Adopted by... them!?!?!

Okay so people have been asking me to write a new movellas and it has to do with one direction so here gos.

Kendall is twelve years old and has been in the Lonely Kids Care Home all her life.
But what happens when 5 famous guys come to adopt a 12 year old girl?
Well... READ IT TO FIND OUT!!!!!!


35. Basketball

Romeo's P.O.V:

Dad woke Kendall and I woke us up. We ended up making an awesome fort on the floor and watching movies last night. We both walked down to breakfast in our pajama's. 

"Morning. Woah what happened to you?" Brooklyn asked. 

"We just woke up. What do you expect?" I asked yawning. I sat down next to Kendall and ate some toast. She grabbed an orange and peeled it. I stole a slice and she glared at me. I smiled at her and stuck it in my mouth. 

"You can have it back if you want." I said putting my hand under my mouth. 

"EWWW. No no you can keep it. Just keep it in your mouth." She said covering her eyes. 

"Come on you too. You need to get ready for the basketball game." Mum said. We nodded and we all departed. Kendall got out a toothbrush and toothpaste. We both went into the bathroom and brushed our teeth. Our elbows kept hitting each other. I looked at her and splashed water at her face. She gasped and threw water at me. I laughed at grabbed a towel wiping my face and hair. I walked into my room and gave Kendall her clothes. I put on an NBA basketball shirt and some black cheenos with a red beanie and the black high-tops from yesterday. I jumped on my bed and buried my head into the pillow. I was so tired. Kendall walked into my room and jumped on the bed next to me. Again she looked stunning. She was on her phone and it was pointing at me. I had a feeling she was taking  picture. SNAP. Yes she was. She laughed and started typing away. My phone buzzed and I took it out of my pocket. 


@KendallStylesOfficial added a picture of you.

I opened it up and it was me with my head in my pillow. The caption was:

Tired are we????

Yes because you kept me up ALL night last night!! xxx  I replied. She laughed. 

"GUYS!!!! WE GOT TO GO" We heard. I smirked at her. 

"RACE YA!!" She yelled jumping off the bed. I caught up with her in the hallway and we bounded down the stairs. Dad was at the door when we got there with Cruz. We stood in-front of him and he adjusted my hat and then nodded and smiled at Kendall. Brooklyn ran down the stairs and we set off. Basketball!!!!!


We pulled up at the stadium and there was paps everywhere. Dad held Cruz in his arms and I got hold of Kendall's hand. She gripped onto it and came closer to me. We got into the stadium and Brooklyn and I started racing up and down the steps. Kendall sat down with Dad and Cruz and laughed at me. People started filing in and recognized us. Brooklyn and I ran across the court. I sat next to Kendall while Brook (Brooklyn) sat next to Dad. I took a selfie with Kendall and then we just sat and joked around. The people opposite us kept taking pictures of us and calling our names. Dad ended up switching places with Cruz because kept talking to Brooklyn. All of a sudden Dad hugged Kendall. 

"She's my favourite now!" He said grinning at me. She laughed while I gasped. I looked away. 

"Awww come on. Smile!" Kendall said nudging me. I shook my head. She nudged me again so I nudged her back. Maybe a little too hard. She fell on her stomach, onto the court. 

"Oh my god, I am so sorry!" I said helping her up. She glared at me and turned around. 

"Awww come on. Smile!" I said mocking her. She laughed and turned back towards me. 

There we go!!!!

The game started and she soon got the hang of it. She was cheering along with us. She was just SOOO cute!!!

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