A Turn Of Events - Kevin's Story

Second in the series of A Turn Of Events, and as I have mentioned all these characters I have decided to follow each character and tell the story from their point of view about all these different situations. So this is Kevin's story.

Warnings or some scenes you may find upsetting


3. Part 3 - Camp

It was two years later and it was the first day of camp. After becoming best friends with Ellie me and Charlie were now battling over who gets to date her. Obviously as I called first dibs, I am obligated to date her. 

I walked through the cabin doors to see Ellie already sat on the top bunk. The best bunk in the cabin, the one that me, Charlie and Ellie have been fighting over for the past three years. We settled on a rule that the first one there gets the bunk. Ellie seems to always win. 

When she saw me she jumped down and hugged me, I legit felt like my ribs were cracking. 

I loved her, I really did. As cringe as that sounds, I just cared so much for her. 

You see Charlie also loved her, like everyone did but as Charlie's best friend I knew I couldn't tell her. All that dating her crap, as much as I wanted to, I wouldn't do that to Charlie and he wouldn't do that to me.

We had so much to talk about me and Ellie, I hadn't seen her since the previous year at camp.

"Jesus H Christ Tinkerbell I haven't seen you in forever" I said sitting down on my bed.

"I know Kev its weird not having you around" she said sitting next to me

"You heard from Charlie?" I asked, I hadn't spoken to him in a while and thought Ellie might have, her forehead scrunched up and she cleared her throat.

"Um yeah kev, he's not too well. He reacted badly to some painkillers and he might not make it to camp this year" she said, I could see she was worried.

He was the third musketeer, we couldn't loose him.

"He'll be fine. Camp will be quiet without him though" I said trying to make her feel better. 

"We've still got each other" She said hugging me.

I loved her, I really did. We broke the hug and I felt like I was going to kiss her, I think she felt it too because we had a moment of looking at each other before turning away and hurriedly doing something else as to not make the situation awkward. 

I was worried about Charlie though, Hella worried. 

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