Adopted by... them!?!?!

Okay so people have been asking me to write a new movellas and it has to do with one direction so here gos.

Kendall is twelve years old and has been in the Lonely Kids Care Home all her life.
But what happens when 5 famous guys come to adopt a 12 year old girl?
Well... READ IT TO FIND OUT!!!!!!


54. Fans and Sweets.

Romeo's P.O.V:

"Please Kendall stop singing Justin Bieber songs" I whined as we reached the park. Since we left her house she has been singing 'baby'. 

"I will never say never" She started singing and dancing around me. "I will fight till forever, when ever you knock me down, I will not stay on the ground" She said doing a weird dance. 

"Kendall. People are staring" I said grabbing her waist so she can't move. 

"They're staring because you're making a fuss" She said. I hugged her waist from behind. 

"Please shut up" I said resting my head on her shoulder. 

"Where are we meeting your friends?" She asked. 

"Just-" I started but then my phone went off. "Ughh" I said pulling it out of my pocket. I opened the text, it was from Dylan (My friend). 


Hey Nat's ill so we can't meet up! Sorry. 


No problem Dyl. See you at Football tomorrow.


See you there. Bring Kendall though.I still want to meet her.


Sure. If she agree's. 


I'll bring my sister so they can chat. Beside's Jane is a massive fan of her so she should say yes. 


Ok. See you tomorrow. 


See ya. 

I put my phone in my pocket and turned back to where Kendall was standing. But she wasn't there. Then suddenly I'm on the floor and Kendall's sitting on my back. 

"Hello" She said. I rolled over so she was sitting on my waist. 

"Why?" I ask. 

"Got bored. So I'm coming to your football thingy ma bob tomorrow?" She asked. 

"Nosy" I said poking her nose. 

"Hey. That's my nose" She said covering it. I laughed. 

"Can I get up now?" I ask. 

"No" She whined. 

"Yes" I whined. "My back is getting dirty" 

"Yeah but your front is already dirty so that way it matches" She said shrugging. 

"What?" I shouted. 

"Kidding. You are not dirty. Calm down" She said standing up. She held her hand out. I grabbed it and she helped me up. I tried to wipe my back but I was failing big time. 

"Here" She said smiling. She stood behind me and started wiping my jumper. She rubbed her hand up and down trying to get it off. 

"That tickles" I said. 

"Stand still. I'm almost done" She said rubbing a little bit harder. I sighed and waited for two more minutes. "Done" She said ruffling my hair. I turned round and smiled at her. 

"Thank you" I said. 

"No problem. Now are we just going to stand here or?" She said rolling her hands around,

"I was thinking we go back to the sweet shop. They are the best after all." I said. 

"Yay!" She cheered. She grabbed my hand and started dragging me forward. I dug my heels into the ground making her lean forward and take long stops trying to move me. 

"You are weak" I said. 
"No you're heavy" She puffed. 

"weak" I grinned. She dropped my hand and turned to look at me. I was on the floor and I just reliesed she had changed since the fair ground. She was wearing white ripped jeans that showed her thighs and I could see a hint of a black top. Then she was wearing a red 'The Vamps' hoodie with a pocket across the front. Then she was still wearing her green 'Never Land' snap back. She was also wearing 'Nike' high tops with a red tick. 

"Romeo" She said. I snapped out of my thoughts and looked at her. 

"Sorry, um pardon?" I said. She laughed and I could feel my cheek's heat up. Wait what?

"I said, are you going to lay there and check me out all night?" She laughed. 

"I was not checking you out!" I protested. 

"Sure"She said winking at me. She skipped away towards the town. I just sat there and stared at her. She turned around and tapped her wrist, meaning I was taking to long. I got up and walked over. Taking my time of course. She was tapping her foot on the ground. 

"Sorry" I said as I got to her. "Was I taking too long?" I asked. 

"Yes. Come on. I have dancing tomorrow along with watching you at football and a photo shoot. I need my beauty sleep" She said jokingly. 

"Well, sorry" I mumbled. "Come on. I need those coke sweets now" I said. 

"I need the strawberry ones" She said. I laughed and threw an arm over her shoulder. 

"Ahhh. Kendall Styles" I heard. 

"Ughh. I'm so sorry" She said turning to me. 

"It's fine. Go on. I'll wait" I said dropping my arm. 

"You sure?" She asked. 

"Positive." I said motioning my hands to go see the girls. She smiled weakly at me before jogging over to the girls. She laughed while signing stuff, and taking pictures. I lent against a wall and took a picture of her quickly. I smiled at it and put it on twitter and instagram, captioned

I think that smile will be a lot bigger when we get to the sweet shop!!!! 

I put my phone away and took my beanie off. I fiddled with the rim. I looked up and saw Kendall waving goodbye to the fans were bouncing away. I smiled and put my beanie back on. Kendall walked over to me. 

"Thanks. I completely forgot about the fans. Sorry for taking long" She rambled. 

"Kendall" I said. She looked at me. "It's fine. But I want my sweets before the shop closes." I said. 

