt a 12 year old girl?
Well... READ IT TO FIND OUT!!!!!!


92. He gone, he long gone!

Kendall's P.O.V: 

He's gone. Romeo moved to America so he could go to school last night. I had no idea until I checked my phone today. I'm going to miss him, but I've realized he's kinda held me back from hanging out with my friends. For the month or so that I have known him, I've seen Jack maybe 14 times. I haven't seen Ella at all and I fell out with Zac. 

I can't blame that all on Romeo but a great deal of that was him. 

Any way; Lillie, Cece, Ella, Jack, Zac and I were standing by the coach with our suitcases and school bags ready to leave for Birmingham. Things are still awkward between Zac and I but we are on speaking terms. Jack and Ella isn't coming with us because they're not apart of the cheer leading team or football team but since it's break they can wait with us and then go back into school. 

"I'm gonna miss you guys!" Ella whined as Bella called us to get on the bus. While Jack hugged Zac goodbye Lillie, Cece and I all hugged Ella. 

"I'm sorry we're ditching you with Jack" I joked. Jack gasped from behind us and we burst out laughing. We all pulled away and sighed. 

"We'll face time you after school. We'll still be on the coach so we won't be busy or anything" Cece promised. Ella nodded sadly hugging her. When they pulled away Cece got her school bag and got onto the coach. Our suitcases had already been put in the luggage part of the coach by the teachers. 

"Don't miss me too much" Lillie laughed giving Ella a small hug before running onto the coach. She hates goodbyes and she usually tries to make them as short as possible. 

"I'll miss you Els" I said hugging her. 

"I'll miss you too Kendall. Please try and talk to Zac." She mumbled. I pulled away and smiled a little. 

"I'll try." I said before picking up my bag and quickly hugging Jack, then walking to the coach door. I climbed in and sat next to Cece by the alley seat. Lilly was sat next to Holly on the other side. We waved goodbye to Jack and Ella as the coach pulled out of the car park and down into the motor way. 


"Oh" Lillie said as we walked into our room. 

"My" Cece and Holly gasped. 

"God" I breathed. There were four single beds lined up on one wall. Each had a night table, a lamp and a 'High Trees' notebook and pen on there. Our suit cases were our beds already. In the middle of the room was a massive white fluffy rug. There were four blue arm chairs surrounding a coffee table. One two walls were counters with canned food and biscuits, crisps anything piled into the cupboards. There was a micro wave and a small cooker. There were two big wardrobes on one wall with loads of space, full length mirrors on every wall. 

Lillie's bed had green sheets, Cece's had red, Holly had white where I had a light blue. My favourite color. Cece squealed as she ran out of a room. Lillie, Holly and I turned round to see her gob smacked. 

"You have to see the bathroom!" She breathed. Us four are obsessed with looking good so we all screamed when we walked in. There were four sinks, four taps, four towels, pretty much four of everything apart from showers, toilets and baths. There were hair dryers at each station with mirrors that light up. 

"I live here now!" We all said at the same time. 


"I hate un-packing" Lillie gasped falling back on her bed as she hung up the last piece of clothing. Holly and I are sharing a wardrobe because we pretty much share everything anyway. We have the same sense of style and pretty much everything we like are identical. She also lives in the same area as me so we see each other often. Lillie and Cece are sharing a wardrobe for the same reason. 

I laughed from my bed as I looked up from the note book. We figured out that 'High Trees' were a boarding school so pretty much every room was exactly the same. They gave us note books with 500 pages and a pen each to doodle in. I was drawing random things that I saw in different countries while on holiday. 

"Does anybody have a time table yet?" Cece asked. We've been given one time table per dorm room. It shows us when we have study time, free time and when we practice. 

"Yeah" I said and got up from my bed. I kicked my suitcase under the bed and then walked to the door. I could see Holly in the bathroom doing her make up as I walked past. Our timetable was stuck on the back of the door with our names written on there. I took it off of the door and then gave it to Cece before sitting back on my bed. This time I closed my note book and checked my phone. 

2 text messages

3 twitter notifications

1 missed call. 

I quickly checked the missed call. Perrie. 

"Hey I'll be back in a second" I said dialing Perrie's number and walking out onto the balcony. Did I mention we have a balcony? We do it's awesome. There's a white sofa swing on there and it looks out onto a swimming pool. The girls are glad that we all brought our swimming costumes. 

"Hey Kendall" Perrie said down the phone. 

"Hey Perrie. I just checked my phone and it said missed call" I explained picking my finger nail with my thumb. 

"Yeah. Harry's going a little insane because he didn't get a text from you when you got to the school. He just wanted to know if everything was alright" Perrie laughed. 

"Oh I forgot to text him didn't I?" I smacked my forehead. "I'm fine though"

"Okay. What a second, sorry. What Harry? Yes she's alright. Ok- HEY BABY GIRL!" I heard him shout down the phone before a door closed. 

