Adopted by... them!?!?!

Okay so people have been asking me to write a new movellas and it has to do with one direction so here gos.

Kendall is twelve years old and has been in the Lonely Kids Care Home all her life.
But what happens when 5 famous guys come to adopt a 12 year old girl?
Well... READ IT TO FIND OUT!!!!!!


49. Arcade Fun!!!

Kendall's P.O.V:

Dad and I pulled outside the news-agents. 

"What are we doing here?" I asked as I copied Dad's motions of taking of the seat-belt and getting out the car. 

"Chocolate?" He asked grinning at me. 

"I'm right behind you" I said as we made our way into the shop. It was small but it had EVERYTHING inside. Dad led me towards the chocolate and picked up a massive bar of galaxy. 

"Your pick" He said pointing to the chocolates. I picked up a Dairy Milk the same size as Dad's bar and we payed. Only £2 for that?

"So. You can pick. Cinema, Bowling or Arcade. Or we can go bowling and go to the arcade after" Dad said putting a piece of chocolate in his mouth. 

"Bowling" I said. Then I thought "And arcade" I said after a pause. 

"That's my girl" Dad said ruffling my hair. We got into his car, which may I add is the BEST and we drove off. 

"Can I drive?" I asked as we stopped at a red light. 

"No." He said. 

"Why?" I asked. 

"You're too young. And you almost burnt down the kitchen today" He said. That's true. 

"But that could happen to any one" I said. He looked at me in disbelief. 

"You were making toast" He told me. 

"I see your point" I said. He smirked and the light turned green. He drove care fully in town. When we got to the gates of our house I leaned out the window and punched in the code. The gates opened. I climbed out the car. He drove into the drive and I shut the gates behind him. I turned and he was waiting for me by the car. I ran up to him and hugged him. He put the stuff on top of the car and hugged me back rocking me from side to side. 

"What's this for" He asked. 

"I'm just glad I'm here" I mumbled into his stomach. 


Harry's P.O.V:

"I'm just glad I'm here" She mumbled into my stomach. My heart dropped knowing exactly what she meant by that. 

"Right" I said pulling her away. I grabbed her shoulders and went down to her level. "I am never going to send you back there. Okay. You are not going any where. I won't leave you. I won't ignore you or make you upset. And I am NEVER EVER going to hurt you" I said. "I promise" I held my picky up. She looked at it and wrapped her picky around mine. I smiled. 

"Come on. Let's get the boys" I said. She nodded and got her chocolate and hoodie. I got my stuff and wrapped my arm around her shoulder. "I promise" I said leaning down and kissing her head. She buried her head into my side and nodded. I rubbed her shoulder as we walked into the house. The boys stood up and looked worried. Kendall lifted her head and she sniffed. 

"The doctor s-said th-that my lung i-is ba-bad" She said tears streaming down her face. The boys eyes went wide. 

"Kendall. I'm really sorr-" Niall started but didn't finish as Kendall and I burst out laughing. 

"I can't believe you guys fell for that" She chuckled. 

"Hey not funny" Zayn whined.

"I agree to dis-agree" I said putting my hand up.

"My lungs are fine. Dad was right. They just mixed the files up." She said. "Look" She said and started hitting her stomach where her lungs were. 

"okay. That's enough of that" I said grabbing her hand. "Boys. We are going bowling. Go get dressed" I said and they rushed up the stairs. I turned back to Kendall but she engulfed me in a hug before I could do anything. I went on my knees and wrapped my arms around her torso. Her arms were around my neck and her head in the crook of my neck. 

"Thank you." She said lifting her head. 

"You're welcome Baby Girl" I said. 

We sat on the sofa and ate our chocolate while watching TV. 

"Why do people do that?" Kendall asked as one person bungee jumped off a cliff. 

"I don't know. Maybe they get payed?" I said shrugging putting another chocolate cube in my mouth.  The boys rushed down the stairs and stood at the door. 

"So are we going?" Liam asked. 

"Yes" I said. 

Kendall stood on top of the armrest and I put my back towards her. She jumped on my back and wrapped her legs around my waist. My hands went to her thighs so she doesn't fall. We made our way out the door and walked towards the town. We had a big bowling place with an arcade joint inside. Some fans spotted us but thank fully didn't ask for anything. We walked into the building and I put Kendall on a bench while the boys booked us a lane and shoes. 

"Kendall what size are you?" Zayn shouted from the desk. 

"2 and a half" She shouted back. 

"Your feet are tiny" I said. 

"I know. I blame Liam" She said. That made me laugh. The boys came over and we pulled the shoes on. We stood up and made our way to lane 25. We sat down while Kendall and Louis typed our names in. I walked over to them and looked at the screen. I laughed at the names. 