She smiled. "Well let's go" She said grabbing my hand again and we started running to the shop. When we got there we picked up a medium sized bag each. Kendall went to the strawberry chews while I went to the other shelf and filled  it in coke chews, bubble gum pops and then added about five strawberry lollies. I walked over to Kendall who had filled the thing in bubble gum pops and strawberry chews and then put some fizzy cherries in there. We payed and then sat on the steps to the theater. I ate about a quarter of the bag before putting it down. I looked over at Kendall who was laughing her head off about something she read on her phone. 

"What?" I asked. 

"Look" She said. She showed me her phone. It was a series of photo's of us. They were all of us hugging, or laughing, holding hands, chasing each other that sort of thing. I laughed at it. "The person has tagged both of us in it" She said. 

"It's cute" I said as she followed that person and re tweeted the picture. That girl is most likely freaking out. I copied her actions. I locked my phone and put it on the floor between us. 

"So. What did they say at the hospital?" I asked her putting my arms on my knees leaning forward. 

"They just said that I had moved it too much. But it should be fine tomorrow" She said. I nodded. 

"Want one?" She asked giving me one of her strawberry chews. 

"Thanks" I said throwing it in the air and catching it in my mouth. 

"How do you do that?" She asked. 

"Easy" I said getting my sweets and doing it. "You try it" I said pointing to her sweets.  She got a bubble gum pop and threw it in the air. It hit her nose and it bounced down the ten stairs we had climbed up. I laughed. 

"Try again" I said. She tried and it got in her mouth. 

"Oh yes" She said throwing her hands up in the air. I laughed and looked at the fountain. There was five girls there that were about our age. One had our phone out pointing to us and it looked like she was videoing us. I chuckled. I lent towards Kendall. 

"I think they are videoing us" I said into her ear. She looked over and giggled. "Wave and see if they re act" I said. She nodded and we both raised our hands and waved. They started freaking out and jumping up and down. We laughed and put our hands down. 

"Do you want to talk to them?" She asked. 

"I think they are more interested in you" I said turning to her. She looked at me. 

"No. They are interested in both of us. Come on" She said standing up and held her hand out for me. I picked my sweets up and grabbed her hand. We walked over to them and they stared at us. 

"Hey" I said. 

"Oh my god" One breathed. "you're Romeo Beckham" She said. 

"Of course he is dummies." Another one said. I chuckled and shook my head. 

"Can we get a picture?" The one with the phone asked. 

"Sure" Kendall said. We all gathered round and took a picture. 

"What's the time?" Kendall asked. 

"nine forty five" I said. 

"Damn. My dad is going to kill me. I'm sorry I have to go" She said. 

"I'll come with you." I said. We said goodbye to the girls and then walked off. 

We reached her house and stopped outside the gate. 

"Thanks. I'll text you okay?" She said. 

"Sure" I said. I gave her a quick hug and then we waved goodbye. I walked the short distance to my house. I unlocked the door and then locked it again behind me. I looked in the living room and saw Dad and Brooklyn asleep. Cruz and Harper were with mum in California for a week. I walked up the stairs to my room. I closed the door and faced my room. I hadn't cleaned it since Kendall came over. It was pretty much just pillows and blankets. I folded them and put them at the back of my closet. I looked at my walls. They were really plain and boring. I took a photo and posted it on twitter. 

What should I do with the empty space?

I got comments saying put my trophies and medals there. I shook my head. No. Then my phone buzzed. I looked at it and Kendall had posted a comment on my photo. 

@KendallStylesOfficail: Do what I did :)
I smiled. Perfect. I thanked her and then walked to my computer. I printed out all the pictures on there. Then asked Dylan and all my friends to email me pictures of us. I printed them off as well and started sticking them on the wall. I laughed at the funny looking ones and smiled at the ones of Kendall and I. I printed off the fair ground one and the collage the fan put on twitter. I finished and stepped back. I took a picture of the wall and posted it on twitter. 

Thanks for the idea ;)

I locked my phone and lay down on my bed. I was lying on my stomach with my laptop. I was scrolling through twitter. My notification bell went off. I clicked it and it was a tweet that I was tagged in. 


#R+KForever!!!!! You two are sooo cute together.

Under it was the video of today. She tagged Kendall in it as well. I laughed at the video. I clicked on her profile. She was the one with the camera today. I followed her. Her Bio caught my eye. 

@DaisyChain Bio

Romeo Beckham and Kendall Styles shipper. Love those two. OMFG Romeo just followed me!!!

She had just changed it. I laughed. Her photo box caught my eye. I clicked on the second picture since the first was the video from today. It was Kendall with Harry. Then Kendall. Then me. Then Kendall and I. Most were of One Direction or The Vamps. But there was the odd one of Kendall and I. I shook my head and went back to the homepage scrolling through the tweets. My phone buzzed. It was a text

My LIfe ;) (Kendall)

No problem.

I smiled. I put everything away and lay on my bed. I buried my head into my pillow. I ended up falling asleep.













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