"Hey Dad!" I laughed. 

"How's it going over there?" He asked. 

"Really good. The room is amazing and so is the bathroom and the whole place is awesome!" I gushed. 

"I saw Holly's tweet. You have to send me pictures!" He laughed. 

"Will do. How's everything down home?" I asked. 

"Did you just say home?" He asked. 

"Yeah..why?" I asked slowly. 

"Just wondering. Anyway it's really good. The boys miss you, especially Zayn. He really wants you back home" Dad answered. 

"I'll be back on Monday" I said. 

"I kno-KENDALL!" Zayn's voice shouted. 

"Hey Uncle Zayn" I laughed. 

"I miss you. Come home" He ordered. I laughed. 

"I'm back home in four days" I answered. 

"That's too long!" He whined. 


I hung up after long discussions with everyone. The boys kept snatching the phone from everyone before Perrie's phone died and then they called from Eleanor's. I walked back into the room where the girls were all sat on their beds. Lillie was on her laptop, Cece writing stuff in her note book and Holly on her phone. 

"That was a long phone call" Holly said looking up as I walked across the room and into the bathroom. 

"Yeah the boys kept taking the phone away and shouting down the phone" I answered, the flash from my phone going off as I took a picture of the bathroom.I then took pictures of the 'kitchen', 'living room' and then the beds and balcony before texting them to Dad. 

"So what do we have now?" I asked sitting on my bed. My hands were itching to check the text messages that I had but I'm trying to be polite and listen to my friends. 

"On the time table it says 'un-pack' but since we've done that we can do what we want for the next ten minutes. Then we need to go down to the fields and study." Holly read of the sheet. (The order of the beds from left to right go: Lillie, by the balcony; me and Holly under the large window and then finally Cece by the bathroom.)

"Wait we study in the fields?" I asked a little confused. 

"There's a study room but there's a class there at the moment." Holly answered. 

"Oh, thanks" I said before we all turned back to what we were doing. I quickly opened up my notifications slide and stopped when I saw the texts. 

From: Romeo xxx 

Hey, sorry I didn't say goodbye but it was a last minute thing and Brooklyn, Cruz, Harper and I were sent to America while mum and dad packed. You get that right? 

What does he mean by 'you get that right?'

To: Romeo xxx

What do you mean by 'you get that right?'???

From Romeo xxx

Well when Harry adopted you it was a kind of last minute thing and the boys packed for you instead of you doing it yourself like a normal person. 

WHAT? I ignored him and opened the second text.

From: Zac :P

THE SIZE OF THE ROOMS ARE FREAKING HUGE!!! Jack, Danny, Josh and I are living here now... 

I laughed and quickly typed back. 

To: Zac :P

I KNOW!!! The girls and I have decided that we're staying here too. 

From: Zac :P

Okay, what's the plan. We have to make it look like we're going home...

 To: Zac :P 

My plan is to get on the coach, then when we stop at that motor way restaurant get a taxi and come back here. How does that sound? 

From: Zac :P

Perfect! So we have a plan? 

 To: Zac :P 

We have a plan! We shall inform our guardians on Sunday night. 

From: Zac :P

Deal! Sorry have to go, will you meet us by the boys block before we all go study? 

 To: Zac :P 

Sure, see you then. Bye

From: Zac :P



A/N: Right I'm sitting on my bed eating cookie dough ice cream while reading sad stories on wattpad. Aren't I living the life? Any wooo I'M BACK B*TCHES! Thanks so much for putting up with the long wait and I'll have another couple chapters up in the next few remaining hours of the day! How does that sound?

Some of you will have remembered when I asked for your idea's about 'shipping' the characters. A lot of you have come up with great ships for them so here are the final ships......

In corner one we have contestant.... ZENDALL SOWELL! Zac Cowell and Kendall Styles both like video games not to mention spend quite a bit of time on their hair in the morning. 

In corner two we HAD contestant... KOMEO SECKHAM, however Romeo Beckham has been kicked out of the fan fiction for confidential reasons. I said confidential because I do not like him and can't remember why I kicked him off. 

And finally we have a ship that will most likely never take place but some of you want it to so here you go. 

*Drum roll*

*People biting finger nails*


KOSH! I have not come up with Josh's surname yet so you will have to wait for that! 

*People cheering*

*Person from the X-Factor voice* So join next time for more thrilling stories, amazing rooms, tension that can be cut with a knife and an awesome, cute, funny, brilliant, smart, lovable and humble author.... KeepCalmAndEatNando's. What do you think about that Simon?

*Simon's voice* I am really REALLY looking forward to seeing what you can bring. Don't let us down. 

*Niall* I won't. 


Now if you will excuse me I must write the next chapter! 

Bye love you all my cookies!

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