Fix You

One-year-old Talia is a broken little girl. She doesn't talk, she's scared of people, her abusive father wants her back, and her crazy mother who cant let her go. Can One Direction help her? Or is it two much to handle for 5 international pop stars?


1. A New Addition

"Are you looking for a toddler, an infant, a young child?" The brunette woman asked kindly, leading the five boys down the hall.  

She pointed to a door that clearly led to children, considering the loud squeals coming from behind the door.  Liam and Harry were jumping up and down in excitement.

"We are looking for a younger child; preferably a girl?" Zayn told her with a shy smile. Truth be told, Zayn was scared out of his wits. He'd never had a child before, what it he was a bad dad? What if the child didn't like him?

The woman nodded and led them to the door, she opened it for them but didn't join them. Instead she left and another woman appeared. The woman had blonde hair with a slightly pink tint to it and a name tag that read, "Perrie".

"Hello! I'm Perrie and you're obviously Niall, Zayn, Louis, Liam, and, Harry! Sorry anyways, how old of a child are you looking for?" 

Zayn smiled at her; if he was straight, he might even fancy her but his heart belonged to his five boys. "Um... A younger child, preferably a girl." He repeated.

"Okay... there's one little girl, she's one and she's really sweet she's just... different." Perrie smiled. "Would you like to meet her?"

Niall nodded enthusiastically and pulled on Louis' hand in excitement. Perrie led us to a pink play pen and picked up the child inside it. 

"This is Talia. She's one years old and her birthday is January 13." Perrie explained as she handed the child to Harry, who smiled happily and held the child carefully as if she were going to break.  

"So..." Liam sighed. "What's her back story?" 

"Her mother is a crazy woman. She keeps coming back here asking for her kid. She left Talia in a bar six months ago and Social Services took her away. Her father is in prison, for child abuse. She doesn't really talk much, unless she has to. She's scared of people and she has a lot of baggage but i figured if anyone could handle it, it would be you five." Perrie looked at them hopefully. By now, Talia had been passed from Harry to Louis, and from Louis to Niall.

"Want to hold her, Z?" Niall looked up at Zayn and grinned. He nodded slowly, holding out his arms to except the child.  He has no baby experience so he had no idea what to do, he didn't even know how to hold a baby. Niall placed him in Zayn's arms and he held her an arms length away from him.  The child looked at him curiously and reached her hands out at him, making grabby hands at him.  When he didn't do anything she began to cry.

"Shh... Shh... Stop crying... Please stop crying..." He whispered but she just continued to wail, making grabby hands at him.

"Zayn she wants to be closer to you." Perrie smiled.

"Zayn, just hold her like you held Lux when she was one." Harry explained.

Zayn nodded hesitantly and maneuvered Talia so she was sitting on his hip and her head was near his shoulder. Talia smiled at him and sighed contently.

"There you go, Zaynie!" Louis cheered.

"Zaynie!" Talia giggled. The six adults gaped at her in shock. Taking in their faces, she stopped giggling and whimpered, hiding her face in Zayn's jean jacket.

"We're not mad at you... I promise." Liam kissed her nose and she smiled again.

Niall looked to Perrie with a big grin, "I think it's safe to say we want her."




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