Adopted by... them!?!?!

Okay so people have been asking me to write a new movellas and it has to do with one direction so here gos.

Kendall is twelve years old and has been in the Lonely Kids Care Home all her life.
But what happens when 5 famous guys come to adopt a 12 year old girl?
Well... READ IT TO FIND OUT!!!!!!


81. Beach Day

Kendall's P.O.V:

"We're here!" Louis yelled. He practically flew out the car and opened the boot of the car. I opened the door and climbed out after him. I put on my sun glasses and moved some of my hair out my face. The boys get the day off today so we thought why not go to the beach. So here we are at 'Camber Sands'. We all got the stuff out the car and found a spot on the beach. 

"Can we go into the water?" Niall and I asked like little kids. Well Niall did. I am a kid so it's good. 

"Fine. Be good" Liam said lying down on his blanket. Niall and I pounded the air and cheered. I took of the shorts and vest top that I was wearing and also my sunglasses and sandals. Under my clothes I was wearing some black bikini bottoms and a white swimming vest top. I actually hate wearing a full bikini so I end up wearing shorts or a tee shirt made for swimming. I tied my hair into a high ponytail and looked over at Niall. He slipped his shoes off and we sprinted over to the water. We started swimming and splashing around. El and Perrie joined us followed by Louis and Dad. Liam and Zayn were sitting up looking at us. We all waved indicating for them to get it. They shook their heads and turned to each other. They started talking so we all shrugged. Perrie, El and I all swam a bit further out so they all could stand up but I had to kick my arms and legs so I could float on top of the water. 

"Aw, she's so small" El laughed.

"Stop it" I whined. 

"We can't help it that you're small" Perrie laughed. 

"What's going on over here?" Liam asked swimming over.

"They're making fun of my height" I whined. He started laughing. 

"Well you are small" He shrugged. 

I rolled my eyes. They all started talking so I took that chance. I held my breath and went under the water. The sea salt started to burn my eyes but I quickly grabbed El's legs and pulled them down. I kicked up and started coughing once I got up. El came up spluttering just after me. Perrie and Liam started laughing. 

"Your faces!" They laughed. El and I smiled evilly at each other and swam behind them. We took the chance to push their shoulders under the water. El did Perrie while I did Liam. Perrie came up choking and glaring at El. All of a sudden I was on someones shoulders. I screamed and clutched their head. I looked down and Liam was having a laughing fit. 


"I found it pretty funny!" He laughed. I hit him round the back of the head. He stopped laughing and tilted his head to look up at me. He smirked and then flung himself back wards. I let out a scream before I was in the water. I closed my eyes as my feet hit the sand at the bottom. I kicked off and shook my head as my head came out the water. 

"Why?" I asked turning to Liam. He smiled. However he stopped when I glared and smirked at him. He started swimming away but I quickly swam after him. We ended up wrestling in the water. 


"Do we have to go?" Louis and I whined. 

"Yes" Liam said. 

"One more hour" Zayn joined us whining. 

"PLEASE" Louis, Zayn, Dad and I whined. We carried on like that. 

"Fine" Liam gave in. 

"YES" We cheered. So far we had spent five hours here just messing around. Niall and I haven't eaten a thing yet and we are both starving. I have no idea how we are still alive but we are pulling through. 

"Please don't get messy" He yelled after us four as we ran back to the water. 

"How can we get messy in water?" I asked as we all splashed through so we could swim. 

"We'll manage it somehow" Louis shrugged. 


"GUYS COME HERE A SECOND" Zayn yelled through his cupped hands. We all swam out the water and jogged up the hill towards them. I grabbed a blanket and sat on half of it while drying my self. 

"Simon said we have the rest of the day off so we can stay longer, or go home pack a bag and go down to LA for a few days" Zayn explained. 

"LA!" Everyone shouted. 

"Wait." I said. "So you can just get on a plane and go to America when ever you like?"

"Pretty much" Dad nodded as he folded up a blanket. 

"Just when ever you want?" I asked again.

"Yeah" Louis said. "You'll get used to it" He nodded. 

"Doubt it" I whispered. Niall snickered at what I said. I stood up and quickly put my shorts and top back on. We each carried something back to the car and then somehow managed to fit it all in. Dad, Louis, El and I all said goodbye to the others as we climbed into Louis' car. Dad and Him were in the front as El and I collapsed into the back. As we started driving El and I lent against the door and put our feet on the seat in the middle. A blanket was spread across us as we listened to the boys talking about LA.

I guess I ended up falling asleep because the next thing I know is someone has picked me up and walking somewhere. I opened my eyes slightly and managed to make out Dad carrying me into the house. He opened a door and laid me down on something. He kissed my forehead before disappearing again. I could feel slight dents in the thing I was lying on, so I'm probably on the sofa. My eyes closed slowly even when I tried to open them and sit up but I was so tired. I was at that level of tiredness that I was half asleep and half awake. I could hear everything that was going on but I couldn't see anything. After a while I was gently picked up again and carried. A cold breeze hit me so we were outside. 


Harry's P.O.V:

I carried her outside. She shivered a little and came closer into my stomach. I gripped onto her a little tighter as I walked over to the car. Some fans saw me and I wished we parked the car closer to the house. They started screaming causing the paps to look over and start taking pictures. Crap. Kendall started stirring awake so I walked a little faster to the car. It didn't help that the car is closer to the fans. Once we got there I managed to open the door and get her in the car without her waking up properly. I put her bags in the boot and then shut it gently. I shook my hair then run my hand through it. I looked over to my left where Louis was talking to some fans and signing stuff. 

"Lou" I called. He looked over. I held up five fingers meaning five minutes and he held up his thumb. I nodded and quickly checked on Kendall. She was fast asleep in the front seat. I opened the door again and put her seat belt around her. I shut the door once it was secure and ran into the house quickly. I got my phone with my charger, along with Kendall's phone, charger and laptop. I got one of her pillows and a blanket for here as well. I stuffed them into a duffel bag and then slung it over my shoulder. I ran down the stairs and into the kitchen. I got the bag of food and then ran back out to the car. Kendall was still asleep. I put the food in the back seat along with my clothes and the technology. Louis came jogging over and climbed into the back seat. I waved to the fans and got into the front seat. The others had already left and we are meeting them at the airport. I carefully drove past the fans and out towards the airport. 

"Does Simon know we are going?" I asked looking over at Kendall making sure she was still asleep. 

"Yeah. Zayn called him and told him. He was fine with it since he is working with Bars and Melody anyway" Louis said. I nodded and turned back to the road. 

"What's wrong?" He asked. 

"What? Oh nothing" I shook my head. 

"I've been your best friend for five years now. I can tell when something's wrong. It's more obvious now that Kendall's here" He said. I looked at him in the mirror. He was leaning forward and a look of worry was in his eyes. I sighed. 

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