Adopted by... them!?!?!

Okay so people have been asking me to write a new movellas and it has to do with one direction so here gos.

Kendall is twelve years old and has been in the Lonely Kids Care Home all her life.
But what happens when 5 famous guys come to adopt a 12 year old girl?
Well... READ IT TO FIND OUT!!!!!!


65. Air port dragging.

Romeo's P.O.V:

"Romeo wake up" I heard. Some one nudged my shoulder. Kendall. "Wake up. Romeo. Romeo. Romeo wake up. Wake up. Wake up." I heard. I simply groaned and rolled over hiding my face in my pillow. My bed sprung up meaning Kendall had stood up. Then it went down. 

"WAKE UP" She shouted jumping on her knees next to me. 

"What?" I moaned rolling over to face her. She was wearing a track suit bottoms with a white vest top. Her hair was in a bun and she wasn't wearing any make up, not that she needed it. 

"We have the photo shoot today" She said sitting back and crossing her legs with her hands in her lap. 

"At five" I said looking at the time. 11 am. 

"Yeah but it's in LA" She said. 

"What?" I asked rubbing my eyes. 

"The photo shoot. It's in LA" She said in a duh voice. 

"How long does it take to get there?" I asked. I haven't moved an inch. 

"About an hour and a half. So we are leaving now, to get to LA, then relax, then get ready, then do the shoot, then get back here at around 11 pm. 

"Okay. I'll get up now. Have you had breakfast?" I asked sitting up. 

"No. Victoria invited me over for breakfast though. David is coming with us to LA and we are meeting Simon there" She said standing up. 

"Okay. I'll be down after I get dressed." I said standing up too. 

"Okay. Be quick. Your mum wants us ready for 12" She said. 

"Thanks" I yelled when she shut the door. I walked into my closet. Right. We are going to LA. ON a plane. Need to be comfortable yet decent. I picked out some black joggers and then put on a green tee. I put my phone in my pocket and brushed my hair. I rushed down the stairs. Kendall was sat in the kitchen with Cruz and mum. 

"Morning" I mumbled rubbing my eyes. 

"Good morning. Sleep well?" Mum asked. 

"It was okay" I shrugged. 

"It took me ten minutes to wake you up" Kendall said making mum laugh. 

"Not my fault" I said. She shook her head and took a bite of toast. I got some coco pops and a spoon. I ate some and turned to Kendall. 

"Where abouts in LA are we going to?" I asked.

"Um" She said looking through a text. "I have no idea. Simon said that when we get to the air port a driver will pick us up and take us there. He hasn't told me the name" She said locking her phone and putting it on the table. 

"Are you two excited?" Mum asked cleaning up her and Cruz's plates. 

"Yes. I've always wanted to go to LA" Kendall said smiling. She stood up and rinsed her plate off before putting it in the dish washer with mum's. 

"Romeo?" Mum asked. 

"Yeah I am. But I'm tired" I moaned. 

"Your fault for staying up until 12 30." She said. "Now. You two. Go brush your teeth. David should be back in two minutes and then you need to leave." She said picking up Cruz and walking out to the living room. 

"Come on" I said and started dragging Kendall up to my room. 

"Why do we always drag each other places?" She asked moving her feet and running up the stairs and waiting for me at the top. 

"I don't know" I said hugging her waist from the back and walking towards my room. 

"You go first. I think we know that both of us won't fit in the bathroom." I said. 

"Okay. I'll be quick" She said grabbing her bag from my bed and walking into the bathroom. 

I flopped onto the bed and switched the TV on. 'Friends' was on so I put the remote down and watched it. Kendall walked out of the bathroom brushing her hair. She had changed into some dark washed jeans with rips on the knees and a black tee shirt with white letters saying 'ADORABLE'. She put her hair in a high ponytail. She looked really good. She sat on the bed and shoved my leg. 

