A Turn Of Events - Kevin's Story

Second in the series of A Turn Of Events, and as I have mentioned all these characters I have decided to follow each character and tell the story from their point of view about all these different situations. So this is Kevin's story.

Warnings or some scenes you may find upsetting


1. Part 1 - The First Encounter

I remember that day, the day it all started. I didn't know it...back then, but that day would certainly change my life (as cliché as it sounds.) 

It was the first day of camp, my second year of going and I was excited to get back. You see home never really felt like home to me, I mean after my parents died and I started living with my eldest sister and her idiot husband any excuse to get out of the house I took. So two months away felt like bliss. Camp felt like more of a home to me than I could ever imagine and this year (although I still didn't know it. It would become an even bigger part of my life) 

Camp is up in Glasgow and me living in London meant that I had to get the train up, luckily I upgraded my ticket to first class the day before so I would be travelling in style. Fancy cushioned toilet seats are the way I live (jokes) I got on the train and found my seat and found that the seat next to me way empty so I dumped my luggage on the seat next to the aisle, got my laptop and headphones out, plugged in my charger and settled down for what would be an amazing journey. 

Out of the blue a girl arrived and shuffled into the seat opposite me (a four seater table) she did the same as me and dumped her luggage into the aisle seat and got her laptop out. I kept trying to catch glimpses of her without making it too obvious. She was ordinary, she had long browny reddish hair and green eyes. At first glance she was ordinary looking but the more I looked I realised that she was actually quite beautiful. Her hair fell just below her armpits and wore a simple vest top and a pair of leggings. I wanted to talk to her but I didn't know how. I remember that she caught me looking and blushed. she has the prettiest smile. Realising that I wasn't going to start the conversation she did it for me. 

"I'm Ellie" she said slightly smiling

"Kevin" I replied nervously

"You like Harry Potter" She said nodding towards my copy of 'The Chamber Of Secrets' poking out of the top of my bag. Thinking back it was more of a statement than an actual question, as if she knew just by looking at me that I was a Harry Potter fan.

"Yeah it's my favourite"

"The chamber of secrets is your favourite?"

"Yeah, it's...unappreciated" She let out a small giggle. I was stuck not knowing what to say next. 

"So where are you off to?" 

"Um, Glasgow" She said laughing. I realise this is a stupid question to have asked as it was a none stop train from London to Glasgow.

"Yeah" I said mentally kicking myself. She must have noticed because she carried on speaking.

"I'm actually going to summer camp, yeah it sounds weird but my friend did it last year and convinced me to go too"

"Oh no way I'm going there too. I did it last year with my friend Charlie"

"Oh cool well, at least I know someone now"

We spent the rest of the journey chatting away, eating sandwiches together, listening to music together. Not really knowing that we'd just impacted each other more than we could have ever imagined. 

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