Adopted by... them!?!?!

Okay so people have been asking me to write a new movellas and it has to do with one direction so here gos.

Kendall is twelve years old and has been in the Lonely Kids Care Home all her life.
But what happens when 5 famous guys come to adopt a 12 year old girl?
Well... READ IT TO FIND OUT!!!!!!


36. Back Home

Kendall's P.O.V:

I was back home. I had an awesome time at the Beckham's and they said that I could come to dinner tomorrow as well. I was lying on my bed catching up on homework when I got a text. 

Romeo xxx:

Hey!!! I added my number on your phone!!!! xxx


Hey!! I know I saw you! ;) xxx

Romeo xxx:

Yeah. So you coming tomorrow? Mum and Dad have to go to an event so Brooklyn is inviting his girlfriend and all of us are gonna go out to town and shop and hang out. PLEASE come!!!! 


Sure. My dad say's that they have an interview in Manchester so I have the house to myself. We can all stay here after wards for the night as well! I can't wait to meet Brook's girly friend. He kept going on and on about her at the game. xxx

Romeo xxx

I know. Dad told him to shut the hell up or he would go home! I was laughing my head off when we got home and he told me. x


Really? Is that why he shut up all of a sudden?

Romeo xxx:

Yeah. Sorry but I got to go. Studying. BORING!!! xxx


Same. Bye see you tomorrow! xxx

I threw my phone onto my pillow and looked at my maths book. It read

If x=-3. What does it x+34+2=?

I looked at it and bit the inside of my lip. I sighed and shut my book. I walked over to my desk and booted up the computer. It started up and I went onto twitter. I wrote

@KendallStylesOfficial: It has been proven that I SUCK at maths. So it looks like I am studying tomorrow!

I was looking through tweets when Romeo sent me a DM

Him: You SUCK. Huh? What's the question?

Me: If x=-3. What does it x+34+2=?

Him: Yeah I have no idea. 

Me: What happened to you studying??? 

Him: Well you tweeted and now I'm distracted. ;)

Me: Fine. I'll just go and leave you to study

Him: NO. Talking to you is much more fun xxx

Me: Want to meet up?

Him: Sure. Victoria Park. Five Minutes?

Me: On my way xxx

Him: See you there xxx

I logged off and grabbed my phone. I jogged down the stairs. 

"Dad. I'm meeting Romeo at Victoria Park. Is that okay?" I asked walking into the kitchen. 

"Sure. Got your phone?" He asked. 

"Yeah. I'll call when I am on my way home." I said. He nodded and I gave him a quick kiss on the check and ran out the door. I walked down the street and made my way to the park. Romeo wasn't there yet so I sat on the grass and went on my phone. 

"You know every-time I see you, you're on your phone." I heard someone say. I looked up and saw Romeo James Beckham. I smiled and stood up. He pulled me into a hug. They were a lot better than Zac's.

"Hey" I chuckled. "So where we going?" He got my hand and we started walking towards the town. 

"You like sweets?" He asked looking at me.

"Duhh." I joked. 

"good. Cause I found the best shop ever," He said jumping like a kid. We finally reached it and we got given little brown bags. We filled both up to the top. Just random stuff. We went up to the till and we both handed in the correct change. The till person thanked us and wished us a good day before we left. We sat on a bench in the middle of town and ate our sweets. It was getting dark and not a lot of people were around. 

"So. Did you enjoy today?" He asked. 

"Oh my god I had so much fun. You're family are the best. Especially Cruz." I said. 

"Excuse me? I think Harper's the best" He said. 

"Yeah but I've never met Harper. But why don't we say they share the title" I said. 

"Fine. But you love me the most right?" He asked cheekily. 

"Of course." I said rolling my eyes. 


"Yellow?" I asked. 

"Hey Kendall!!! Is it true that you are hanging out with the Romeo Beckham?" Lilly yelled down the phone. I put it on speaker. 

"Yes why?" I asked. 

"Because he is so cute. I mean it is Romeo Beckham! His eyes and his hair and his clothes. Don't even get me started on his smile." She said. I burst out laughing and so did Romeo. "Wait. I am on speaker. Kendall I am going to kill you!" She said. 

"Yeah you are. Hey Lilly right?" Romeo said.

"yeah. H-h-hi!" She said.

"hey why don't you come to town. You can hang out with us." He said. 

"Su-re. I'll be there soon. Wait. What? Yeah ok I'll ask her. Can Zac come?" 

"Sure." I said.

"ok. be there in ten. Meet us by the theater." She said hanging up.

"Who's Zac?" Romeo asked.

"My friend. I think you'll get along with him great. He loves football too" I said. He quickly grabbed hold of my hand as I stood up. I smiled down at him. He smiled back before hugging me. I was standing up and he was still sitting down. I ruffled his hair and hurled him up. We walked with his arm around my waist to the theater. We saw Lilly, Zac and Jake sitting on the steps and we both waved like crazy. Zac saw me and smiled but then it vanished when he saw Romeo. We walked up to the them and greeted them. 

"Park?" Jake asked. We all nodded before walking towards the park. Zac and Jake fell behind while Lilly, Romeo and I walked ahead talking about random stuff. Romeo and I were holding hands. 


Zac's P.O.V:

Jake and I fell back. I kept staring at Kendall's hand. It was holding that twats hand. When we reached the park Kendall dragged Lilly and twat to the slide and they all climbed up the steps disappearing in the little house thing. Jake and I walked towards the see-saw and sat in the middle. 

"Look I know you're jealous but just ask your uncle about it. Maybe nothings going on." Jake said hand on my shoulder. I nodded and we joined them. 

We all ended up swinging and hanging upside from the goalpost. We were all joking about. 

"Ugh. I'm hungry!!" Kendall whined.

"ICECREAM" the twat I mean Romeo yelled. We all ran to the ice cream shop. 

Kendall got double chocolate, I got mint, Lilly got strawberry, Jake got fudge and Romeo got chocolate fudge. We all sat down and ate the ice-cream. Lilly and Kendall were going on about 'fit boys', Jake and Romeo were going on about football and I was sitting on my phone. 

"Hey. I have to go. Kendall still on for tomorrow?" Romeo asked. 

"Yeah. I'll text you tonight okay?" She said he nodded and kissed her cheek. 

"Nice meeting you guys." He said and then left. I sighed.

"What?" Kendall asked. 

"Nothing" I said. She seemed unsure. 

"I still think Brooklyn's better!" Lilly mumbled. 

"How can you think he's better. I mean sure he is pretty good looking but did you not just meet Romeo?" Kendall said pointing at the door. 

"yes I have. But I think that Brooklyn is so much hotter." Lilly said. 

They kept on mumbling about that until Kendall had to go home. Any other time I would have jumped at the chance to walk home with her but now she likes him. She's gone. I've lost her. 

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