"Go on" She said. I stood up and she fell back with her arms out. I laughed and tickled her stomach. She swatted me away and I walked into the bathroom. I put some tooth paste onto my brush and scrubbed my teeth. I spat and rinsed then wiped my mouth with a towel. I quickly changed into some jeans and put my watch on. I put on my purple hoodie and then shoved some stuff in my back pack. I put my laptop, phone, charger, headphones and a spare hoodie. I laid next to Kendall on the bed. The door opened and Dad walked in. 

"You kids ready?" He asked. 

"Yeah" We stood up and followed him out the door. I put my back pack on while Kendall slung her bag over her shoulder. We said goodbye and walked to the car. I sat in the front with Dad and Kendall sat in the back. We drove to the airport talking about anything and everything. We reached the airport and got escorted in by security. There was paps and fans outside. We walked in and sighed.

"God they get crazier and crazier" Dad said. We nodded and went up to the ticket place. 

"David Beckham" Dad said. The person behind the desk nodded and handed us three tickets. We went through security and then into Duty Free. 

"Okay. We have thirty minutes. You two can go do what ever you want. But make sure to be at the gate by 12 30." Dad said. 

"Okay" We said and ran over to Starbucks. 

"Hey. What can I get you?" A lady said from behind the counter. 

"A chocolate Iced Frappe please" Kendall said. 

"Hot chocolate please" I said. 

"Here you go" She said handing us the drinks after a few minutes. 

"Thanks" We said and sat in the corner.  She shivered and rubbed her elbows. 

"You cold?" I asked. 

"Yes. I completely forgot we live in Britain." She said. I went into my back pack and got out my other hoodie. 

"Here you go" I said handing it over to her. 

"Thank you" She said slipping it on. It fit perfectly. She sipped her drink and then put it down. 

"So. What's up with you stalker?" She asked. 

"I am not a stalker!" I defended. 

"Sure you aren't." She laughed. 

"I am not." I whined. 

"Okay" She laughed. I glared playfully at her. She stopped laughing and looked at me. She glared back and we just glared at each other. The corner of her lips went up slightly. She couldn't help it and she burst out laughing. I laughed with her and people started staring making her laugh harder. 

"Shut up" I said between laughs. 


Kendall's P.O.V:

Romeo and I threw our empty cups away and walked to  WH Smiths. We got a massive packet of crisps, two bars of chocolate each and then a drink. We also got David some chocolate. I walked over to the sunglasses and put on some white ones. I turned round to Romeo. 

"What do ya think?" I asked posing. 

"Amazing" He said and picked out some as well. We laughed and payed for the food and sunglasses. We left the shop with all the food in Romeo's bag. We stopped in the middle of duty free and looked around. Not a lot of people were here since it was Saturday. 

"Where to now?" I asked. Turning to him. 

"I have no idea. How long have we got?" He replied. 

"Ten minutes" I said. I looked around and saw HMV. "Oh, HMV! Please!!!!" I begged.

"Hug first" He said opening his arms. I smiled and wrapped my arms around his neck. He hugged me back tightly spinning him self a little so I span with him too. 

"Now let's go" I cheered grabbing his hand and pulling him along. He didn't move his feet so I ended up leaning forwards and taking long steps trying to move an inch. He lent back and griped my hand with both of his so he was staying still. "Come on, you said if I gave you a hug, we got go to HMV. I gave you a hug. Now HMV" I said turning my head to look at him. "Pwease" I said pouting and doing the puppy dog eyes. 

"No. Stop it" He said turning his head. "Kendall. Please stop it" He said. The corners of his mouth inched up. "No" He said covering his eyes. I pulled them away. "Fine" He mumbled. 

"Yay" I said and dragged him again, this time he moved his feet. We walked into the shop and I headed straight to the CD's. Romeo got bored and got out his phone. I flicked through the CD's coming across a few that I like. 

"You getting any?" He asked, putting his phone in his pocket. 

"No" I said smiling. 

"Then why did you drag me in here?" He asked. 

"I wanted to annoy you" I shrugged walking away. 

"You are irritating" He mumbled. 

I turned to him and smiled. "But you love me anyway" I said smiling. I then walked out of the shop.

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