Kendall- Cutie. 

Louis- The Queen. 

Me- Curly

Liam - Bossy Pants. 

Zayn - quiff. 

Niall - Irish Lucky Charm 

They pressed enter and we started the game. 


"YOU'RE CHEATING" Louis exclaimed as Kendall and him played a dance game. 

"How can I be cheating?" She exclaimed back. They ended up bickering. I looked at them from the basketball game Liam and I were playing. I laughed and shook my head before taking my last shot. It missed again. 

"You alright mate? You've missed pretty much all the shots today" Liam asked. 

"When Kendall and I were in the hospital she was more upset about the thought of me sending her back to the home then the fact that she might have a bad lung" I said. 

"What?" Liam said in dis-belief. 

"She thought that if she did have a bad lung then there wold be so much hospital trips and medicines that eventually we would get tired of her and send her back to the home. I sorted everything out but she still seems a bit unsure" I told him looking at Kendall who was on the floor laying under Louis who was squashing her. 

"Well. When she stays with us then she'll know that you were telling the truth." Liam said. 

"Louis get your fat butt off me" Kendall said pushing at his stomach. 

"AHHHH IT'S ONE DIRECTION" Someone screamed. About four girls ran up to us. We took pictures with them and then they turned to Louis. 

"Louis. Can we get a picture?" One asked. 

"Sure. But you will need to come down here. I can't get up" He said. 

"Louis. I swear to god-" Kendall started.

"Don't swear to God. That's rude" Louis said. He turned to the girls and relaxed a bit as he was taking a picture with them. When he stopped taking pictures Kendall managed to throw him off and hide behind me. Louis got up and walked towards me. 

"Harry. Be a good little British boy and step aside." He said nicely. 

"No" I said crossing my arms. 

"Oh my god is that a box of free cats?" He said. 

"Where" I asked. Looking behind him. 

"No where" He said and lunged at Kendall. She ran. Louis ran. They ended up getting told off by the manager. 

"Okay. That's enough for one day" Liam said as Niall and Zayn joined us. 

"Oh." Kendall and Louis whined. 

"We can get McDonald?" I asked. They perked a bit. Louis, Zayn, Liam and Niall walked out the door first while Kendall and I walked behind them.  I wrapped an arm around Kendall's shoulder as papz started coming out of no where. 

"Mate call Paul" I shouted. He got his phone out and his fingers flew over the dialing pad. 

"Dad" Kendall shouted. I turned around but couldn't see her at all. 

"Guys" I said turning back to them "Where's Kendall?" I asked. 

"I'll help look" Niall said and we ran towards a group of papz. We managed to get them away and saw Kendall blocking her eyes. She was shaking. Oh God. I picked her up quickly and she instantly relaxed as she clung onto my neck. 

"shh. Calm down. I got you. I got you Baby Girl" I said into her rubbing her back as Niall made a path for us. We got out of the paps and saw Paul running out to us. Kendall had stopped shaking and her grip loosened. 

"H-Harry" Louis said. I turned to him and he pointed to the shoulder Kendall's head was laying on. I looked down at her and saw her clutching her stomach. I put her on the ground and looked at her. Blood was on her hands. I slowly went down to her level and got a hold of her hands. 

"Kendall. Please. You have to trust me" I said. She nodded and allowed me to move her hands. I looked at her stomach and she had a massive amount of blood coming out of it. I lifted her top slightly and I could hardly make out the stomach. 

"Paul" I shouted as the color drained from her face. 

"Dad. I feel really sleepy" She said swaying a little bit. 

"PAUL!" I screamed again keeping Kendall up right. "PAUL PLEASE" I shouted again tears started falling as Kendall's eyes closed. Her body fell onto mine. "Kendall. Please. Okay just stay awake for me. Please Baby Girl. PAUL" 

Paul ran up to me. He picked Kendall up and put her in the back seat. 

"Harry. Get in the car. Boys. Get your car and meet us at the hospital. NOW" He boomed. I got in the back with Kendall. Her head was on my lap.  Paul got into the front seat and sped towards the hospital. Tears were pouring down my face. What happened. We got to the hospital and we rushed her in. Doctors laid her own a stretcher and rushed her into a room. I looked in the window thing and saw them attaching tubes and putting that mask thing on her mouth. I pulled at my hair. 

"Harry" I turned round see the boys. 

"What the hell happened?" Zayn said. 

"I I I don't know. One minute Kendall was right next to me, the next she's surrounded by papz and shaking. Now here we are" I said totally confused. 

"Where is she?" Liam asked gently. 

"In there. Docto-doctors a-are pu-putting stuff in her a-and-" I tried to say but I couldn't help. Tears took over and I slumped into a seat. Head in hands. Louis came and rubbed my back. 

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